Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I have a few Shiseido and Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I still find that the cheaper versions of these are better. I mean, you can go Sephora and get the $30 one, or go to the stores in HK or Taiwan and get them at $10+. I mean they are still Shiseido/Shu, but it’s different. Not only it’s cheaper, it’s just softer. I don’t know, maybe it won’t last as long, but it doesn’t hurt my lashes. So it’s so much nicer on me.


mocodo Silicone Puff

I wanted to jump into the band wagon of the silicone puff. I really wanted to see how bad it is that people are laughing about it. I wanted to try the original one (SiliSponge) or at least the popular brand one – Heme, with the smiley baby face. It cost NT199, wasn’t on sale, so I didn’t get it. Instead I bought this which is cheaper. I can’t exactly remember how much, but it was cheaper. 

This is a silicone puff. It feels very jelly like with a smooth plastic covering it. I am not sure how I feel about it. People say this is good cause it doesn’t absorb the product unlike sponges. While that’s true, people countered that you can just use your fingers and it will gives the same result. 

I do prefer this though. I don’t like getting foundation on my fingers. So a silicone puff is better for me. In term of of how well it can blend the foundation onto my skin, this is not that good. I find that I have to pat a lot, buff a lot. The pressure on my fingers are better. So this is not something I will use when I’m in a hurry. I also don’t think this is good when applying concealer. It just makes the concealer run off. 

I still think using a brush gives me the best result. It’s easier for me to use brushes. I don’t really like beauty blender cause I have to get them wet first and the water source are kind of far away from my room. Plus I’m not patient with patting motion. I do have a new beauty blender that I would like to try again with. So silicone, yes or no? To me not really. It’s just nice to have if you don’t want to really dirty your fingers and it’s easier to travel with. But I don’t think it can replace beauty blenders or brushes in my opinion. 

Shiseido Facial Cotton

This is so nice. I understand why people love it. It’s thick but soft. It doesn’t fray easily. When you use it with micellar water, the cotton doesn’t feel like it soak through. And it will spread out and become bigger but thinner of course. However, it still doesn’t fray. So it’s really awesome. I bought this at Taiwan Watsons. I can’t remember how much. maybe around $10SG. It has 165 cotton squares. I like it but I always feel like it’s very wasteful if I use it. So you know it’s that kind of feeling. I guess cause it’s just too expensive for cotton. And I still can’t find this in Singapore. So once it’s gone, I’ll be very sad. 

RT brow

So I bought this cause I wanted more brow brushes. The brushes handle are slightly angled. I find that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be. I only use the brow brush. The others 1) the definer – I don’t need it, 2) spoolie – is way too small. 

I like the tweezers. But I only use the angled one. I find that the detailing brush is quite hard to use. It’s pointy and sharp. I thought it will be easy to grab the loose stubborn hair. But I can’t even. It’s hard to get a grab on the hair. So I use it for other purposes, like pulling off loose strand on my shirt. 

So the best thing out of this kit is the angled tweezer. 

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

A lot of people swear by this. I just think it’s so so. The cushion is not soft enough for my liking. The fit is ok for me. It doesn’t clamp my lid. So that’s good. But it’s the cushion. I like my curler to be soft that when you clamp the lashes, it will be rather gentle. So ya, this is good in term of its performance and lash curling ability. Lashes stay curl whenever I check in the mirror. But that may be cause of the good mascara I’m using. So ya. 

Anastasia Travel Brow Kit

Saw this in the isle of temptation. I was like damn I didn’t know they carried Anastasia here. But I was too lazy to go down to pick up the proper product. So I was left with travel size pack in the shade dark brown. This is AU$23. Seems reasonable enough at the time. It has 3 product. 

The clear brow gel is 2.5ml stated as mini. It’s really just a clear brow gel. Good for people with untamed brow hair. I don’t really set my brows, but I mean it’s nice to have around. Just in case. Nonetheless, a good product. Set everything in place. It doesn’t appear waxy, but it’s just slight stiff. 

The mini tweezers is fine. It’s always nice to have good tweezers around. It’s a slanted tip, really sturdy. Really good at getting the hair out. 

The mini brow wiz is 0.024g. What you see in the picture above, is basically how much product you get. So you can see why this is not worth the money. It’s so thin and fragile. So easy to break. You have to be really careful applying this. The product itself is great. It’s a good colour. Dark brown seems to suit me well. It transfer well and manage to shape my brows with no problem. It just easy and I can see why so many people love this. I actually do like this cause it’s so compact and when you take the cap off, it can be connected making the pencil longer. So yeah, it’s good. Just too little. 

