Beauty Uk Baked Blush

A red blush looks really intimidating on the box but I picked this up cause I want something different for my collection.
beauty uk blush
It’s just a cardboard box kind of packaging, secured with magnet, so it’s really simple. It’s quite big and like all baked product, it’s dome in shape. So it’s actually quite bulky. I wouldn’t bring it for travel that’s for sure.
blush swatch
The color payoff is good, but instead of red it’s more pink. You can use it sparingly and it will be lighter or you can pack on the color which will gives you a really bright pink. In fact, if lightly dust over your cheek it is more coral than pink. It has tiny specks of shimmer, but it doesn’t show.

I can’t remember how much I bought this for but it wasn’t expensive. It’s not my favorite blush, but I find myself reaching for it a lot. So that’s something isn’t?