Terra Tints in Blaze

I prefer this to the other one. The color is more wearable. But you can’t really see it in the photo. As this picture is taken of after the tube get dry out. So the color doesn’t get transfer properly. Oh well. I guess you have to keep using this. I will still recommend if you only have a few lip product. It’s an easy to wear balm with a tint of copper red color. Suppose to be a tad metallic but not obvious at all. Overall, if it doesn’t dry out, it’s a good balm to have. It’s slightly minty. Plus it has SPF. 


Best of ’14: Hair – Clarifying Shampoo

I’ve been looking for clarifying shampoo all over Singapore. Especially the ones recommended to me by you guys in the comments, but whenever I go Robinsons or somewhere that particular shampoo will be sold out. So when I saw this at iHerb, I was overjoyed.

This is the Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo. It is for oily, overactive, natural or color treated hair.
alba botanica clarifying shampoo
I used this like maybe once a week, or on days when I used too much hair product (hair spray, dry shampoo, etc). It can weeks that I don’t touch this at all. So this lasted forever in my shower.

It doesn’t dry out my hair totally but I can feel really clean. It works fine like any other shampoo I used. I can even use this for 2 days straight. However if 3 days continuously I use this, I can feel feel my hair getting greasy super fast. So it really is just a shampoo to be used once a week to remove build up.

So yes for clarifying shampoo, but I’ll probably be finding a better one.

Terra Tints in Bloom

terra tintsI was so desperate in search for a lip color with SPF to bring to Bali. I don’t want to use my Sugar lip treatment as it will melt, while Korres lip butter doesn’t provide me with enough color. Luckily I found this in my collection. It is a lip tint with SPF 15. So I thought this will be perfect, as a tint, it will provide the color I need.

Bloom is actually quite a light sheer pink shade. It was not enough to give me the perk me up look I so wanted. It also appears quite frosty. I guess it is the color. It has quite a light glitter in it, but it doesn’t sparkle. From the swatch here, it looks quite nice. Usually on day days, it just looks quite bad on me. I guess you really need a smooth lip to use this.