Avene Cleansing Gel

I’ve been using this for a few travels and I never get to finish it. For 25ml, this sure can last forever. I’m quite impressed by how long it last. It’s a typical gel cleanser. Not exactly gel, but a bit on the flowy side. It’s a good cleanser. It cleanse up enough the first time round. Well as long as you don’t use heavy makeup. Waterproof mascara is also a no. So it’s best to remove makeup first, then use this to cleanse the face. It’s gentle and a good sample to have. The best part is you can double this up as a shower gel. But it’s quite a waste I feel, as Avene ain’t exactly a cheap brand. 


Avene High Protection Lip Balm

This is a very nice balm. It’s definitely nicer than the cold cream lip balm. I got this purely for the SPF30. It’s very smooth and glide easily. It’s not overly oily and not sticky. It’s thin enough to use as a base. It’s glossy enough to use on its on. So really quite versatile. I really do like it. 

Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water


There is 2 things I’m quite obsessed about recently. One is micellar water and the other is facial mist. I’ve been trying to buy and collect all the affordable brands and try them out. With mists, at least there is the 50ml, which is small enough and way cheaper. 

So I really like the Avene one. The most is so fine that you don’t feel like it touch your skin at all. But it’s there alright, cause everything else will sort of get wet and you will feel that. Like my shirt for instance or the floor. I’m just bad spraying things okay?!

I do feel that this refreshes my face and really help to calm down any irritation. It doesn’t claim to be any makeup setting or what, but I do use it as that. I have to make sure my face don’t appear powdery. This is good for that. I feel that it also sort of set my makeup in place. I mean no proof of that, but my makeup seems to be able to last longer. I don’t know, it’s just feel that way. Maybe it’s in my head. But oh well. I really enjoy this a lot. Plus there is no scent in this. 

Maybe it’s just water. Probably is. But buying this again, I don’t think I will though. 

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

At first I was so excited over this balm. In the end it’s just too frosty for my liking. It’s a shiny silvery balm. It makes my lips appear silvery shiny frosty mess. It does work for softening the lips but this can’t be worn out. I only use this for night time before bed cause that’s the only time I will be able to use this. But still quite disappointed that I can’t wear it out. But I guess oh well, what matter is that it do helps to fix flanged lips from climatic or medical irritations.

Updated: after the initial thoughts on this lip balm, I find that I can lightly swipe it across the lips. It won’t be so white and frosty. It just coat the lips nicely. Still have to be careful as it still can look weird on the lips but it is still alright. As in better than the first few times I used it. Plus it doesn’t affect the outcome of the balm. It still leaves my lips soft and without any dryness. Much likes.

Gentle Purifying Scrub

avene scrub
I am not a big fan of the wp app on iPhone. Every time I upload a photo, the picture is so huge. This is only 50ml, a travel size. Really good sensitive skin as it is just so gentle. I also like that it is pink. Just gives it a very clean, refresh feel. It is a good scrub just for daily use, but for a deep cleanse, this is not it. But it does its job at removing makeup and even waterproof mascara. So it is that good.

Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale

Light hydrating cream with SPF20 for normal to combination sensitive skin.
This moisturizer absorbed into the akin really fast. Therefore I feel that I need to put on a lot of it. A pea size will only cover so much before it sinks in and you left with nothing. So you need to put on more. It’s nice that it absorbed fast and all, but having to add on can be troublesome. Plus after an hour or so, my skin becomes really oily.