Innisfree Green Tea Line Set

This is such a cute set. Only thing is that the bag is not waterproof. This doesn’t smell like green tea at all. It’s just a nice traveling set that anyone can use.

The shampoo is not so minty, but it works well on most hair type. The conditioner is quite good. A little goes a long way. Body cleanser is average. Cleansing foam, can be better in my opinion. But no complain also. The hand cream is nice. It absorb fast into the skin. Not sticky at all. I like it.

Overall, it’s a nice handy set to have.


Blue Lagoon Iceland Lava Scrub

I got these from my colleague who went to Iceland. This is such a nice fine scrub. It’s very cleansing as in it just gives you a very clean feeling afterwards. It removes all impurities off your face. So it feels really nice. One 7ml, can be used twice. Maybe even three time. But I just use them on my body too. It’s a really unique scrub.

Masterpiece Max Mascara

Yay to mini mascara. For this, I’m not sure if I have it for long so it’s dry, or it’s the dry kind of mascara. But regardless, it still is nice for daily cause it’s not dramatic. But you have to curl your lashes first. It doesn’t clump also, so that’s nice. Really just a fuss free mascara.

Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

I do not like the packaging at all. The opening is too big that the product will come out freely.  The shampoo itself is alright. It doesn’t leave my hair oily and I can use this for several days without a problem. So that’s a good shampoo in my book. Only thing I guess my hair will be prone to dropping. So I will still need anti hair-fall shampoo. And of course conditioner. Without conditioner, my hair is quite rough. But it’s still a good shampoo. One that I will consider buying a full size of. Cause I think a purifying shampoo is good for getting rid of all the hair product leaving your hair clean and renewed. 

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

The goat milk is the more popular one. I tried and loved the moisturiser for acne/oily skin. I thought I try the main one. Managed to get the 30ml one. Plus it’s slightly cheaper at $46 than the full size 50ml which is $99.

I like it too. But I feel more confident using the other one as I feel that skin doesn’t get as oily fast. This one can last me the whole day, but I never test it out on a really hot day. The weather has been generally cooling with hints of sun. But it has not be crazy hot. So my makeup and skincare have not really melt.

So I think this is actually really nice and gentle for anyone with normal skin. And it’s nice to use in a less humid weather. The price is questionable. But I can use half a pump each time, and this wouldn’t cost as bad as it will be able to last.

Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum

This is an ok serum. Supposed to be for anti-wrinkle, but you won’t really see the difference until like years later when you see that you have no wrinkles. The serum is alright as the formulation is not oily. So it’s quite fair on my skin. But I don’t love it, as the scent is not particularly nice. It’s not bad, but Caudalie has one of the best scent in products, this is not on of them. So I don’t like it.

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

This reminds me of seaweed, not sure why. Maybe it’s the colour. It’s a gel like consistency that’s easy to apply on the skin. It absorb well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I like it. Plus just a small amount is all I need for my whole face. So this will last a long time. 

La Roche Posay Dermo Cleanser

I don’t really like this. It’s very cream like making it a very thick cleanser. It’s alright. The consistency is ok once you get used to it. But this break me out. So it’s a no for me. 

Bed Head Tigi Urban Antidotes Resurrection 

This has a rather faint scent. It’s nice but it hardly lingers on the hair. I like it enough as a conditioner. But it’s nothing special. I only use conditioner on the ends, so I doubt that will actually help with the resurrection of the hair. 

Bliss Soapy Suds

This is the kind of soap that you won’t think much. It’s very fast to use up. It lathers well, but again you just tend to use a lot of it at one go. The scent is nice, lemony but it doesn’t linger. So overall, it’s a nice soap but doesn’t leave a big impression on me.