So $23, reasonable price? I think not. But I am glad I did pick it up. It’s nice to have minis. And it’s nice to try something new. 

Foreo VS Clarisonic

I originally bought the Foreo cause people say that in the long run will save your money. So I tried it for about 2 months and no matter what, I just had to get the Mia. I was just curious to compare the two. 


Bought this at airport. It’s the US version so the plug is the only one I have to use an extender. It’s not as bad as I seldom charge it. At first I was like damn, this only last for 1 hour and I realise that 1 hour is actually at least a month of use. And if you don’t use it everyday, it will last a whole lot longer. I like that the charger is magnetic. So it’s really unique, at least to me. I also like the cleanser. It’s very gentle yet effective at removing makeup. It doesn’t break me out and I do think that it helps make my skin better. 

The tool itself has 2 speed setting. And I think it’s a waste of money to get that as I don’t even bother changing the setting. It will automatically off once you use for that one cycle. So that’s nice or it can be irritating if you wanted to use longer. The brush is the sensitive skin. It’s suppose to be gentle which at first I find kind of rough. It’s like sort of exfoliating your skin in a very harsh way. I really don’t like that. Then I put less pressure when holding the Mia. I just sort barely touch the end of the brush on my face. I find that it’s so much better. It’s gentle and cleanse well. So for those who think that this is too harse, it might be the way you handle the tool. 


Foreo, I get the blue one which is for oily skin. Does it really help with oily skin? No. I find that my face get worse with use. As in it just kept getting oily after a few hours. I never change my makeup look, so it just have to be this. 

The tool itself, I really like for a make up removal. It’s very gentle and since you basically just charge once and it can last forever, it’s really convenient too. So far I haven’t had to charge it. It has this +- button to change the intensity but it’s quite useless to me. Cause I just never know when I had max it. But I do like that it does vibrate longer when it tell you that you are done with your cycle. So you can off it. But it will continue to vibrate. So you can continue. But anyway, the point is for you to have it off and on again cause you have to do the cycle twice. The second time is to use the back as a massager for anti aging care. Not sure if it’s useful. Sometime I use it. Sometime I just on and off cause I don’t have time. 

So my verdict? I feel that both tool have their purpose. Like depending on what you want you need different tool. Foreo is good for daily cleansing. Clarisonic is good for deeper cleansing. I like them both. I use them both. But if I’m in a hurry, the Clarisonic is my choice cause it just seems faster. Foreo feels like your skin is being pampered kind of feel. But of course in the long run, Foreo is cheaper. As after about 2 months, I feel my Clarisonic brush head is quite dirty and I need to replace it. Even though I don’t use it daily. 

Happy Feet Healthy Feet

We don’t really talk about feet care, but it’s good to know. So all I did is use tbs peppermint scrub with tbs no more rough stuff. Actually you just need to use the scrub on its own. The scrub is quite abrasive. It has a really nice scent. Really good at getting rid of feet odour. While the blue scrub tool is quite hard and it’s actually not that nice to use. You can just use a normal soap to scrub your feet with this tool.  


After my feet is scrub clean. Which to be honest doesn’t remove any calluses and my feet will still appear dry and flaky. 

I will also use tbs peppermint cooling foot lotion. It is suppose to be a thick lotion, but it’s not. It is quite thin for a foot lotion. It is cooling which is nice. The scent is also quite overpowering I feel. It is just a foot lotion and one you will not use for your leg. Or maybe that is just me. Then I will use Ecotools spa moisture socks to cover my feet in. The socks suppose to fit any size feet. My feet is size UK3, so it’s really tiny. It fits quite alright. You can see that is its loose. But on my right leg, you can see that it will fit also. So it’s actually quite big, but it will still fit.  

This is how I care for my feet. Not a really efficient way as my feet still dry. But at least it makes me feel better that I am actually doing something to help care for them. For my toe nails and stuff. I usually do a simple pedicure, nothing fancy. Just getting rid of extra skins and trim my toe nails every 2/3 weeks. If I’m not lazy I will paint my nails. 

So how do you care for your feet other than getting a pedicure? 

Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla

Christmas set right here. Love the scent. It’s like a perfume vanilla. Not like vanilla extract but still quite good. I don’t know, there is just something about it that makes me like it.
So this set comes with 3 item. The shower puff, gel and lotion. 

