Compagnie de Provence Shower Gel Samplesp

Olive Wood has a nice neutral scent. It doesn’t lather at all. So it’s a bit hard to use this. It is just too drying on the skin.

Mint has a nice minty scent. It lathers well but a bit drying on the skin.

Rose has a very light rose scent. It doesn’t lather at all. I don’t like it all. It doesn’t work as a soap.

Olive Lavender is quite good. Doesn’t lather as well as the mint, but it’s not as drying. Smells good too.


La Villa Vita Rehair Shampoo & Deep Mask

This is probably for anyone with dark hair. The shampoo is deep brown, so probably is for getting back that shade of colour. The shampoo is quite alright. Easy to use, gentle on the scalp. The conditioner is not bad too. Doesn’t slide off the hair easily. Overall it’s a good enough duo in my opinion. As I can use this for 2 days with no problem. 

Je l’aime Amino Shampoo & Conditioner

This smells quite nice. But it is just not the kind of shampoo for me. Maybe for the first wash is alright, but the second wash gives me dandruff. The conditioner also doesn’t really stay on my hair. So it’s not a good treatment I feel. I’m sure this will be more for others who don’t have oily hair. Probably one with dry hair who needs the repair. 

Bifesta Sebum Cleansing lotion 

This is quite good cause it is a rather wet clothe. so it is very easy to remove my makeup. I just don’t like it enough as it just doesn’t feel like it really cleanse my face. Even though this said that you don’t have to double cleanse. So this acts as a lotion too. It’s actually quite good for anyone lazy, aka me. But I don’t know, maybe I just have to really use this more on an actual face full makeup to really feel the effect. Cause on normal days, this just do fine. But I’m just not in love.

Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I am not sure about this shampoo. I think it does a good job at cleansing. The conditioner is nice too. The smell is alright. You use them the first few time is ok. But then it seems to lose its effectiveness. So yah, I have to use the full size to really determine this. 

Laduree Cream Foundation 

I got a sample of the foundation in the shade 10 which is way too light for me. It is a light foundation. Rather creamy, watery but it’s quite pigmented. It has a nice finish. A bit on the powdery side. It is just not meant for oily skin though. Cause a couple hours wearing this, myskin turn greasy. So this is a no for an oily skin girl in a hot humid country. 

Morocco Ghassoul Pore Solution Foam Cleanser

I like this as it’s very foamy. It’s a good cleanser and doesn’t dry out my skin. You don’t really a lot to clean your whole face. But if I don’t note down the points of this cleanser after using, I would totally forgot about it. So it’s not something I would be recommending anyone. I like it, just not impressive enough. 

McGirly Come Clean

The sample is nice coz it’s a pyramid. It’s easy to squeeze out all the product. This product is very drying. It dried up my face. So I feel this is better if you use a full skincare routine. At least it won’t dry out the skin. At least this lather up well. So it wasn’t a waste. 

kai Perfume

If you love the scent of gardenia, you will love this. It’s just so flowery. I’m not one who love the scent of flowers, but it’s nice. Cause it has this After scent of a slight rose. It’s like walking into a garden passing by a few different flowers. The scents will overpower you when you take a sniff. But it’s gone when you don’t smell it close. It’s the kind of perfume that doesn’t really drag and leave a footprint behind. 

Regardless still a nice perfume even though I wouldn’t buy the full size of this. It’s just a nice change from the usual fruity scents I prefer and all the roses scent I tend to have. 

TFS Orchid Sensual Body Cleanser

This is quite a nice flowery cleanser. It’s a light scent that doesn’t extend out of the shower. But it’s still quite good. I enjoy using it but I wouldn’t buy a full size of this. It’s a waste of cleanser I feel. Cause it’s rather liquid like. So a lot will be used up fast.