Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Eye cream, but tinted. It’s actually quite a light shade. Usually I use like a very tiny amount. So the shade doesn’t really turn up. But this just brighten up my undereye by a bit. I guess it’s a nice eye cream too. But it’s just for the morning. I like it enough for an eye cream. But I do think it’s slightly heavy for me. Cause the more I use this the more that I see milia under my eyes. So it should be this causing it. I guess, this will be good for anyone who need a rich eye cream. 

FOB Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream

I have no opinion on this cream. It doesn’t help with puffiness or dark undereye. Then again it doesn’t claim that it will. All I know is that this give me the moisture my skin need. Which is not something I really need. But I guess this is nice cause it’s a nozzle. So it will not disperse a lot of product. 

Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminating Youth Activator

The only thing I like about this the cooling metal tear shape applicator. It’s really nice once it touches the skin. It’s metal, thus cooling. Other than that, the serum doesn’t seems to do much for me. I will still wake up with black eyes and puffiness. Granted I always sleep late and wake up early, but I really do want to see a slight improvement. I guess this is more brightening as illuminating is the same meaning? So not a good eye cream for me. 

Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Lifting/Sculpting Eye Cream

I’ve been using this for awhile. Tiny jars are cute, but when the product get used up, it’s just a pain to use. It’s quite gross dipping your finger in. And it’s hard. The only way I can is using my nail to scoop up the product. Or using Q-tip to dip in. 

This is quite a thick cream, but it’s thin when you apply it. Doesn’t help with black and puffy undereyes, but I guess this is more for lifting. So good for older age group. Then again, never too young to apply anti aging. Overall, it’s ok. But I do prefer cooling eye cream that helps to reduce appearances of dark circle. 

Puff Off

Tried this sample out. I’m not sure if this falls under eye cream or it’s more of a under eye primer, if there is such a thing. It’s just says that it is a undereye gel that will help to smooth the look of puffins and fine lines. It’s a salmon cream gel like texture. Similar to most primers. It’s really cooling, really nice on. I managed to use the samples twice. The second time, it’s a bit harder to apply as it is a bit dry. Personally I feel it does help with puffiness. It’s cooling, so it helps. But I think I like it more cause it just makes applying concealer so much smoother. Plus this can be worn alone, under or over makeup. So it’s nice. I will probably buy the full size. 

Collagen Moistfull

Peeling wash, just another facial cleanser that suppose to remove your dead skin cell. I don’t really like it as I feel that it broke my face. There is just something about it that make me not want to use it. 

Toner, very normal. 

Eye cream, I like it cause it’s small. Pointed tube, so a small amount is disperse each time, which is nice. 

Moisturiser, a bit too thick for me. I don’t think it’s good for oily skin. Collagen do sort of tell you is for mature skin, so it won’t be good for oily. 

Overall, not really a fan. Except the eye cream, cause it’s eye cream. I don’t see anything wrong with it. 

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Morning Eye Rescue

Liked this. I am not sure if this is specially for the am. It just said sos morning eye rescue. But I do apply this at night. It helps with slight puffiness but not with black undereye. But with constant application, I do notice a different. So I guess this does help making the under eyes look better. 

First Aid 360 Eye Mask

This is quite a thick eye cream. I mean it doesn’t look that way, but it feels thick when you use it. It does absorb fairly well so that’s good. Doesn’t really remove black eyes but I do notice that it reduce my puffy eyes. So not bad at all.

Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream

Love this eye cream. I really do feel a difference using this. Not that extreme but it does help with reducing puffiness. Helps but doesn’t eliminate it completely. I guess if up use it more, then it will be better, but this is only a 3ml sample. Without a proper container, some of it near the opening got dry out. So some do get wasted. Nonetheless, I still managed to use this for a long time.
This suppose to moisturise and improve firmness. Suppose reduce appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Not sure about that, but I do like this eye cream, so I might just buy the full size.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich

I am a little obsess with finding the right eye cream. So far, there is no one that is perfect for me. I’ve been trying this one for awhile. It is pretty much just an eye cream. It’s much thicker than the All About Eyes. But I really see no difference in result.
clinique all about eyes rich
Personally I prefer the normal one. It is more gel like and blends into the skin faster. But I guess this one will be good on colder months. Even though the container is small, it lasted forever.