Silky Lotion is quite a watery lotion. I so used to squeeze bottle from TBS that this feels weird. The plastic is harder, so can’t really clamp between my fingers. But the lotion flow out nicely. It’s liquid-like and easy to apply. Sometime it feels like pour out to much. I guess also cause the opening is quite big. Blends into the skin and absorb quickly. Doesn’t makes the skin feels sticky. Really good. Really love.

Shower Gel is also very watery. It’s like a thick syrup. But easy to flow out of the bottle. It lathers quite well. But I find that with shower gels is that it is better to use with a loofah. A bit of goes a long way. It will foam up, makes lathering so much more fun and easier. I guess you can always use a body clothes thing or those body sponge. But loofah is my new love. 

A loofah is great! I never think much of it until this kit. I mean I’ve used loofah before, but only this time I really pay attention to it. It’s firm and soft. I guess you can say structured. But it’s awesome. I am sharing the shower with my family. So I just chuck my loofah in a hangable basket I bought from Daiso outside. Where we hang our clothes indoor. That’s how you dry the loofah without being paranoid if others use them. 

My Daily Home Makeup Bag

Happy new year! Since I started work, I found that I don’t really have time to post as regularly. But I have lots of drafts that need to add in words to make it a proper post. So many of my post will be random and out of place, well worse than before, I can foresee that. So I apologize in advance that this blog is going to be more as what Singaporeans will call it “chapalang”.

So I wanted to share with you my makeup bag since forever. I love trying out new product, but there will some things that I just lazy to change out. In this case, it will be everything inside my makeup bag. This is not the pouch that I bring out with me, this is the one that I keep all my daily makeup in. I don’t use it daily, but I consider it my everyday makeup. So let’s take a look shall we?
I put everything in one small bag cause that is easier to haul over to my bed. I always do my makeup on my bed. I don’t have a proper dresser. Well, I used not to have, but now I do. (Just goes to show how long I have keep this post on draft.)
It is not much. But I do have every category I need. All my Laura Mercier product is in it. The foundation powder, concealer, mini powder, Jill Lowe concealer and Eucerin concealer are my face products. For cheeks I like to use my ELF blush and bronzer duo, so convenient. Until now, I am still using NYX eyebrow powder for my brows, see it lasted so long, and I did hit pan, but I should probably get a new one, right? I also will have a pencil for my brows as sometimes it is easier to use one. It usually be some Daiso product or my favourite ZA pencil.
For eyes, I have a mini eye shadow single as I don’t really use eye shadows daily. Oh, but I put my eye primer in the bag too. If I need to use to eye shadows, I just take out one of my palette or quad. Then mascara, this one it pretty much a staple. I will have at least 2 so I can switch it out. I like to have one natural one and one more dramatic. Then I will a travel size blush brush and an eye lash curler. Mine is getting quite old, but it’s so good. You cannot go wrong with Shu Uemura or Shiseido.

Lip product is the one thing that I will change out often. I usually will use whatever lip color I feel like on that day. So I don’t put them in here. But I will have lip products here cause you just have to remind yourself to use them.
So I just put one lip liner just for the fun of it. This is the Chantecaille lip definer in Discreet. A beautiful pinkish nude with a hint of glitter. It’s smooth and apply beautifully. A good lip product to be apply on its own. I love it.
I also have Cle de Peau lip gloss in shade 10. It’s a natural shade. Quite sheer actually. Brownish with golden glitter. I like the applicator. It just makes it nicer and easier to apply. Not a fan of the smell, the lipgloss is kind of sticky. See, a strand of hair is stuck to my lip. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
By Terry Or De Rose Baume Precieux is one of the most expensive gloss I own. Nit sure what it means, but it’s a limited edition gloss. Not only that, it claim to have real actual gold flecks in it. I mean it’s a gorgeous bottle. The light reflecting the gloss is just so pretty, like crystals and diamond in the sky, if the sky is light pink. It’s a clear glittery gloss, but the clear also has of a hint of baby pink. The glitters are gold and pink. It’s just pretty. Believe me when I say so.
Then of course it smells like roses. Putting on this gloss is just so luxurious. Applicator is a normal doe foot. The gloss is not sticky. It’s smooth and despite being sheer, do brings out the best of your lips. It can appear patchy when you have dry lips, but just rub them together and it doesn’t look bad. So not bad.
The only thing is that it hurts. I guess it’s the plumping effect. So this not only a gloss, it’s a lip plumper. A painful one. I love the tingling effect, but this one is just too much. So no, it’s not worth your money. Even though it said it has gold, but really I don’t feel it.