Audace Regan Hair Fall Control Tonic

The only thing I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t come in a spray bottle. So I transfer this to a sprayable one. This is slightly the stronger one as its the extra version. But I don’t really see a difference. This is nice cause it’s minty. It sort of help with hair fall, cause I see less hair fall after using this. But whether my hair can see the growth that’s not something I can see. So I mean for something less than $20 at Watsons, I think it’s not a bad hair tonic. 


Audace hair tonic

hair tonic
I like that the spray is so easy to use. You can just spray into hair and massage it. Most hair tonic just have pointy opening where you have to pour onto the hair. Which most of the time will spill over. So this is perfect.

It gives off a cooling minty feeling. My hair still drop, so I do not think it helps. But I do not know if without the hair tonic will my hair be worse off. I guess hair loss or hair thinning is such a problem in this household that I do not want to find out. I seriously have hair problem. So envious of girls who have thick hair.

Anyway, this is not oily, so I just use it, figuring that nothing will be wrong about it. Since in the end it gives me a refreshing cooling sensation on my head. So why not.