Dr.Jart+ Soothing Hydra Solution Mask

A thin transparent mask that feels like a gel. At least some part of the mask feels like a gel. Some area of the mask feels like a normal fine fiber mask. This is design to hydrate – soothe and relieve the dehydrated skin. I feel most masks are for that purpose anyway. 

It smells very herbal like. And it just lingers on throughout the 10-20 minutes of having the mask on. I like the mask enough, but it’s quite sticky after. I don’t see a different on my face also. I just know that it’s hydrating. I probably won’t buy this again. 


Naked Flushed

Do people still use this palette? It’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio that is quite popular ages ago. It’s just nice to have a palette dedicated to the cheeks. It’s not exactly special, but it’s just convenient to have. 

I have mine in Naked. The bronzer is golden shimmery. Perfect for the extra sun kissed glow. The highlighter is on the pinkish side. The blush is a rather shimmery pink. All are pigmented but forgiving. So you can use any type brush and you won’t really go wrong applying these. It’s good for beginners and travellers who doesn’t want to bring a lot of products. 

So ya, I mean I prefer all things matte, but this is not bad to have around. 

MAC 217

OMG! This is the best eye brush ever! 

I get it. I finally get it why so many people rave about it. I have a lot of crease/blending brush that I think is good, but Mac 217 is like a whole new level. The first time I used it, I was just mindblown. It was just so good. 

It’s soft and fluffy and really gentle on the eyes. It’s sturdy too. It feels really good on the eyelids. It picks up the pigments well and blends them really well too. 

The shape of the bristle is good cause it’s flat enough to pick up the shadows. But it’s tempered that it can get into the crease easily. The sturdiness is good to really give you the control. But I like how it is not prickly at all. Some brushes are soft but when on the lids, it can be quite prickly. 

This is $33.60 in Singapore. It’s so much cheaper elsewhere. But still worth the price to me. Will wait for their 20% sale to buy more of this. 

Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

I don’t really like this. It’s quite a product that doesn’t really sink in. I Guess you have to really use this and leave it alone for 20 minutes. But it just doesn’t get absorbed into the hair. My hair will feel just slightly conditioned but still a bit coarse. I used this cause I don’t have my normal shampoo. So I was hoping that this will make my hair smooth, but alas. I mean it’s slightly better than not using at all, but it’s supposed to be deep conditioning which it doesn’t perform. 

Natural Instinct Hydrating Cleansing Facial Wipes

I am not sure about this. I don’t like it enough, yet I don’t dislike it either. It’s biodegradable, so it’s rather rough. It’s wet enough but not good enough to remove heavy makeup. It’s ok for daily cleansing, like a wet wipes, but just not enough to remove makeup. So, I think I would not really recommend this. 

MAC Plumful

I don’t know if I like this. I wanted this cause the review is quite good. It’s a natural everyday shade but not a nude. It’s suppose to be slightly plum, but muted. Anyway, this is not muted at all. It’s a full colour lipstick. It is still suitable for everyday wear, but people will notice your lips if you put this on. Cause it’s not the typical pink or mauve. It’s really has the purple undertone. I guess the lighting will affect the outcome of the shade too. 

Anyway it’s a lustre finish. It’s slightly sticky when applied. On the lips it is rather comfortable. So no problem with that. I did panicked for a bit the first time I put it on, a few seconds later I was relieved. 

The pigmentation is quite sheer actually. But in the lips is wasn’t at all. If I go through a few swipes, the colour do intensify but it’s still the same shade. 

It gets some getting used to having a purple tone lips as nude and mauve are the ones I’m comfortable in. I still the plum shade looks weird on me. But on picture, the colour is not that bad. 

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue – Light/Medium

Bought this cause I wanted Stila and I don’t want to buy their lipgloss. I decided to try this pallete which cost £23.33 after tax rebate. Was contemplating if I should get the fair/light or light/medium. I wanted light eyeshadows and a natural flushed cheeks kind of colour. In the end I bought the light/medium cause I think it’s better to play it safe. 

The shades are pretty similar but I think the lightest blush shade will be too light on me and the base colour the same. For this one, both the blushes are quite soft but it still swatches well. It’s not so pigmented when you pick it with brush. So it’s good for the subtlety that I wanted. The pink one charming is a matte blush, hardly show up on my cheeks though. So I have to use the right brush to pick this product up. But on certain lighting, you can see the colour on the cheeks. It’s just not obvious. The nuetral one is call angelic – a terracotta shade. 

The eyeshadows are also very light. This palette is good for everyday use. To use it for night time, you just have to layer them or use your fingers. You can use the shadows wet which will intensify the colours. Only the highlighter and the lid shadows have shimmer, the rest are matte. 
base – artistic
highlight – dazzling
crease – spontaneous
lid – ambitious
liner – mischievous

The shadows pigments have a lot of fallout. So it’s quite annoying to apply when you are in a hurry. A wet version should be better. But in the end as long as you pad the shadows in place, there should not be a problem. 

I would not purchase this if I had known. I don’t regret having it but there are better palletes out there. This is just compact and no hassle of brush, highlights and bronzer which I don’t really need in my palette. The gold packaging is nice, but I wish it doesn’t have the leopard print on it. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I will still bring this palette as an oversea-trip-all-in-one-makeup for daily use. I mean most of the time I don’t bother with makeup, but you never know when you need to dress up. So it’s just handy to have this. 

Grown Alchemist Purifying Body Exfoliant

Pearl, peppermint & ylang ylang, on sale at £11.97. Quite a pricey body scrub especially for 170ml worth. But I like this. It’s just so refreshing and the scrub is strong but not painful. Even using this with a wet skin, I still can get a good scrubbing. It lathers on well and the best feeling is after when my skin feels so smooth. It’s just so worth it. I don’t use a lot of it and I manage to get a good amount of skin covered. So a little is all you need for every wash. 

McGirly Come Clean

The sample is nice coz it’s a pyramid. It’s easy to squeeze out all the product. This product is very drying. It dried up my face. So I feel this is better if you use a full skincare routine. At least it won’t dry out the skin. At least this lather up well. So it wasn’t a waste. 

kai Perfume

If you love the scent of gardenia, you will love this. It’s just so flowery. I’m not one who love the scent of flowers, but it’s nice. Cause it has this After scent of a slight rose. It’s like walking into a garden passing by a few different flowers. The scents will overpower you when you take a sniff. But it’s gone when you don’t smell it close. It’s the kind of perfume that doesn’t really drag and leave a footprint behind. 

Regardless still a nice perfume even though I wouldn’t buy the full size of this. It’s just a nice change from the usual fruity scents I prefer and all the roses scent I tend to have.