Sephora Job’s Tears Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is basically a richer night moisturiser. So rich that not all the product will be absorbed into the skin when you wake up the next day. They always tell you to wipe off or wash off in the morning.

This is not bad. I like that it is just a sample size but you can use this for like 3 days. It is a clear gel very much like the moisturiser. But it is slightly richer. There is not much different in term of consistency. I just would not use this in the morning. Cause it is not for oily skin. Maybe it is the problem with the range and not the product.

Anyway, my skin did not lighten but it sure is moisturised.


Mario Badescu Glycoric Cleanser & Toner

Not sure how I feel about this. Since it’s a travel size, it is nice to have around. But if I have the full size, I probably will not enjoy it as much. The cleanser is fine. It does its job. The toner is fine too. I didn’t really used it as much. But I think it’s good for cooler weather. Cause you will need extra moisture. So this helps. I feel like when I did not use this, my skin feels dryer, even though I used an extra hydrating moisturiser.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Diffused Light

This is only 1.3g worth of product and it cost $36. That’s right, cause I don’t want to pay $70 for the normal size not knowing if it is any good. Also their trio is forever sold out. Feels like crying when I saw the packaging. Such a tiny product for $36. But I mean my mini TF lipstick is $50 and it is the only one I used daily, and I still have a lot of it. So this probably can last forever too.

I like that it is light. The shimmer is very subtle. I doubt you can really see it on the face. But I do try notice that I look glowier. What’s the word? I don’t know, maybe it is just my imagination. Never the less, if you have normal skin this will be fantastic for you. Or dry skin too. For oily skin, it will be better just to use this as highlight.

Caolion Pore Blackhead O2 Sparkling Blackhead Soap

This is for blackhead & exfoliates, sebum control, hydrates & soothes. This is the small version at only 21g (dry) and 25g (wet). They put it on the packaging. This is $8 from Sephora.

The soap is quite good at removing makeup. I do find that my blackhead is minimised with constant use. I like that this foam up nicely. My skin will feel dry after using this, but not so squeaky clean. So it’s a nice dry feel.

But the thing about bars is that it is troublesome. So it is best if you have your own bathroom.

boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil

I can’t remember how much I bought this for. I choose to get the 50ml one cause I learn that it is better to try something small as you just never know if you will end up falling for it. This is alright. You are suppose to use this on dry skin to break up the makeup. Then apply a little water to foam it. But I find that I have to use a few pumps to cleanse my face.

Sweet Pea Shower Gel & Fragrance Mist & Hand Foaming Soap

Sweet pea is probably my fav scent from BBW. It’s just so fresh and reminds me of spring. It is filled with childhood dreams and running around the grass field. It represents freedom and fun. It’s just a scent that makes me happy.

So I bought the shower gel $14, a mini fragrance mist $7 and the soap at $6. I also bought the home fragrance – wallflower. So good. I just love this scent. I guess sweet pea just takes me back to being the little girl when everything is worryfree.

Love this. Such a thick gel but foam up so well. The scent is nice but it does not linger as long as I wanted it to. It is alright though as it just feels nice in the shower, but it does not necessary be too much for whole day kind.

The fragrance is good but it can be a little sickening. It is slightly too sweet.

Foaming soap is the best. So easy to use and so gentle on the hands. Love it!

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

I heard so much good reviews about this. Personally it is not for me. It just leave my skin quite oily the next day. Also it is quite a thin mask. Like you just apply this orange mask but you still can still see your skin tone. So it is not that fun to put on. Will recommend this for anyone with normal/dry dull skin.

Bye Bye pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

6.8g of translucent powder; I will assume its a travel size. The powder is ok. I dont really like the sponge. It is too small and way too thick and stiff. I think it will be good if it is bigger. It just too small a puff that it takes a few rounds to cover the whole face.

The powder itself is not meant for oily skin. It works ok, until a few hours later. My skin get slightly oily. Not really a good look. But it is fine.

Original & Mineral Atonic Thickening Spritz

I bought the 50ml travel size bottle for $12; the full size is $36 for 250ml. But when it comes to hair product, I like them travel size. Cause I don’t really use them on normal day. I don’t see the need to purchase the full size one.

This is a volumising spray for blowing your hair. It can be used on towel dried hair or dry hair for heat protection before using curling wands. That is the reason why I bought this. I wanted a heat protectant product but I also wanted a volumising spray. I wanted one that can be used when my hair is still wet. So this has the perfect description.

REN Travel Essentials

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash has a very subtle scent. It is quite nice but nothing special about it. It lathers ok, but its just a soap.

Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo is one that I have to use a lot to get a lather. Maybe it’s just me who loves bubbles on my hair. But I just have to have it to feel the shampoo doing its thing. So it’s a waste most of the time and this is only 50ml. A week trip is enough though but no more than that.

Pro Vitamin Conditioner is pretty standard. You have to really let it sit for awhile to get the product to work. It is alright, but it won’t be suitable for those who have really coarse tangly hair.

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream. Now this is weird. It sinks into your skin really fast. It’s good. Not oily and all that. So you can put on and leave the house without feeling sticky. But it feels like it doesn’t do its job. It’s like disappear into the skin, but my skin still feels rather dry. So I don’t know. On one hand I like it. But I can’t see that it did something.