Cover Fx Mattifying Primer

Bought this at $25 from Sephora. It’s just a travel size primer. I feel that this is good for a short day. It doesn’t last long, so for a short event, this will do pretty well. I got this for the anti acne treatment. I think it’s quite good for that. It’s like very soothing and does help with calming the skin. I don’t love it as a primer, but I wouldn’t mind having this when my skin is a bit crazy. I probably will later I though just to have a longer lasting primer. But $25 a bit steep for 15ml, so I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

MAC Fast Play

For the first time, MAC had a 20% sale in conjunction with the Sephora sale. So I bought a few item and I’m planning to unbox them one at a time. It was hard trying to choose a lipstick shade. I just want them all. But I decided to buy the different finishes. So first up is the Amplified lipstick. It’s pigmented, long wearing, smooth and doesn’t dry up your lips. My lips was quite chapped. And using this, you still can see the flakes on my lips. I was hoping that it will cover it up. But it doesn’t. 

Fast Play is a beautiful mauve. It’s slightly on the nude side, wearable for any occasion. It will gives your lips a hint of colour without attracting attention to you. 

I like how it’s so long lasting and yet it doesn’t dry up my lips. Even with chapped lips, it’s comfortable on. It’s also not patchy when applied. Really glad I pick up this colour. 

First Impression: Pure Smile Pink Flower Mask

I actually like this one. It smells so nice. It’s very cooling when applied. I guess cause I’m using it in an air conditioned room. So it’s very nice. Plus the scent it’s so nice, it’s just very relaxing. I think it’s a rose scent. I can’t really tell. Anyway this has collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Also the fit of this mask is quite good. It stick on my face rather well unlike the rest. I do enjoy using this. 

mocodo Silicone Puff

I wanted to jump into the band wagon of the silicone puff. I really wanted to see how bad it is that people are laughing about it. I wanted to try the original one (SiliSponge) or at least the popular brand one – Heme, with the smiley baby face. It cost NT199, wasn’t on sale, so I didn’t get it. Instead I bought this which is cheaper. I can’t exactly remember how much, but it was cheaper. 

This is a silicone puff. It feels very jelly like with a smooth plastic covering it. I am not sure how I feel about it. People say this is good cause it doesn’t absorb the product unlike sponges. While that’s true, people countered that you can just use your fingers and it will gives the same result. 

I do prefer this though. I don’t like getting foundation on my fingers. So a silicone puff is better for me. In term of of how well it can blend the foundation onto my skin, this is not that good. I find that I have to pat a lot, buff a lot. The pressure on my fingers are better. So this is not something I will use when I’m in a hurry. I also don’t think this is good when applying concealer. It just makes the concealer run off. 

I still think using a brush gives me the best result. It’s easier for me to use brushes. I don’t really like beauty blender cause I have to get them wet first and the water source are kind of far away from my room. Plus I’m not patient with patting motion. I do have a new beauty blender that I would like to try again with. So silicone, yes or no? To me not really. It’s just nice to have if you don’t want to really dirty your fingers and it’s easier to travel with. But I don’t think it can replace beauty blenders or brushes in my opinion. 

Shampoo, tried & tested 5

Clear Women Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dry scalp and itchy control. I don’t like this. I guess cause this is for dry scalp. While my scalp is on the oily side. So this does not suit me at all.

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo doesn’t seem to do anything for my hair at all. It is alright if you use it once a week, but daily, this will leave my hair rather oily quite fast. It is the appearance of oily hair more so than the actual hair turning oily. Plus my it doesn’t help with hair fall.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care helps prevent damage for smooth hair. This is another of those shampoo that I can get away with for a day. The scent of Pantene’s shampoos is lovely. It is just nostalgic to use. But my hair is quite spoil, it can only use certain shampoos that cost more than the average.

Sunsilk Light Frequent Wash smells really nice. I actually quite like this as this foam up really easily. But again, I can only use this twice in a row. Maybe the third day still alright, but this shampoo is not for me.

I think I can safely say I can stay away from normal shampoos. I wanted to say drugstore shampoos, but the shampoos I am using are from drugstore too. So I guess it is more of the mass market shampoos that I can stay away from. No matter how much I tried, they don’t seem to work very much.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Travel Set

It’s nice when people travel taking business class to a long distance country, and they do not want the free goodies. So it will be pass down to me instead. This one is like for 2015/2016 cause I know now Ferragamo came out with the new perfume (Signoria Eleganza) which I am happened to have a set too. 

Signorina, a lovely and chic Italian name that literally means young woman. Stylish, truly Italian, fresh and full of life.

