b.pretty Lipliner


Grab all 6 shades. It has no name but numbers. It’s not exactly an easy liner to apply. Some shade like 3 is easier to glide on the lips for some reason. The rest is a bit hard. It takes time to warm up. So if your lips is really smooth, this will be ok. With dry lips, totally no. 


1 is a pink shade. It is pretty and wearable. More of a neutral pink. 

2 is a dark brownish shade. It’s more of a purple base on the lips, but it’s just too dark on the lips. It just make me look dead. 

3 is a rosey pink. It’s more red actually. It swatched red, but can be worn lightly and turn pink just like on my lips above. 

4 is suppose to be a nude brown. But it’s pretty on the lips. It’s wearable but it’s a bit hard to apply. 

5 is reddish brown. It look much darker on the lips. It also appear more metallic. Sort of. So it’s kind of weird. And it’s very dry. 

6 is a coral. It’s actually suppose to be more reddish nude. But on the lips it turn coral. I guess it’s just my lips. The color is just off. So a lot of shade will look different on the lips. 


b.pretty Remover Towels

This is so convinient to have around. Cause it’s so small and comes in 10s. It’s a makeup remover sheet that is quite gentle but removes makeup well. The texture really feels more like a wet tissue. The only think I can’t stand is the scent. It’s a bit sweet but it just has a scent that I can’t stand. I don’t get irritate by scented products in fact I love them. But I don’t like this scent. So if you can overcome the scent, it’s actually a good product. Plus it’s only €0.99.