BBW Sea Island Cotton Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

BBW hand soap in Sg cost $12. So it’s a good time to buy them during their annual mid year sales. At 50%, it cost me $6. The deep cleansing soap has granules in it. So it’s meant to be sort of a scrub. But I don’t see how it can be scrub, when the soap is so gentle. It foams up nicely and leaves your hand very smooth. Not directly after you rinse it off and dry it, but only after about 30 seconds after drying then you can feel it. 

Sea island cotton is a very clean scent. It’s nice for hand wash as it is not overly strong. But it wash the bad scent away. So wasn’t that bad for $6. 


PocketBac – Fresh Strawberries

I love BBW for this. I like their hand gel. They don’t declare it as hand sanitizer so I guess it’s not as powerful as other hand sani. But this smell so lovely. It just lingers of strawberries for a bit then after the scent is gone, you can smell the alcohol a bit but only a while. This is so small too. It’s good cause when you carry this around, it’s iust pretty to take out. I guess in US this cost US$1, so $1.45 like that.  In here it’s $3.50. So yes more than double. But oh well, everything is more expensive here. But I only know that BBW here don’t carry that much scents. And those that they carry sold out rather quickly. 

Sweet Pea PocketBac

Really love the sweet pea scent. I think it’s my fav from BBW. This still has an alcohol scent after applying. But the sweet pea will eventually take over. It’s such a joy to use this. Plus a small gallop is enough to clean your whole hands. Not sure how affective this is at killing germs. But it’s good enough to me. At least the alcohol and the dry time really makes me convince that my hands are clean. 

Liplicious in Cotton Candy

Bath and body works is finally in Singapore! This is their lip balm in cotton candy. It has the cotton candy taste much like the paddlepop ice cream.

It’s just sheer, pretty much transparent. It is not sticky so that’s good. I think this is a good lip gloss for kids or anyone really. But it’s a good yummy cheaper than philosophy lipgloss. I bought mine in the US when they have the buy 1 get 1 promotion. If not originally it will cost $7.50. I don’t know how much Sg sell them for.

Midnight pomegranate hand sanitizer

This anti-bacterial waterless hand foam smells really good. But I found that my hand will be sticky upon used. So I do not really like this.
This cost US$4.50 for 50ml. So I guess for a sanitizer is pretty alright it is bigger than others. But other than the smell it’s not good at all.