Tarteist Mini Duo

I really really like the lip liner. It’s a good automatic pencil. This is just a mini, so it’s quite a little bit of product, only 0.04g. This is in the shade latergram, a beautiful nude pink. It just looks good on the lips. I made the mistake of twisting it all the way up, so the whole pencil just broke. 

The lip paint is 1ml. I love it, it’s so small. Perfect for the handbag. I’m not sure what shade this is in. It’s minty, so it’s actually quite nice. Different from other lip lacquer. This is more mauve, very pretty on the lips. 

I love the combo of these 2. I love them on their own. I will want to try the full size of the lip crayon and lip paint. It’s just good. 


Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

I don’t really like this. It’s quite a product that doesn’t really sink in. I Guess you have to really use this and leave it alone for 20 minutes. But it just doesn’t get absorbed into the hair. My hair will feel just slightly conditioned but still a bit coarse. I used this cause I don’t have my normal shampoo. So I was hoping that this will make my hair smooth, but alas. I mean it’s slightly better than not using at all, but it’s supposed to be deep conditioning which it doesn’t perform. 

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream

This is a thick moisturiser. It’s more for anyone with dry skin. I only managed to use it with heavy mattifying products over it. I find that it’s alright as long as I don’t stay directly under the sun. If not, the heat tend to melt everything away making my face super oily. This will not be my choice of moisturizer, but I find that this is all I have at home. In the end, it’s alright as I just have to use a little at a time. 

Rene Furterer Okara Shampoo

This has quite a synthetic scent. It’s nice, but after a second it turn quite chemical. I like it enough for colored hair. It feels like it protects the hair color. Plus, this doesn’t make my hair oily. It doesn’t exactly dry them. But I do have to use conditioner after. So I like it enough. 

When I used to dye my hair, it was a pain to keep my hair tame and proper. It either gets really oily or that the ends off my hair get really dry. This time round, I don’t hate my due hair much. I guess cause this shampoo help with that. I would repurchase the full size when I dye my hair again. 

Benefit Watt’s Up

Love tiny stuff. I always wanted to try this. And now I have. It’s a good cream based highlighter. It’s not so much a cream, it just more of an easy to use stick like highlight. You can easily wipe it away and be left with glitters or smudge it gently for a nice shine. 

Watt’s Up is a golden highlighter and it’s pretty on tan skin. It’s also a good colour on fair skin cause the colour does show but it’s not overpowering. It’s a good all rounder highlighter. Plus this is the small size so the product come out in a tiny streak. So you won’t be applying a lot if you just use one swipe. Which is more than enough to give you that shine. 

Sephora Birthday Trio Eye Shadow Singles

This is a nice tiny trio of eyeshadows. I wish that they are just metal pan. But I understand not everyone has a z palette or something. So the tiny twistable container is fine I guess. Will be better if it pop up instead though. Cause it’s easy to lose the cover if it is removeable. 

The colours are nice. Movie Popcorn a shimmer yellow beige. It appears more white though. Be on the A-list is a shimmer taupe brown. It’s brown but on the lighter shade of brown. I guess a nuetral. It bag is a shimmer copper. All shades are pretty and very pigmented. It’s good on its own and can be worn as a trio of colours. They are good shadows and a great way to try out Sephora’s own shadows without buying them. 

Now I have to decide to remove them into a z or leave them on their own. 

S&G Travel Size Body Wash

I like these shower gels. They comes in 75ml, instead of the usual 50ml travel size. Anyway these travel size ones is $8 per bottle at Sephora. 

I have the Clean On Me Shower Gel and Clean Girls Body Wash. I like them enough. They’re moisturizing and lather on well. The scents are alright too. I just still prefer the original scent. 

It Superhero Mascara

A travelsize super volume mascara. I like this. It’s not waterproof but it doesn’t smudge. It is easy to remove with a simple makeup wipe. It slightly curl the lashes. It is black, so darken the lashes making them slightly more prominent. But it’s not overly dramatic which is how I like it. I don’t see how this lengthen the lashes, but I guess if your lashes are short, this mascara can be considered as such. But for normal length lashes, it don’t show up extra. So ya, it’s good for daily, and can be worn for a night out too. 

caolion Pore Sebum Control Moisture Stick

I am just a sucker for this kind of product. I always seem to buy them but I never really did like any. I like them enough but they’re just redundant. This moisture stick is tiny and cute. It’s suppose to act as a primer to control oil and cover pores. But it can be used before or after makeup. I mean it’s really a moisture stick. They said if your face gets oily, maybe you just lack moisture. Anyway, when my face especially around my nose gets oily, this does work at removing the oil. The sides of my face looks rather dry; this will comes to the rescue. It’s multipurpose. 

I like that it’s cooling upon application. I like that it’s a stick form that’s quite small. Application on the go is possible. I bought it at Sephora for $16. But I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

Baylis & Harding Body Wash and Body Lotion

This is one of those gift set that you get from Watsons to give to your colleauge you hardly talk to. The body wash is alright, but 2-3 uses, that’s about it. It does lather on, but it just used up a lot of shower gel to do so. The smell is not bad, flowery but not overpowering. It’s just something you’ll use without thinking about. 

The body lotion has a weird lilac and lavender scent. I don’t know why the set comes with different scents. And I don’t know why the scents did not smell like what flowers they’re suppose to be. The lotion itself is good though. The dry time is super fast and it is not sticky at all. I wish it has a better scent though. But I’m really impressed with the quality.