Tata Harper Clarifying Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are either affordable or quite ex. This one cost me £24 for 10ml. Which is on the pricier side. But I guess, it’s alright cause this probably last forever. It’s a nude tone cream but applied clear. 

Does this work?
Well, I mean it does work alright. It doesn’t magically disappear. But, it does help reducing the size of the spots. It kind of freeze the spots and help to reduce the appearance of it. Eventually it will be gone, but it takes a few days. 

So how I use this is when I see a tiny spot going to emerge, I will quickly dab this on. That way, I prevent it before it pop out. It helps if I happen to spot the spots early. If not, then it’s just a way to control the spots from growing even bigger. So I guess it’s not bad. Not magical, but still works. 


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This cost £4.17 without tax. It’s a nice light glass bottle with a droplet. The look is very clean and simple and the direction is on the bottle itself. If you have a lot of The Ordinary product, it may be hard to keep track of them all. But it’s just a handful, then should not be a problem. 

This is a serum for blemish prone skin. But personally it’s just alright for me. It’s watery so it’s good as application as is easy. But it just feels so sticky on my skin. I have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry before I can use a moisturiser. So it’s not good for daily use when I’m in a rush. 

Other than that for less than $10, I think you got nothing to lose. Plus its minimal design is nice for the table top. 

Payot Pate Grise & Speciale 5

So the Pate Grise is quite wellknown. People say it will either work for you or don’t. So it basically a spot treatment to use at night. To be applied on a cleanse face to all the blemishes. Then you can apply the Speciale 5 to the dry spots. 

So Pate Grise tend to stain your bedsheet and what not. So they recommend to cover it with a tape. The sample doesn’t really give me enough to try this product out. So I can’t fairly say that this work or doesn’t. I wish I have more samples to try though. I read the review and it looks promising. 

Speciale 5 is a drying and purifying gel. This is to be applied on mature blemishes. Based on the instruction, it said to apply with a cotton swab. To me, it doesn’t really diminished spots. Not sure how fast the spots are supposed to be gone. Then again, maybe I don’t have enough to play around. So can’t really say for sure. 

Missha Anti Trouble Patch

This is not as good as the Nexcare Acne Patch. But this is so much more thinner. It’s so thin that you can hardly see it when applied. So that’s the only nice thing about this. When it come to removing the dirt and spots, it doesn’t do a good job. You hardly see any residue when you pull out the patch. So ya, don’t think this works as well. But it’s just so thin. I bet you can wear it out and no one will notice. 

Nexcare Acne Patch

I reckon I used up a lot of these sheets. These 2 are just some of the patches I have on hand. The “girl” one which is meant for female has smaller size patch. Usually it comes with some bigger and smaller ones. They are even some in cute shapes such as flowers or stars. The guys one is actually way too big for me. Sometime I will cut in half. Which I don’t think you are suppose to. But it’s quite good too cover an area of spots. 

This is good for when the pimple is about to erupt. The white pus will come out soon. So this will sort of let the dirt come out and stick to the patch. I always find that those 3D pimples will reduce slightly with the use of this. It’s very satisfying when you take this off and you see white stuff on it. It just show that the dirt has come off. It’s quite fun. But Nexcare is a more expensive patch for drugstore. But I do it and will tend to buy in bulk during sales. 

OXY 10

This is quite strong. It doesn’t feel like at first. But use it two days, and my face get really dry. I mean, it’s suppose to dry out the pimple, but when you use this you sort of apply around the spots too. And despite using normal skin moisturiser, my skin still gets really dry. In term of removing spots, some really dissappear after 2/3 days. 

It hurts when applying this. A good kind of hurt – those type of sting. I enjoy that too much I think. Anyway, the lotion is not a hard cream. So it spread easily. It is also quite affordable. $3.90 for 10g at SwanSton. The caution sign said that if this is too strong, use Oxy 5 instead, but I find that Oxy 5 is not that good. Oh well, you have to see what is it you want. Strong ones or ones that is less drying. 

Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream


People says that this is cheap and really good. And my face is still breaking out. With no luck finding a cure whatsoever, I just have to try this. And I really see no difference. It took me five days of constant wear for the spots to be less obvious. 5 days! I don’t think that’s a good sign kf it take me a week. I mean I’m glad it worked, but it’s just way too long. And it doesn’t really fully cure it. So I think this works on most people. It’s about 5ish I think. I can’t really remember. So I mean nothing to lose trying this out. 

T3 Pimple Gel Plus

I like this. It’s alright on the occasion spot you have. Suppose to reduce pimples, which I guess it will help but will not exactly remove them. At least for me. It just helps to control and makes spots smaller. So it’s just nice to use. It doesn’t stink. So it won’t hurt you. But it will be quite oily in the end, so I will just use this at night.


Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment


This is light, it doesn’t even feel like you use a treatment. It’s more of like a watery moisturizer. It doesn’t dry up the skin, it absorb into the skin. So it doesn’t feel like you are using a pimple cream. In term of effectiveness, I guess it is alright. If you have heavy breakage, this will not help. A tiny spot here and there, it sort of did. But then again, without the cream, it will just disappear on its own. But maybe it does help, but you just can’t really see it. I’m not sure. I just use it and hope. That’s the thing with serum isn’t it, you use it hoping it will pay off. 

SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch

I like to believe that acne patch works, and I am not sure if they do work. Cause Everytime you use them, it won’t heal magically overnight. You have to at least use them for 3 times for the pimple to subside. So that’s three nights which is the same as using normal pimple cream. But using these is just good cause you can see residue sticking to the stickers. So it feels like gunk is being taken off your face. 

This has 6 big patch and 6 smaller ones. You are suppose to put on for 8 – 12 hours which I never have that much time to. So maybe it was suppose to work wonders, but I just don’t have the time to find out. Anyway, despite putting for like maximum 6 hours, I find that it is alright. If you have a huge pimple, use this. Patches really help to reduce the size. Especially on those spots that can see the white pus, I guess that’s what you call it. 


For $2 at Guardian, it’s a really reasonable product. Can be useful to have on hand.