The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This cost £4.17 without tax. It’s a nice light glass bottle with a droplet. The look is very clean and simple and the direction is on the bottle itself. If you have a lot of The Ordinary product, it may be hard to keep track of them all. But it’s just a handful, then should not be a problem. 

This is a serum for blemish prone skin. But personally it’s just alright for me. It’s watery so it’s good as application as is easy. But it just feels so sticky on my skin. I have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry before I can use a moisturiser. So it’s not good for daily use when I’m in a rush. 

Other than that for less than $10, I think you got nothing to lose. Plus its minimal design is nice for the table top. 

Lierac Luminescence Serum

This is an illuminating serum complex corrector. Not sure how it correct, as it’s quite a sheer glowly product. It’s pretty much translucent with an after glow effect. I guess this is nice cause you can put it together with your moisturiser or foundation for an extra glow. It’s actually quite subtle, like tiny freckle of diamond. Then it will subdue down. So it won’t be so crazy. It’s nice if you want some subtle glow on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin. 

Origins Renewal Serum

This is quite ok. It’s good for normal skin. I use this at night and I find that my skin will be quite oily in the morning. The nice thing about this is that the serum will sink into the skin rather quickly. So it’s quite nice to use cause you can put on moisturiser next without having to wait long. The texture is also quite nice. It’s like almost gel like, but it’s not. So it’s a very smooth application. 

L’Occitane Brightening Essence

I like this better than the lotion and the moisturiser. The scent is much lighter. I like that it sinks into the skin rather fast. It will be slightly sticky, but after awhile it’s fine. I use this at night mostly as it leaves my skin rather oily in the morning. So it’s not a good serum for oily skin. But night time use is alright. And it does leave the skin rather brighter. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Corrective Unclogging Care 

So I’ve tried using this to help me with my imperfect skin. Doesn’t really work. I used up one tube, and I was given another 2 used tube. They were my cousins as it doesn’t work on them too so they just gave it to me. It doesn’t really do much I feel. But now when I think really hard about it and reading people’s blogs on how some product will clog their pores and such, then I realized. Maybe this is it. This help me to prevent clog pores. 

This doesn’t help with my acne. But it does sort of help to prevent new ones from forming. So I don’t know, maybe with constant use, you will get to see the result. Like if you have a mark, it sort of help a bit. I’ll just keep using it. It is not oily and help a bit in term of moisturisation. So it’s fine. 

The History of WHOO Ja Saeng Essence

  • Self generation
  • Anti wrinkle 
  • Moisturising 
  • Elasticity improvement 
  • Better complexion

It’s an alright serum I feel. It’s not overly oily. But it will leave my face oily in the end. So I only use this at night. I don’t see much difference on my face. I think it’s more suitable for normal to dry skin. So this doesn’t leave me much of an impression. 

Drops of Youth Concentrate

This is a very thick watery serum. It’s good for night time use, as this leaves my skin looking oily. Not sure how well it helps with aging, but that kind of thing, I guess you do have to use it regularly to really find out. It’s not bad, doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. I think it’s something you can consider if you want anti aging serum that doesn’t really cost a bomb. 

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Wanted to see what’s the big deal about this. It’s just a normal serum for me. Moisturising, yes. But it’s not really suitable for oily skin. I don’t know. I think this will be good for colder countries. But in Singapore, I don’t think it’s that good. I don’t feel that extra hydration. So ya, not sure about this.  

Laneige Water Bank Essence_Ex

This is slightly better than the light blue which is for whitening. At least it’s better than that, for my skin. This has a nice fragrance, and it’s very moisturising. Ok for night time, but morning kind of too oily for me. It sinks into the skin alright, but I don’t know, I don’t really like using it.  

UV Aqua White Trial Set

I have the toner, serum and cc cream. Purifying Toner is a typical toner. So nothing much to say, but it does contains witch hazel extract. The Daily Defense Serum is nice. It is light and absorb into the skin quite easily. It has a powdery scent is that can be a bit off putting if you don’t like scents. As the brand is UV Aqua White, I always associate it with UV rays, with SPF, but these products doesn’t contain SPF so they can be use for day and night. 

The CC Cream is for care, correct and cover. It has an exquisite blend of 5 botanicals with a SPF of 30. Have to shake the bottle if not it kind of seperate. The cream is greyish tone but once blended, it will be skin tone. It is a bit too light for me. So it brigten my face up quite a bit. A little goes a long way. This is to be used as a sunscreen, skin tone corrector and/or a primer, but the color is already quite pigmented so it will be good on its on. 

Do I like these? Yah, not bad. They are small, the perfect size for traveling. I wouldn’t really buy them as I thought they are for the sun, but I guess the name is kind of misleading. Well, at least to me. So it’s alright. Worth trying out.