Dr Jart Clay Mask to Foaming Cleanser Trio

White, pink, green – the clays are a faint hint of the colour but mostly it appears white.

I like them enough, even though I don’t really see the differences between the 3. It’s like I just apply them leave them for 3 minutes then wash off using water. It’s more useful as a foam cleanser than as a mask.

The only thing I really like about this is that you can apply it as a makeup remover too. So you don’t need to spend an extra step removing your makeup. But as waterproof mascara goes, it’s still better to remove with a proper remover. Other than that, it’s a perfect all in one product.


Perfect Aqua Rich Lumious Moist Mask

This mask has a a rectangle cut for the eyes. I like it as the mask will stick around the eyes. It will set into place and you don’t have to keep adjusting the mask. It’s a very wet mask. Rather sticky on the face. But this is good for before you go to sleep. Cause, all you have to do is lie down on the bed. You’ll fall asleep. And somehow in the middle of the night or maybe an hour later, the mask is no longer wet, and you can just remove it. But it still stay on the face before you remove it. So that’s just really neat. 

Taut Collagen Mask

I am not sure if this is the same as the gold standard one. But I don’t enjoy using that at all. This one is good. It’s very hydrating and even though the mask is slightly big, it still fit my face. So I have no problem using this mask. It doesn’t feel pampering, but it gives a good feeling after. Like as if the mask did something to your skin, that kind of feeling. 

As compare to 3 years ago, either my skin has change or the mask is totally different in formulation. Either way, it’s good. 

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment 

This is a clear mask. It was a translucent mask that will be probably soaked into the skin if you use a little bit. Cause you can actually apply this as a sleeping mask. This has a nice tingly feel. It just mint up your whole face. It is not painful, does not sting; it is just really nice on the face. I really like the affect on my face. It is just soothing and cooling and a nice feeling.

My face is hydrated without feeling too oily like most hydrating mask will give. So this is good. It was unexpected when you first see the light translucent beige cream. I didn’t know that it can kick such a punch. Then again it is Glamglow, it is pricey. I guess they have to work well.

Gentle Girl Mask Pack No. 2 Lover Boy

This is mask is quite heavily scented. It’s not bad, but just unexpected. Lover boy looks more like a xiaomeimei, at least if it doesn’t have the moustache. No 2 is for whitening and energizing. Maybe thats why there is a scent – to perk you up! I enjoy using these masks; they’re fun and fuss free. Plus the mask is quite a good fit on the face. Doesn’t seems to really whiten my face though. Still an okay mask. 

First Impression: UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask

Anti-wrinkle, firming and nutrition. Not sure what nutrition is for, but I guess it’s just a mask that has a lot of nutritional benefits. This mask has a peculiar scent. I can’t put a finger what it is. I don’t like it but I don’t hate it. Neutral I guess. The mask fits I my face quite alright. It’s slightly big, but it is fine. It is quite nice coz it feels like gel mask. At least the essence make it so. 

You are suppose to put it on for 20-30 minutes. But towards the 15 minutes mark, my face feels itchy. After 20, I remove them. Usually I wait until the mask get dries up. But I can’t stand it. It just feels that it will worsen. My face looks brighter though. It doesn’t claim that it does, but I just feel that it did. Maybe it’s just in my head. 

Dr.Jart+ Firming Solution Mask

I like this. It’s a 2-pieces gel mask. Instructions said to peel off the film liner and apply mask with liner side to the skin for 20-40 minutes. Now I wonder if the film liner is the clear film or the white film? It should be the clear one. Cause that gives a smooth gel texture mask. The other side is a rougher surface. I prefer the smooth one anyway. 

I just have a hard time making sure the mask stay on. It’s slightly slippery to me, especially the bottom part. Anyway, this mask for some reason is warm on my skin. Not sure if it has to do with the description of body heat thermosensitive cellulose gel mask. It’s nice though. Will be better on a cold night. 

Overall, I really like this mask among all the Dr Jart masks I’ve tried so far. I guess I just prefer gel like masks. It’s more fun on the skin. 

First Impression: Biospell MaskP Renewal Beauty

This smells so bad. That’s the one thing I can’t stand. The mask is very thin, it was sandwiched between 2 plastic sheets. The opening for the eyes are quite small. It kept poking at my eyes. It’s irritating. I bought this cause I was intrigue at the time capsule at the packaging. Anyway this is the time reviving anti aging capsule. I don’t think this is worth. 

I hardly can find info using this. And everything is in Chinese, except the back of the mask. The mask just tells you to put it on for about 10-15 minutes. Nothing on the capsule. 

Luckily found an eBay site selling this and it said to put on the mask. After, take the gel capsule and open it up and use it as a serum on the face. So yah. The white tiny tube, is just a silica gel. So a bit useless. I thought it will be the kind of mask where when you pour the gel into the white tube it will expand out. I guess I was wrong. 

The capsule is very gel like texture but it becomes very watery and oily. I didn’t dare to put on my face cause the mask is quite itchy. It’s not as bad, but it’s not exactly a good relaxing mask. So the serum I just apply it on to my hands. After the oiliness starts to absorb into the skin, my skins actually feel really smooth. It’s quite nice. While my face feels quite dry. Not the flaky kind of dry, but just not supple kind. So I guess that’s why you’re suppose to put on the capsule. Oh well. A bit late. 

I still have another of this mask for hydration so I will try that out and see if the scent is as bad as this. But I wouldn’t repurchase this. And in the future, I probably wouldn’t want to risk my face. Makeup is one thing, but skin care I have to be a bit more careful now. 

First Impression: Kissui BriSea Vital Moisture Ampoule Perfect Fit Mask

The thing I like about Kissui masks is that they are so thin. It’s nice on the skin. It just blends well. This doesn’t smell as good. But it’s actually quite nice on the skin. I can tolerate it for about 7 minutes before my face start to itch. I still continue and preserve anyway. 

The other thing I like is that once it dries, the sheet harden slightly. So peeling the mask off is very satisfying. It doesn’t cling onto your skin anymore, but it just removed nicely. 

This mask gave me a very moisturised look. It brighten and freshen my face. So it’s quite nice. I mean after the itch eventually subdue, I’m glad I continue putting on the mask. For this really do works at making my face looks more full and bouncy. Definitely a good mask for days you’re feeling a little dry and need a perk me up. 

I wouldn’t buy it again but it’s worth a try for anyone really. And the smell doesn’t really linger when you put on. So it’s just the initial scent of the essence. 

Clear Turn Babyish Moisturing Mask

The baby on the mask vs me. I looked so horrible. Anyway, upon researching, I found out that the Babyish range is meant for people in their 20s. Well, I still qualify under that category, but I guess my skin is a bit too late. While the whole idea of wanting a baby skin is very appealing, I feel that the mask can be better made. 

This is a 7 masks pack, and the essence is not distributed equally. The top side of the mask is slightly dryer than the bottom half. Also, it’s so hard to put on the mask. It doesn’t fit very well and I found that it’s just not moisturising enough. Plus it’s quite sticky once the mask is gone from my face. 

I bought this at TW129. When 2 is for TW199, but I bought a lot of stuff and only notice on the receipt the cashier didn’t give me the discount. So disappointed but oh well, just my luck I guess. But yah, so these masks can set you about TW100 which is about SG$4++, so it’s rather cheap for a 7 piece masks. Therefore good for anyone in their early 20s, when they are still quite broke and not earning money just yet.