Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser 

This is quite nice. I never notice the scent until I use this in an enclosed place. The hotel bathroom was rather small. So when I use this, the scent of mandarin is quite strong. Reason it’s mandarin is cause the packaging is orange so it just to me smells of oranges. So it really is an energy boosting moisturiser. 

It’s quite a thin moisturiser, and it sinks into the skin nicely. Only around my nose area will get oily by the end of the day. So a midday touch up is necessary. But it’s quite nice to use this. I wouldn’t buy the full size cause this is not meant for oily skin. 

CdP Gentle Balancing Toner

This is quite fine actually. It’s light and gentle. It doesn’t break me out. It’s not too heavy but it can be used for cold dry weather. It gives your skin a little hydration. So it’s nice. It’s refreshing. I wouldn’t buy the full size. I don’t see the point, but it’s nice to have samples. 

Cover Fx Mattifying Primer

Bought this at $25 from Sephora. It’s just a travel size primer. I feel that this is good for a short day. It doesn’t last long, so for a short event, this will do pretty well. I got this for the anti acne treatment. I think it’s quite good for that. It’s like very soothing and does help with calming the skin. I don’t love it as a primer, but I wouldn’t mind having this when my skin is a bit crazy. I probably will later I though just to have a longer lasting primer. But $25 a bit steep for 15ml, so I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

YSL Illuminating Foundation 

This is too yellow on me. Plus it’s an illuminating foundation, so it’s not for me. I like that it has SPF but that’s pretty much the only thing I like. This is just not for oily skin. It’s a medium coverage, but the shade is wrong. Not sure what shade this sample is; is it B30? 

It’s supposed to give:

  • Dimension 
  • Radiance 
  • Weightless 
  • Perfection

I guess anyone with normal or dry skin will like this. It goes on smooth so that’s good. Lasting power can last a full office hour, so that’s good too. Not sure if they still have this product as I have this sample for quite some time. And I’m not sure why I bother with trying out foundation with the word illuminating on it. I bound not to like it. So yea, oily skin is a no, normal to dry should be good. 

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment – Poppy

I love Fresh lip balm and poppy is such a beautiful plum colour. But I still prefer the full size of this. It’s just better on application. Plus when this go soft, it breaks off easily. It doesn’t melt but it became too fragile to use. So that’s really the downside of this. It’s Singapore after all, so this will easily melt. And mine melted even when all I did is put this in my room, away from sunlight. The weather is just that bad. But oh well, it’s still a very beautiful product and shade. 

The Wet Brush Pro

I love the wet brush so much that I bought another one. It is a pink one this time. Little did I know that it is so soft and the bristle is just too flexible. It’s really good if your hair is very smooth. If your hair is not that smooth, then this will have to work a little harder. But it doesn’t hurt at all. And it just makes combing your hair a brisk. The problem is that it takes a little longer than the normal wet brush. It’s just so much more gentler which is good, but the extra seconds to comb through in the morning, I couldn’t spare. In the morning, I prefer the sturdy bristle the old one gave me. Does that make sense?

Therefore, while the pro is better on your hair, I prefer a little tugging action. 

So I went out to buy the normal one. A yellow one this time. It has a “squirts” on the packaging which I assume is just the different handle. My old mini one is metallic, the pastle purple is squirts, while the big one is matte. Upon inspection, the bristle is roughly the same as the pro one. The tip is soft and rather small. So it’s just an improvement on their part. But on the hair, it’s still slightly give the pull as the other wet brush. So only the pro is different. Again, it’s just more gentle. So it’s good for extreme tangling cases. 

No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

This is quite ok. You kind of suppose to use this on a dry face. But I try different methods anyway. In term of cleaning I find it’s alright. But it doesn’t remover my mascara. I don’t know, I don’t enjoy the experience much as I thought I would. But it’s a good cleanser for daily use. Plus as a cleansing milk, it is rather moisturising. So that’s nice I suppose. But ya, this doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. 

Yoko Spa Milk Salt

This is so good. It smell exactly like milk. It’s like putting on milk powder + fine sugar. You are suppose to put on for 3 minutes then rinse. I didn’t really get to leave it on for 3 min. I’m just to tired to wait that long. But my, my whole body is just so smooth and soft after. It’s so nice. I love it. 

A good thing it’s in a pack, so it’s easy to bring this around. And you also know that it’s the right amount to use. But I do wish there’s a tub of this. I got this in a random supermarket at Krabi. It’s like maybe about $1. But it’s so good. It’s a good thing I bought a few just cause I wanted some body scrub for travel. I guess I can make this myself. The packaging say salt, but it smell sweet so it feels more like fine sugar to me. I guess will have to experience. But then, milk powder is kind of expensive in Singapore. Oh well. 

J.R.Liggett’s Travel Size Bar Shampoo

I like this. It’s a set of 4 mini bar shampoo with a case. But the case is quite useless as it just get soak and make everything wet and sticky. I wished they had given a tin like Lush or something. They also gave a rectangle plastic to rest the shampoo on. I find that once it stick on it, it’s hard to take it out. So I just stack it on. 

So there’s 4 bars but 2 of them are the original which is my fav. I like this cause it doesn’t make my hair oily. So it’s really good for travelling as I won’t have to worry about oily hair or having dandruff. 

Tea tree & hemp oil is for flaky scalp. Which is also nice. 

Jojoba & peppermint smells nice and it’s for curly hair. 

But I don’t think there’s much different between these 3. I find them all quite good. I enjoy using them and it takes a while to use them up. Solid shampoo is also good for travel especially without luggage check-in; less liquid the better. 

Modelsprefer Mini Oval Paddle

This is a very nice mini brush. It’s not exactly mini, but it fits my hand well. It’s not too hard and it comb through hair quite finely provided you use conditioner. Without conditioner, it still quite hard to brush thru. Even though, the bristle is quite sparse, it doesn’t tug as much, it still need your hair to be quite conditioned. It’s also just nice for short to medium length hair. If you have longer hair, I think it will be better to have a bigger brush. But as my hair is thin, this suits me fine too when my hair is longer.