First Impression: Time To Clean Purifying Mud Mask

Love myself some mud mask. I’m suppose to use this for 2 minutes then rinse off. But it doesn’t quite dry yet upon 2 minutes plus. Plus this is a 6g sample but surprisingly it’s not really enough for my whole face. 
It’s ok. It doesn’t tighten. I still can roughly move my face. Even though it did slightly crack. It’s a bit hard to rinse off but it makes your face super clean. Face looks more radiant. Love it. It’s good as a sample size where you can take for holiday but to buy the full size, I just don’t think I will. I still prefer Glamglow. Plus this has an after scent. When using it, you can’t really smell it. It’s after washing that it smell of the mud. 


Ahava samples

Finally I tried this. It’s a serum and day cream. I like them.   

Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate is a very thin liquid serum that can be used for both day and night time. The scent is a bit minty but not those fresh one. Like a herbal mint but not the chinese herbal. 

When first apply, it feels quite oily. But then it sinks into the skin quite fast and doesn’t leave the skin looking greasy. So that’s great. 

Extreme Day Cream is also the the same. It’s thicker and less fluid but gives the same finish as the serum. It’s great cause it won’t appear oily after I set it with a powder. I really enjoy wearing them. 

I really like that at night my face appear so radiant. It was weird. I never use anything else except these. And yet I saw a difference. So impress with this. So I will consider this when I run out of moisturizer or serum to try.