Suncut UV Protect Gel

This is another of those product that is highly raved about when you go to Taiwan. I guess it’s supposed to be a Japan brand/product. But you can buy this in Taiwan too. It’s 100ml, with a SPF 50. So that’s quite high. 

I like it a lot. It’s light and nonoily. It sinks in rather fast. It doesn’t break me out. It works as a primer too. It’s just a good sunscreen overall. I can’t remember how much I bought this for but I know I bought it at Sasa. 


Hera Homme Leports Sun Cream

Specially bought this cause Hera is famous for its sunscreen. I got one for male cause it’s matte. It has a typical sunblock scent with a normal white cream. I kind of miss the scent as I’ve been using mist spray which I really love. Anyway, this is light but a bit heavy too, cause I’m used to the sprays. It’s sinks in nicely. Doesn’t exactly gives a matte finish, but it’s not overly dewy too. 

After the rest of the makeup, it doesn’t look like I have a layer of sunscreen on. But after a few hours, my face did get oily. Not extreme but quite obvious to me. So this even is for shine control, doesn’t really do such a good job on it. 

So not overly impress with Hera. 

Biore UV Perfect Spray

Saw this at my HDB local store and it’s $2 cheaper than Guardian. Of course I have to grab it. Apparently they have the jumbo size one, but I just wanted to try to compare this and the L’Oreal UV City Mist. So the major different is the spray nozzle. This is more plastic looking but surprisingly in term of press, this is alright. It’s comfortable to use and the spray is very fine. It’s really just mist. So it’s a good sunscreen really. 

This, they say can be used for body, face and hair. It won’t make you oily. I guess that’s why you can use it for hair too. I have a body UV spray and a hair one too. But this basically just said can be use for all. I guess all the sprays can be use for all, but I feel more comfortable knowing that they test it out to be used for such purposes. I am just scared of oily hair and oily face. 

So yes this is just as good as the L’Oreal one and it’s much cheaper too. But I do feel a bit heavy after a few hours. Like, there is some residue setting in on my face. Not sure why. I haven’t really use the whole can yet. Once I’m done I will update again. 

UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist

I bought this back in August, and I always wanted to do a comparison between this and the Biore UV mist before doing a post. For some reason, I never bought the Biore one.
Now, this is being promoted in Singapore. It is in every other bus stop ad or something. So I just want to jump the gun and share this before the hype died.

I really like this. Cause unlike tiny micro droplet, this came out as a mist. Mist will evaporate and still can feel a tiny bit of water, but this literally is just smoke. It is so fine. I am so impress. It feels nothing on the skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and at the end of the day, my face too doesn’t get oily. It is like I am not putting any product on my skin.

I really recommend this and especially for anyone who doesn’t like putting sunscreen on. You just have to spray this on to the face and you are good to go. It is small, so you can bring it anywhere. Go to the ladies, or where ever, spray it on, and continue with your life. It is really that easy. Love it.

CDP UV Protection Cream

It’s really something. CDP is really quite expensive. So it’s really nice to receive sample. But it just doesn’t suit me at all. I feel that CDP is so much more suited to people with dry skin. It’s also more suited to fairer skin girls. For some reason it just doesn’t work as well for me. It’s a bit too rich. So it’s quite oily for me. It is not a good look. Quite a pity. So now I’m using primer with SPF instead. 

Lancaster Skin Therapy Oxygenate Shield UV Pollution 

This is as it said a shield. So it’s more of a sunblock. It is quite good. Not that oily. But you have to use moisturizer underneath if not it is hard to apply. It doesn’t glide very well. Quite a thick(er) consistency. Well not really, but when spread out, it will be. So I wouldn’t bother much with this. Maybe in the real packaging, it will be much better to use. Cause with sample it is hard to get the product out.  

UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete

Lancôme has 2 of these, one with and one without color. So this is the sunscreen with color. I guess it is more like a bb cream. It is very light and the texture is really like sunscreen. I like it. SPF 50 didn’t hurt too. Plus it has a nice floral scent. What I really like about this is that it leaves my skin looking matte. It will stay that way with a finishing powder for around 5 hours. So it is not bad, and I never expect that at all.
So this is a good sunscreen and I do recommend to anyone who wants to a sunscreen without the grease. Not sure about the price though.

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

The weather has been such a killer. Everyone know how crazy the sun is during summer. But Singapore has been raining quite a lot last year, so this time the sun is really extra hot. It dies rain so suddenly too, but the contrast of the sun is just so ugh.
So I am glad to have Kiehl’s sunblock with SPF50. I feel so much better using this in the morning whenever I am leaving the house. The sunblock is easy to apply. It dries quite fast, so you can start with foundation or primer right after. It will leave my skin oily after a long while, so for the first few hours it works well. I like it but I still think I prefer my Clarins, as I feel it controls oil better. I used not to like very much, but I learn to love it. So maybe the Kiehl’s will be the same.
Will repurchase? Still prefer Clarins, but the SPF in this is good.

October Black Box

I heard of Black Box a long time ago, and I signed up for it. But I don’t really know how it worked. Cause some people actually managed to get this free box, and I wanted one too. Last month they emailed us saying how their website has change and you can ballot for a free box. You can secure a free box just by paying for $6 shipping. They only had 500 boxes for that.

I wasn’t very interested in the October box when I saw the participating brands. So I wouldn’t pay $6 for it. But I did try to ballot for it. I did not know I was successful as all I did was click the link and put my email address and they told me I am eligible for balloting. Then I had to log in but I did not know my password and I’m just lazy to check my email.

Anyway there was another email saying everything was sold out and 1500 boxes were successfully given out to the winners. A few days later I got an email saying my box will be sent to me between a certain time. It was like winning a lottery. How awesome!
So this is the box. Sorry for the longwinded story, but that’s practically how Black Box work. If you’re in Singapore, just sign up, try your luck. The next one is for December box, but the balloting has not start? I am not sure. I only got the email for securing the box.
So far, all I did was do a short survey online after I got the box to win full-sized products. That’s it. They never ask you to do anything, not even ask you to refer to friends. But good things must be shared right? And it’s unisex, so it’s really for everyone. Then again it’s free. You can always pass it to anyone of you don’t like it.
So I received a card with the description of the product like where to buy, how to use and also some discount coupons.
Lovemore Snailmucin Repairing Eye Patch.

VDL CC Cream has SPF 25. Have not try this yet, but it’s great to have for upcoming mini vacations.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (sebum) is a really cool product. It’s a makeup remover and cleanser at the same time. You don’t need to wash your face after using this. Just rinse it if you want. A product after my own heart. The samples come with cotton pads, but I think the full size is just the lotion.

Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste who doesn’t love free toothpaste? It’s a travel size which probably cost $2 if you buy from Watsons.

Zappy Sampler Pack now this is cool.
Look at that, it’s all in wipes form and it has different type of purpose. I like the sunscreen one. How cool to use sunscreen with a wipe. It’s just so easy and unique. Plus it’s SPF50. I also like the insect repellent and well everything. Cause it’s all really useful to me. Per pack will cost around $2 – $5.50 and different type of wipes will contain different quantity. But I really think Zappy is really neat. Love it. Great to have for traveling or on the go.

Lastly, I got Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil which is a multi-purpose dry oil. I haven’t have this so it’s nice to get it. It can be use for the face, body or hair. This is shimmery which I think will be nice to use for parties while keeping your skin moisturized. I have an idea, put it all over your body and you can be the Cullen for Halloween, even though it’s over but I only think of it. Anyway, I like to put this at the ends of my hair to give them an extra sparkle. It doesn’t has a scent or anything though.

So ya that’s it for my free Black Box.