Acnes Sealing Jell

With trying out different products day in day out, my skin can be a mess. Especially if something doesn’t work. Age do play a part, for some reason I do not have smooth skin I once used to. Then there are the occasional spots that appear and it bother me the most. It’s bad enough not having the young skin you used to have, you still have to deal with spots. Ugh.

This helps to a certain extend. It hurts when you put on those zits that is really bad. The one that expose the under skin. Other than that, it’s just a normal clear gel. I don’t feel the impact, but I know it does it job as I always wake up with smaller looking spots.

If I know I’m going to breakout, I also put this on as a prevention. It helps to a certain extend. It isn’t the best acne treatment but it will have to do. It just that this works for those really nasty ones. For the mild not so much. That’s just for me. Cause this doesn’t work on my sis at all.


Acnes 3 step kit

A little sample, great for traveling. It came with a cleanser, toner and spot treatment. The toner is great. It’s a powder lotion. So like there is powder in the toner. Kind of weird, but really nice. It helps to absorb excess oil.
The cleanser kind of drying, but wasn’t extreme. Clean well, remove makeup.
Spot treatment is really effective. It’s painful when put on spots. But really good to keep them in check.
I have two sets of these, and only the two toners remains. For some reason I can’t finish them. Really strange considering toner usually the first to be gone.

Cleanser: foam, gel and scrub

I’ve tried plenty of facial wash, and none seem to suit me as much as my Beautain. It is not the best, but it gives me the best feeling. As long as it feels nice, I got no complain. So I was saying I tried plenty of cleanser or facial wash and this post is going to be a review on those that can be found in my bathroom right now.

acnes cresson za foaming gel

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