Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch

This is quite a big mask. It is a good mask as it reduce my puffiness. Also it doesn’t look as dark as before. I don’t know, it is quite a good mask. Not a fancy mask, but it works.


Shills Eye Am Beautiful Eye Masks

It’s so nice to see all the colourful eye masks together. Each mask cost TW29 and all have a different shape. 

Tightening & Angi-wrinkle eye mask should be good with anyone with a broad face. For me, the mask covers pretty much half of my face. So this should be eye and cheek mask on me. It’s alright. It’s quite wet, so you do feel like it’s worth it. But I don’t know I just like putting on mask in general. 

Don’t this one remind you of batman? I don’t see the point of the sharp pointed ears. It just gets on my hair. It’s also quite annoying cause the nose part is a bit too big. It just doesn’t stay down nicely. But this is a black mask, so it’s slightly thicker as compare to the rest, so it’s just alright. This is for brightening & whitening , but I don’t see a difference. 

Charming & hydrating eye mask is quite nice. It fits nicely. I also do feel that it hydrates the skin. My eyes appear less puffy. But this is not cooling at all. So not sure how it works. But overall, it’s fine. 

I like this one. Smoothing & moisturing black eye mask is the one that’s small enough to fit my face nicely. It is less messy thus the one I prefer among the 4. It’s nice on the face and it feels like it just wrap my eyes around it. I don’t know, I guess it’s the better mask, so I’m just feeling more positive towards this. Honestly I don’t really see a difference using this. So actually, it doesn’t really do much. Oh well, miracle doesn’t happen overnight I Guess. 

First Impression: L’herboflore Tremella Moisturising Eye Mask

This mask is drenched with essence that I’m surprised it doesn’t slip down my face. I got this mask for free walking along the train station. They were just giving this sachet for us to try. Anyway, the mask is quite broad. So it will fit pretty much everyone. The top part is great as it follow the curve of the eye shape. The bottom is slightly weird. Cause the shape sort of look like a bat, it doesn’t really fit around my nose. The whole mask covered cheeks too. 

Not sure how long I was supposed to put this on as there is no instruction stating the number. The words are all in Chinese, but there’s no time given. After about 15 minutes, my face kind of got irritated by this. It just itchy. I wanted to take this out but I wanted another 5 minutes as the mask was still rather wet. 

Overall not my fav kind of eye mask, but it’s free so why not. It is moisturising and I can feel the effect working to keep my eyes fresh. Not sure how. So this is not a good mask for night time. I guess I wouldn’t mind this to use in the morning when I’m feeling rather sleepy; just that I wouldn’t use this more than 15 minutes. 

Shills Party Time Anti-Wrinkle & Repair Black Eye Mask

This is such a cooling mask. Plus the mask looks like I am going for a mascarade party. I just think it’s slightly too big for me. But it’s ok, it still fit quite nicely. I like this as it’s quite moisturising. Not sure about the antiwrinkle part, but this mask is filled with essence that it just kept dropping onto my cheek. So I just spread it in the corner of my lips. The essence is to prevent wrinkles anyway. This cost me NT29. So it’s about $1.35. I do enjoy using this mask. So it’s a really good for value mask. 

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

Until now whenever I use sheet eye mask, I wonder which end will be nearer to my nose. The good thing about SK2 is that there is a lot of pictures and reviews online. So in this case, the smaller area will be closer to the nose. The mask doesn’t fit my eye but oh well. 

I like that each pack comes in a tray. And the patches are covered by a white plastic. So you can sort of just pinch the plastic to get sheer out and stick on your undereye. You won’t get sticky fingers. It’s good. 

The mask itself is alright. Not that fantastic. Even with constant use, I don’t really see the difference. Oh well, at $8 per pack, that’s the price I bought it for, I don’t think it’s worth. But I’m sure it has some benefits and stuff which I probably won’t be able to see until I’m older. That probably it. 

PureHeal’s Ginseng Berry Eye Lift Patch

Love jelly masks. It’s so fun to put on. Very cooling and you will know when it’s time to remove cause you can feel the gel getting thinner. 

The problem I have with this kind of eye masks is that I’m not sure if the large part is suppose to be inner side or the outer. Google always show different type of ways. Maybe there is no right or wrong. 

Anyway, this doesn’t help do anything to my black eyes. The only thing that it is good at is keeping my undereye cooling. It just feels nice on the skin. 

First Impression: Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Mask

This is such a neat idea, but such a pain to put on. It’s messy and it doesn’t fit my face right. But once you get over the mess, then it’s actually quite nice. The mask is translucently thin. It’s cooling but I don’t see much a different using this. It’s just relaxing I guess. And it stuck on your face, so no worry of it falling off. But the mess, I rather use a one sided gel kind of patch. 

First Impression: Gatineau Intesive Treatment for Eye Area

This is one of the nicest eye mask I’d ever try. It’s very cooling and it’s not a big mask. It has 5% collagen, making it very wet but it’s not messy to use. At least the essence doesn’t drip. What I like about this is just it’s cooling and very relaxing. It made you feel really sleepy. Like the mask it’s heavy, so you really just feel like doing nothing. 

By the way they said you are not suppose to use eye cream or mask so close to your eyes, like I had on here. With cream it spread, so too close will make the product go to your eye which is bad. But with mask is it the same case? I always have the problem of wanting to use the mask as close to the eye as possible. I guess it’s bad. 

Revitalizing Gel Eye Strips

Cooling eye mask – yes, please! I’ve been quite lazy to do masks lately. Even though this year I promise myself that I will post up 2 masks review per month just so that I will used up my sheet masks and used up my samples. But I’m me, so I rather use eye masks as it’s less messy but I am still pampering my skin. Or at least the eyes area.
I like the cooling effect. That’s about it. Cause I don’t really see much difference using this. I guess dark circle will always be dark circle. But I don’t have puffy eyes when using this, so I can’t test that affect out. Psychologically I am happy with the product, as I really can never tell with eye creams and masks.

Nu-pore Moisturizing Under Eye Treatment

nu-poreThis is just so huge. See the lady in the packaging, it is not suppose to be huge. Felt cheated. It feels cooling and yet this irritate my skin after 5 minutes. So it really is a waste on me. There are 2 pairs, and I used both of them as I don’t want to waste it. I did bought it at iherb. It was only US$.50 as it was a sampler pack. Oh well, no regret.