17 Lipstick – Flirty

This is a lipstick, but it feels like a gloss so it’s like wearing lipgloss in a lipstick form. Flirty is a very clear shiny glittery shade. It just gives a very glossy finish. It can be worn over other colour and it will look like you are wearing a coat of gloss over it. Like all 17 lipsticks, it’s a very soft formula. So it easily melt. It sort of bended on my second use. I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s a very good brand for lipstick. At least not for hot weather Singapore. But I must admit I do prefer topping up “gloss” in this way.


17 Mirror Shine – Shouty

For a lipstick, this has more of a jelly texture. It’s really nice to apply. But it feels more like a balm. The color is surprisingly good. It stays true on my lips. I love it. The thing about this, is that it is such a soft lip product, so it’s better not to bring this out. So I never put this in my purse. 

I don’t know. I like this. But I don’t really reach for it. It’s also not cheap. To me cheap is like Essence or Catrice that kind of pricing. So, it’s kind of a waste of money for me. But I still like it. I just prefer my other lipsticks.  

Light Pink lipsticks

Fr some reason I kept picking up pink lipstick. So far I haven’t found the one that is really perfect for me. You can say I haven’t find the one. So I kept picking different shades of pinks. And I have 3 lipsticks that are pretty much similar. The colors can be hard to show on the lips, especially on my pigmented lips.
wink for pink
This is Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Wink for Pink. It’s a really light pink color on the lips. In the tube, it’s like a neutral pink. It has shimmer too which will transfer and stay on the lips. Pretty color but it highlight dryness. It is also a Creme finish, but it’s more shimmery for me.

17 pinked
This is 17 Mirror Shine in Pinked. The color is like a light neon pink. Really gorgeous. Takes a while for it to show on the lips. Have to swipe it across a few times. It has a glossy finish, and the texture when swatch kind of has the gloss feel. It has a rather faint scent of the Apocalips that scent. I like the packaging though, it has a mirror which is nice. The lipstick is so soft that it melts under Singapore weather. I have been carrying this in my bag.

mua shade 4
This is MUA lipstick shade 4. I regret getting this. It doesn’t show on the lips. I have to swipe it a lot of times for it to finally appear on the lips. It is more like a balm than a lipstick. But it’s actually quite hard. Harder than the 17. I find that I can only use this on days I don’t want too much color on the lips yet I don’t feel like using a balm. But eventually it will dry my lips up, so it’s not something I like to use.

This is a comparison for the 3 lipsticks. Actually you can tell that Revlon is not really a light pink. But for some reason on my lips, the 3 colors are pretty similar. I like Revlon the most cause it’s the easiest to apply and the color shows up the most. But they don’t really suit me very well.