Lazy & Easy All Kill Sheet

This is 2 step product. Step 1 is the cleansing tissue. It’s such a wet sheet. Feels a lot like wet tissue drenched in water. It’s good cause it is wet that it’s easy to remove your make up. But it just makes your face wet after. They say to use the mask after that. I have to wait a while for my face to dry up. I naturally air dry it. 

Step 2 is the all-in-one sheet mask. It’s a very thin mask. I made a mistake of adjusting the mask. It touched my eyes and it hurts. The essence is not for around the eyes. With the eye holes being rather small.. Ugh, I shuddered to think of the essence dropping down on to my eyes. 

Anyway, the mask itself is quite cooling. It’s moisturing and actually quite comfortable on the face. It’s best to just close your eyes and lie down using this. 

In the end, people buy this cause of lazy egg. The mask is just too cute. And it will be a great gift for anyone. It states on the packaging that it can only be sold in Korea, but this was bought in Hongkong. Doesn’t really matter to me. The mask is just cute and will make anyone receiving this happy. 

First Impression: Pure Smile Pink Flower Mask

I actually like this one. It smells so nice. It’s very cooling when applied. I guess cause I’m using it in an air conditioned room. So it’s very nice. Plus the scent it’s so nice, it’s just very relaxing. I think it’s a rose scent. I can’t really tell. Anyway this has collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Also the fit of this mask is quite good. It stick on my face rather well unlike the rest. I do enjoy using this. 

Flower Fusion Sheet Mask – Lavender

Lavender is for soothing which leave the skin de-stressed. It doesn’t really have the lavender scent. I like the texture of the mask. It’s rather smooth like a gel. Putting on the mask is not as relaxing. It’s quite strong on the face. Like there is a reaction of the mask on my skin. I don’t know how or why but it affect my skin. It just feels very unnatural. So I don’t really like it. Anyway it’s only $5, so it’s not crazy expensive. But in all honesty, I don’t mind using it again even if it’s unpleasant. I mean it’s only that cause I associate this as a relaxing mask, but I didn’t get that. 

First Impression: Klarity Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask Lift Up Patch

Well I have to use this everyday for the first 2 weeks and at least 1 – 2 times a week continuously for this mask to work. Well I mean this kind of sliming mask is something you won’t really know if it work unless you use it religiously. Anyway this is a 2 steps process. First you have to use the cream on your cheeks and chin. Then you apply the hydrogel sheet for 30-40 minutes. It’s nice course you can hook it to your ears. But it’s so different from the picture. My face is so not a v shape at all. Somemore I only use this once, so I don’t see any different. Not sure if it worked cause I don’t feel any tighter or anything. Oh well. 

First Impression: I Love Rue Ultimate Pearl Beam Mask

I bought this specially cause of Kim Woo Bin. I mean I bought this for my sis cause she likes him. But she didn’t even bother when I show it to her. I guess she has moved on to another Korean star. Anyway, this is a super hydrating mask. So much so that it feels rather too much for me. It’s like I’m packed with too much moisturiser on my face. 

This is meant to be a whitening and for wrinkle. But I just feel that it’s very hydrating. The mask is only very thin. The essence almost feels like jelly. So it’s actually quite nice. Especially if you have dry skin. The fit is not exactly the best but since it’s thin, really translucent, it just stick onto the skin. I like it enough that I can walk around in this mask without feeling like it will come off. 

First Impression: Baroness Tomato Mask Sheet

This is quite thin and quite cooling. It has the right amount of essence. So it’s quite comfortable to put on. I don’t like the smell though. It also kind of itch my forehead a bit. I don’t really enjoy the experience using this. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t buy it again. But this suppose to be for acne. Like it will help to prevent that. So I guess I just have to try other tomato masks. 

First Impression: Kissui BriSea Vital Repairinf Ampoule Perfect Fit Mask

This is a very translucent mask. It’s so thin. So it’s easy for it to stick to the curves of the face. Do you even call the face a curve? Well you get what I mean when I say it just fit your face. This has 3 layers. The white one you peel off then stick on to your face. Then you peel off the blue part. It’s so hard to pull off the blue plastic. But since the mask cling on so well to your skin, eventually it came off. 

This mask is very cooling and very moisturising. It’s not for me. I think it’s really good for anyone who need moisture. Or who is staying at a cold winter place that dry up their skin. This gives the instant moisture. Seriously powerful that even with a primer, my face gets oily within 2 hours. 

I should have use this at night. That would have been a better use. But oh well. I do enjoy using this. And I do think it’s worth the money. It’s like about NT500+ for a box of 5 if I’m not wrong. The thing I don’t get is that some packaging has the bottle on it, some doesn’t. I’m not sure if it’s different masks or just different versions of packaging. Oh well. 

First Impression: Nuxe Clarifying Cream Mask

I just feel so unglam today. This is the first time I use a mask from a sachet that I feel gave too little. I barely have enough to cover my whole face let alone my neck. Plus it told you to apply liberally on to the face and neck. It’s a 4ml pack too. 

The nice thing about this is that it has a subtle rose scent. Once it dries, it sort of become clear. Using warm water to rinse off, it feels like soap. The texture is like rubbing on soap. It doesn’t do much on my face though. I mean sure it does cleanse my face. At least it looks clear but nothing sort of special about this. So not impressed about this.   

7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Masque

This does smell like chocolate. It’s very thick and I feel that one mask can be used for 2. Cause I have to be really generous with my application and I still have a lot in the pack. The mud mask looks more like milk chocolate instead of the rich chocolate mud it suppose to look like on the packaging. It takes time for it to dry, as I used a really thick layer. I never let it dry fully as I just couldn’t have it on forever. 

I like how this is a deep moisturing mask. It just makes my skin smooth after. I no longer have dry skin on my cheek after one application. It’s good. So I use this whenever I need the extra moisture. Plus it smells like chocolate, so good. 

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I prefer the original. I feel that it works much better on my skin and I will really see a difference after using once. For this though, it just makes my face feel dry and red. I guess it’s too strong for me. 

The first time I use this, it just irritate my skin. But I have spots, so maybe that’s why. So I preserve. Then after awhile, it just neutralize. So it doesn’t hurt anymore. Once in awhile, when applying this, it still hurt. But most of the time it’s fine. 

This has very little leaves in it, but you can get some on your skin. This is basically just a mud mask which will dry into a lighter grey clay like material. It really is a clearing mask. It just suppose to clear the impurities on your face. But it’s not for anyone with sensitive skin. This is just too strong. So yea. I know I have a few things to say, but my brain is just so blank right now. But ya, I prefer the original.