L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Número 8 

Mon Numero 8 is a very elegant scent of powdery iris, jasmine and musk. Supremely chic. Mon Numéro 8, with its luxurious mood, is like a cashmere stole draped over the bare shoulders of a lady one evening at the opera.

It’s a really lady scent like a kind of scent you only get to sniff at high end hotels. It’s just slightly powdery making it more wearable for daily than what you’ll expect of this kind of perfume. The first scent is very strong but it lingers more towards Johnson Baby Powder with a hint of dry sour plum. 

I like it enough as it’s not too strong. But it doesn’t worth the scent to me cause dry plums are what I eat when I feel nauseous. So it doesn’t scream luxury to me. 

Merlot Collection Resveratrol Moisture Day Cream

This is such a thick moisturiser. Thus it takes time to blend into the skin. I don’t really like it as I prefer light moisturiser. But it’s alright for anyone with dry to normal skin. It doesn’t have any merlot scent so that’s not an issue if anyone wondering. But ya, it’s not suitable for me at all. 

Lierac Luminescence Serum

This is an illuminating serum complex corrector. Not sure how it correct, as it’s quite a sheer glowly product. It’s pretty much translucent with an after glow effect. I guess this is nice cause you can put it together with your moisturiser or foundation for an extra glow. It’s actually quite subtle, like tiny freckle of diamond. Then it will subdue down. So it won’t be so crazy. It’s nice if you want some subtle glow on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin. 

Payot Pate Grise & Speciale 5

So the Pate Grise is quite wellknown. People say it will either work for you or don’t. So it basically a spot treatment to use at night. To be applied on a cleanse face to all the blemishes. Then you can apply the Speciale 5 to the dry spots. 

So Pate Grise tend to stain your bedsheet and what not. So they recommend to cover it with a tape. The sample doesn’t really give me enough to try this product out. So I can’t fairly say that this work or doesn’t. I wish I have more samples to try though. I read the review and it looks promising. 

Speciale 5 is a drying and purifying gel. This is to be applied on mature blemishes. Based on the instruction, it said to apply with a cotton swab. To me, it doesn’t really diminished spots. Not sure how fast the spots are supposed to be gone. Then again, maybe I don’t have enough to play around. So can’t really say for sure. 

Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

I’m not sure if benefit is still selling this. It’s a bb cream primer. It’s a yellow cream which is a bit more thicker base. As in it is harder to blend into the skin. I like that this has SPF and as an eye primer, it does as well as other primers I’d tried. I prefer those that are easier to blend. So I don’t like this as much. As a sample, 0.1ml, I can use this a few times, so it’s quite a good sample size despite the 0.1. 

Faceit Power Perfection BB Cream

This is my shade. It blends in so perfectly that I can’t tell if the bb cream stayed put or has disappear. Of course this is quite a dewy so it’s easy to tell if it’s on my skin. It’s quite sad that this is for dry skin. If not it will be nice to have something that matches my skin tone perfectly. Plus this has a SPF 37 so it’s quite a high one. I guess it is too bad that my skin is oily. 

Lancome Blanc Expert Beautiful Skin Tone Brightening Cream

This is a nice cream to be used for me at night time. I Guess my face is just too oily to take in any cream that does not say for oily skin. I found that this works well for the outer side of my face. That’s where my face is not so oily. It’s actually quite normal. Only around my nose area that is really oily. So I only use this at night as I don’t want to add in the shine during the day. 

I don’t see any brightening effect. But maybe I use this too little time for anything noticeable. I would have enjoyed using this if I stay in colder countries. As this is not heavy yet very moisturising. Then again, there are other moisturiser that I feel is better than this. 

Faceit Primer UV Veil

This is a slightly pink primer. But of course it blends in to clear. It’s quite moisturing which is nice. But it sort of make my makeup look heavy. And after about 3 hours my face especially around the nose area started to get oily. So this is better for anyone with dry skin. It’s nice though cause it has SPF. I just wouldn’t buy this. 

First Impression: Egg Mellow Cream

This is a very moisturising cream. It’s so oily on me. Once you put it on, you already can feel the thickness of it. It’s not thick nor heavy. But for some reason it just feels weighted on my skin. I guess cause this is really quite good for anyone in need of moisture. People with dry skin will love this. People like me not so much. Even in cold country, I think this is too much for me. 

Nuxe Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel

I love the scent of this. It’s so sweet and soothing. It’s good at cleansing and removing makeup. I like this. I am considering buying the full size cause of the scent. But I don’t think this is as good as any other cleanser. Especially Nuxe is a pricier brand, so for the price, I don’t think this will be worth it.