The bright fizzy notes of currant spiced by fresh pink pepper bring their joyful, cheeky character to green notes. A generous dewy floral heart is composed of elegant jasmine, pink peony and rose. Spontaneous and delicate sweetness of pannacotta together with soft musks and intriguing woody patchouli notes offer a racy Italian elegance and an unexpected addictiveness.

I like it. It’s a nice scent. Feminine. Gentle. But the first spray is quite strong. It’s just that the scent is rather on the soft side. It’s perfect for daily and morning when you don’t have a plan. 

The hand lotion is alright. The scent is there. But I just don’t really like it. I guess it’s travel size but it’s still not small enough. Cause this is kind of chubby. The lotion also doesn’t take fast to sink in. But it’s alright especially when you are on the plane. 

The lip balm is a white balm. It’s the same as the Attimo one. I guess it’s just something you can use on the plane without drying your lips. I don’t like it and the scent wasn’t there. But I can imagine if your are up there in the cabin without a balm. You will be fine with having this. 

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo – Peacemaker

Peacemaker is such a beautiful colour. It’s a very pigmented nude that is on the darker side. It’s so wearable and suited for any occasion. This also has a nice finish, it’s not too glossy. 

Girl Lip Stylo is a statement piece itself. It’s too short compare to all the lip crayon. But it’s longer than most of the lipstick. The packaging is just nice. It’s a twist up, so no sharpening is needed. The downside is that when you take out the cap, the product is already out. So it’s easy for it to get ruined. When you pull out the cap, it can hit the lipstick. When you cover, you can accidently hit it too. So you have to be very center, slowly and vertically close the cap. 

I don’t like the fact that I have to be careful using this. I have to be gentle in opening and closing. But at least the product is quite sturdy. It’s sturdy but transfer well on to the lips. It just glide on like butter. I really like that. I like that it’s pigmented and comfortable on the lips. So much so I forgotten I had this on my lips. It will transfer slightly on to the cups. But it still stay on for quite a good period. So I’m quite impressed by that. 

The colour is beautiful too, but that’s just lucky cause I happened to choose a good colour. Not sure about the rest. I probably wouldn’t buy others as I don’t like how careful I have to be with this. It’s still beautiful. If only the packaging would change. Anyway, I bought this at $48 from Sephora. 

Perfect Whip

This was quite a rage all over Taipei. It’s a product from Japan, but you can pretty much see it everywhere in Taipei. Also, based on “what to buy in Taiwan” blog posts, this is one of the item that’s recommended. They say that it’s more expensive in Singapore. Anyway, in Taipei you can get it about TW99 for bulk pack. But that’s at a promo price. So normally it should be TW129. 

I get why people like this. It’s very foamy. You literally need a pea size for your whole face. It smells kind of nice too. I don’t really get what is the scent but it’s pleasant. 

In term of cleansing, it’s alright. Gentle and basically suitable for any skin type. I never try to remove any waterproof mascara with this so I don’t know how well it can perform. But it’s good for a daily cleanser. 

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

First impression: this is so sticky, but I know it can’t be right cause it’s quite liquidy on top. The jar is so tiny, it’s uncomfortable to use your finger to pick up the product. Also, it’s very shimmery, and blends to dissappear into your skin. I really don’t see the point of this. 

I tried googling this and the review is quite good. So while at Sephora I tried swatching with the display sample. It’s actually very creamy and not sticky at all. It’s also not cakey, the shade quite light on the back of my hand. So it is to be brightening, if the sample I have at home is not melted. 

Second impression: still hard to apply under the eyes. It doesn’t goes on smooth. I tried again with a RT deluxe crease brush. It’s a good side for buffing concealer. Plus the bristles fit the jar, so it’s a win-win. But still it wasn’t good. 

Third impression: by now, the product is clear of any wetness. So it’s a solid cream product. I dip my brush in, applied and behold, my dark circles are gone. For some reason, it just covered the blackness way. So good. I don’t even need to layer on with concealer. It goes on smooth, it covers well, not cakey at all. There is no crease and it just brighten up my undereye. If I don’t set it, it will be left rather shiny. It just had a sheen, it’s the brightening effect. 

A small jar will probably last me a long time. I won’t need to buy the full size. By then, I probably found something new to use. So yes I like it a lot, but I probably won’t buy the full size. 

S&G Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff

This is so nice. It’s pretty. It’s pink. The smell, I kind of prefer the original S&G scent. But this is a good scrub. It’s coarse enough yet very gentle. This is 50ml travel size one. But I don’t think it’s wise to bring this along for traveling. The packaging kind of “leak”. As in it’s just not fully tight. Not secure enough. But I guess cause it’s the moisture. Like this is not a dry body scrub. It’s just very moisturing kind.