Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Eye cream, but tinted. It’s actually quite a light shade. Usually I use like a very tiny amount. So the shade doesn’t really turn up. But this just brighten up my undereye by a bit. I guess it’s a nice eye cream too. But it’s just for the morning. I like it enough for an eye cream. But I do think it’s slightly heavy for me. Cause the more I use this the more that I see milia under my eyes. So it should be this causing it. I guess, this will be good for anyone who need a rich eye cream. 

First Impression: Skinfood Egg White Pack

Bought this at about $1.80 each on Gmarket. It’s quite pricey. I didn’t know it just comes with one pack. I thought it would at least be a set of 4. Anyway, the pore pack is slightly on the smaller side. I am used to Biore’s men pore pack. This one also has no slits, so it bends around, but at least it doesn’t tear off. It managed to pull a good amount of blackheads, so not bad. Plus it’s not painful. 

The nose cool down is a gel pack. It’s cooling and nice. I feel that it fits the nose rather well. It feels like my pores did get smaller. So whether this actually works or not, I am not sure. It doesn’t matter to me, cause the price is not worth in my opinion. 

Kebelo Enriching Masque

Supposed to put this on wet hair for 10-20 minutes, then I have to shampoo and condition my hair. It is implied that the wet hair is washed.  So it’s rather troublesome using this. 

I find that this doesn’t magically make your hair super smooth. But it’s good for day 2. Usually conditioner only works for the day you apply them. But this, day 1 is bad. I feel like it doesn’t do anything for my hair. On the second day when I wash my hair, my hair is not so tangled anymore. I don’t have use conditioner and it’s fine. So yah, not exactly the best hair mask out there, but I think it’s good for long term use. but waiting for 10-20 minutes for the cream to work it’s magic before I wash my hair, it’s a bit troublesome. So I wouldn’t bother with this much. 

ARTDECO Mat Lip Powder – Lovely Blossom

This is a very unique product. It’s a powder lip colour. It applies with a sponge tip applicator. The colour is packed in the cover. It swatched really nicely. I thought this shade will be too bright. But Lovely Blossom is a nice hint of orange red. I thought it would have been more pink, but it’s more blossom. On my pigmented lips, the colour doesn’t show up as much. It’s just to gives your lips colours. It doesn’t exactly feel like you’re wearing any lip product. So it’s actually quite nice. Especially if your lips are evenly pigmented and you don’t have such pigmented lips. I’m sure the colour will show up more and it will be a whole lot more pretty. 

Anyway, got this on sale for about £7.75. Not sure if that’s consider cheap. I’m just quite awe by the product that’s why I got it. And so far, it’s not disappointing. I do prefer the feel of lipsticks on my lips though. 

Sukin Natural Deodorant 

Aluminium Free Deodorant provides a natural option for preventing unwanted odour. A blend of Aloe Vera, Burdock and Nettle Extracts help to cool and soothe skin after shaving. Citrus and Aromatic Oils including Tangerine, Mandarin, Lavender and Vanillin provide a fresh aroma and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. 

It’s about AU$6 for 125ml I think. I find that this smells really wonderful. It’s just very light refreshing like a face mist kind of scent. But I do think that this won’t last long. So I guess you have to keep reapplying this. I just like it cause it’s natural. The scent is good and doesn’t feel like deodorant scent at all. Plus the spray is good. It gives off a good mist. But yah so the only bummer is that this won’t last the whole day. I can get away it on normal day. But summer, I will probably need something stronger. 

neuve Oil Bolt Powder

This is TW160 and can be found pretty much everywhere. I got mine at Watsons. I just wanted to try it, since it just seems so popular. It’s a mini compact, rather quite. Anyway, it’s part of Shiseido group, so I’m like all onboard with this. It’s a nude shade compact powder. However when you swatch, it’s a whitish powder. It’s just a one shade kind of product for oil control. I used this for touch up which is what this is good for. I wouldn’t recommend this as a setting powder, cause it will just disappear. 

I think this is best for teenagers to bring to school and powder their face. It just so compact and comes with a puff which has a nice texture. I know a lot of people don’t use the puff on the powder compact. But I think it’s very convenient to have one. Especially for on the go. 

Zoeva 111 Luxe All Over Shader

This is such a nice fluffy brush. It’s actually quite a big shader brush. But you turn it one side, the size is actually quite a good size for the crease. It’s fluffy, but slightly tempered. It is dense but soft and will hold its shape regardless of how much you press. It picks up shadows pigment very well. And it will transfer on the lids quite good too. It’s not exactly the kind of eye brush I will pick up usually. But I do want one that is for the whole lid. I do find that this is still best for glittery/shimmery shadows. So yah, it’s fine but not a necessity. 

Sleek Blush By 3 – Pink Sprint

It was winter when I got hold of this palette. It’s really gorgeous. I love the colours and they are all perfect for autumn. The blushes are super pigmented and the packaging is sleek. But boy, how do I wear them? They’re just so full on out there that it’s hard to apply. Cause you have to be careful and gentle. I don’t like too much blush on me. So while everything is beautiful, application is a pain. Even using a stippling brush, this will still give off a lot of colour. So a gentle hand is a must. This will be good for stage makeup though. 

A’kin Hydrating Mist Toner

I’m still loving all kind of mist. This is a toner, but I used it mostly to refresh my face or spray it before I go to bed. The thing about this is that the spray doesn’t really cover the whole face. The mist is gentle enough. But I have to spray a few times round my face to really get all around. I don’t know, when it comes to spray I have to feel the wetness to feel that it’s on my face. If not I won’t be satisfy an will spray on more. So I think that’s kind of redundant. 

It’s best to close your eyes another 5 seconds after spraying. The droplets will settle on the face a bit late. When you open your eyes too early, it will get into the eyes and it burns. So that’s the bad thing. 

But yah, this will hydrate and tone the face. For refreshing, it’s not so much. But it’s still quite nice on the face. It’s not extremely cooling, it’s just makes your face feels slightly less sticky. So it’s not bad. It’s just convenient to use a spray. 

MAC Ruby Woo

All the red lipsticks from MAC is pretty much an icon on itsown. I wanted to buy a few to really see which ones the one I really like. But I don’t really use red lipstick. So it will be a waste. So I settle with Ruby Woo, the classic. I like it. It’s drying but it’s nice. It’s quite alright on the lips. It’s pretty. I am comfortable in it, but also feel like removing it. I prefer Viva Glam Rihanna as it’s just not so drying. But this is still nice. Cause retro matte is a good matte in appearances. 

The colour is just a classic, and you cannot go wrong with it. But if your lips is super dry, then it’s better to skip this and get something else. Cause there’re just so many red lipsticks out there.