Atkinsons The Nuptial Bouquet

Got this from a friend. She’s not a big fan of different scents. While I just love trying out new things.   

The Nuptial Bouquet by Atkinsons is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. The Nuptial Bouquet was launched in 2013. The fragrance features lily-of-the-valley, violet, myrtle, sandalwood and musk.

This is an EDT, but the scent is quite strong. Like a lily version of Chanel 5. I may be way off, but that’s what it remind me off. First sniff is nice, but it got very overpowering. From a subtle hint of lily to something more musky. A bit too sharp in the end. So initially it’s nice, it turn into something quite pungent in my opinion. So take a sniff and turn away.