Lip Brushes

My fav is the manicare brand lip brush. It’s retractable and what I like about it is that it I has a slight dent that will snugly fit the cap and the black moveable pointer thing. 

The Dior one came from a palette. As you can see it’s well loved. Also, it’s hard to put back into the cap. That’s why the bristle are so out of place. 

MUA L1 is quite pointed at the tip. So it’s good to get a clean line using this. Plus the bristle will not run. So it’s quite easy putting it back. 

Lastly I have the Anna Sui one. It’s a pretty brush. But the brush is quite soft. So not really good for getting clean line which I feel is the purpose of me using a lip brush. But to just lightly put colour on the lips, this is nice. 

Of course I also have those lol brushes from sets. But those I hardly use, cause I put them together with the set. 

Oh the thing with lip brushes, they are hard to really clean. So I don’t like using lip brushes. 


Anna Sui Cheek Brush

This used to be one of my fav brush for blush. It’s just a nice soft slightly tampered blush. It picks up the right amount of product. It distribute the right amount too. It just fit on to the cheek so nicely. I never really try this for other use, but I think that this can be used for bronzer too. Since the tip is kind of pointed, but spread out, so it will fit into the hollow of the cheek nicely. 

I used this for so long and it still work. The bristle is still good. And there is no fall out when I wash this. It’s a really good quality brush. The handle is also nice. The Anna Sui print is there making this a pretty brush on the vanity table. I don’t think you can buy this individually as I got this with the makeup case. But it really is one of the good brush out there. 

Anna sui pore treatment gel

At first I have no idea what this do. Until I research it and it turn out to be a pore smoother. I thought it was a scrub or something. It would have been much more useful. Anyway, it basically is the same as the ZA pore smoother.

Fav mascara

These are my favorite. But it is the mini version, so it is kind of used up. I just cant bear to throw them away cause I love them so much.

Anna Sui, long.
It is for lengthening. Tiny brush, thin, really nice for lower lashes.

Elizabeth Arden, double density, maximum volume mascara.
This is magic. For such a not many talk about brand, well usually just for skin care, its makeup (mascara) is awesome. It really give the lashes thickness.

I guess the other reason why I like them so much is cause of the small packaging. I used to have the Dior show mascara, but once it dried up, I just throw them away. Even though it is one of the mascara I actually like using. So I guess that is the different between products. Either you love them or you love them that you cant bear to throw it away.