Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water Spray

I was shopping at Watsons Taiwan and these bunch of boys was like, “get this, this is good.” They were talking to each other of course. But when they left, I took a bottle myself. This is a misting spray. I guess you can use this for toner, or mist or other things.


Dior One Essential Mist Lotion

This is actually quite a nice mist. Not sure what is the purpose but it is alright. The mist itself is quite weak. The nozzle is not as smooth as others. But it’s alright cause this has a nice scent. So it’s actually nice to use this. 

Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist

500 Sephora beauty point perk. I wanted something nice for 500 points. But seriously, it’s just hard trying to get one I wanted that’s not sold out. Anyway, I decided to settle for this cause I wanted to try the mist and I love tiny lipstick. 

Marine Boosting Mist is 7ml, but it’s the perfect handbag companion. It’s small and pretty. The most is strong and the scent is lovely. I really like the scent. It’s not ocean scent, but it’s very tropical without feeling like the beach. It just reminds me of a holiday. Not sure if the mist do anything, but I guess it’s just nice to have it around whenever I want a little refresher. Then again, it’s not exactly refreshing. So a bit useless in the end. But it’s nice to have. 

A’kin Hydrating Mist Toner

I’m still loving all kind of mist. This is a toner, but I used it mostly to refresh my face or spray it before I go to bed. The thing about this is that the spray doesn’t really cover the whole face. The mist is gentle enough. But I have to spray a few times round my face to really get all around. I don’t know, when it comes to spray I have to feel the wetness to feel that it’s on my face. If not I won’t be satisfy an will spray on more. So I think that’s kind of redundant. 

It’s best to close your eyes another 5 seconds after spraying. The droplets will settle on the face a bit late. When you open your eyes too early, it will get into the eyes and it burns. So that’s the bad thing. 

But yah, this will hydrate and tone the face. For refreshing, it’s not so much. But it’s still quite nice on the face. It’s not extremely cooling, it’s just makes your face feels slightly less sticky. So it’s not bad. It’s just convenient to use a spray. 

Photo Finish Primer Water

Any spray will sure will get on my list, the same with this primer water which is $52 for 116ml which is really crazy. To me, this is a toner and primer; also a mist. So, take it as a skincare product, it’s quite alright. At least that’s my excuse. Anyhow, I like the spray but I don’t really use it. I don’t feel joy using this, unlike Fix+ or Beauty Elixir. So I don’t tend to reach for it often. 

I also not sure how good this is in term of locking makeup. I only that this is refreshing. It helps moisturise the skin without it feeling heavy. I guess it’s just a good facial mist. But then, it will be better when it comes in a travel size. 

I wouldn’t recommend this. But maybe cause I have way too much facial sprays around. I’ll update again if I have a different opinion on this. 

boscia Clear Complexion Tonic

Kind of always wanted to try boscia cleansing product. But this is the one I had from the Sephora Gold member gift. I like anything spray. It’s convenient and perfect for my laziness. This is a tonic, so I’m assuming a toner. Which the description did say to use after cleansing in the AM and PM. I also can use this to refresh my skin. So that’s nice too. 

It’s not overly sticky. But after spraying you can feel a bit of essence on the skin. The spray is very strong. Even though the bottle is tiny, the nozzle is powerful. Therefore, one spray is enough. But I like to spray at least twice or thrice. Sometime even 4 times. Since its powerful, it’s not a fine mist. But it doesn’t make your face overly wet. So the droplets dissappear on your face rather quickly. I like it. So easy to use. Love it. It’s small good for travelling. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

I don’t really know what the purpose of this. But I feel that this is better than the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The scent is much nicer. For a girl who doesn’t like rose, I sure do have a lot of rose product. This is a very subtle scent. It’s refreshing, very luxurious and just feels pampering. The bottle is suede finish, so it feels really nice on the hand. The nozzle is plastic, nothing fancy about that. It’s sturdy though. The mist that come out is very fine. So fine that you can barely feel the mist on your face. 

I really like this. Even though I really don’t see the point of using this. But I do know that this is not good for oily skin. As after awhile I will have to blot my face. But do give this a try. It’s super nice on the skin. 

Thermal Spring Water

I learn that there is just so many product that is being produced in the same factories. So it’s just one generic product with the basic ingredient. And everyone else is a brand with or without additional ingredients. Then again, there is the better pacakaging, better branding, better everything. It’s hard to tell which product are the same unless you work for them or the factory. I’m not saying all products are like that, but I always wonder if I’m paying more for something I think it’s better. 

When it comes to facial mists, I have no idea if it’s all come from the same place. But I really don’t see a difference between them. But I do know that I prefer to use one than the other. Not sure why, maybe it is just my perspective. I don’t want to make a fool of myself saying I prefer this when those who know will laugh at me and say it’s the same product. Or I make a fool of myself when I say it’s the same when it’s not. 

La Roche-Posay mist, I don’t really reach for it more. I don’t know why. I seem to prefer the Avene one. I don’t use it to set my makeup, but more of a refresher. I use it when my face looks very powdery. The thing about sprays, is that I have to make sure my mascara is set. I am clearing my old mascara and most of them are non waterproof. I don’t know why I think it’s a good idea to buy them when I have oily lids and live in this kind of weather. So sprays are usually used to freshen myself. 

This is a fairly easy to use spray. The nozzle is fine but powerful. There is no need to use any strength to press it and the mists are a lot. It easily can make your whole face be wet. It doesn’t seem to sooth my skin, so that’s quite bad in my book. Then again my face is not so sensitive that I need to sooth it. It doesn’t feel as good using this as compare to other spray. I just don’t reach for this. 

MAC Fix+

I get it. I understand why people love this. This is not a fine mist. It’s a fine spray. But it’s a spray. It will not be one press and you can cover the whole face kind. It is the you have to kept spraying to get the product out to distribute to your face. But it’s really no problem. Cause it’s just so good. For some reason, this doesn’t annoy me. Usually spray like this irritate me. But Fix+ is comfortable. The droplet is fine and doesn’t really annoy my face.

This cost $29. I wanted the travel size, but they do not carry it. So this has to do. Fix+ is good. Cause it really help to prolong the wear of your makeup. It helps to mattify the face but doesn’t make it dry. I don’t know what is it but it just makes you want to keep grabbing it. I don’t think I can ever not have this in my collection now. It’s also very cooling and refreshing. I love it. I love all my sprays. But this, I will always need in my life. 

Biore UV Perfect Spray

Saw this at my HDB local store and it’s $2 cheaper than Guardian. Of course I have to grab it. Apparently they have the jumbo size one, but I just wanted to try to compare this and the L’Oreal UV City Mist. So the major different is the spray nozzle. This is more plastic looking but surprisingly in term of press, this is alright. It’s comfortable to use and the spray is very fine. It’s really just mist. So it’s a good sunscreen really. 

This, they say can be used for body, face and hair. It won’t make you oily. I guess that’s why you can use it for hair too. I have a body UV spray and a hair one too. But this basically just said can be use for all. I guess all the sprays can be use for all, but I feel more comfortable knowing that they test it out to be used for such purposes. I am just scared of oily hair and oily face. 

So yes this is just as good as the L’Oreal one and it’s much cheaper too. But I do feel a bit heavy after a few hours. Like, there is some residue setting in on my face. Not sure why. I haven’t really use the whole can yet. Once I’m done I will update again.