Lipstick – Sultry Ruby


The thing about beautybay own brand is that the packaging is kind of cheap. It’s plastic and so doesn’t seems much to me. The product also doesn’t appear much. But it’s always so lovely on. Well at least the ones I’ve tried. Sultry Ruby is a beautiful reddish shade. A bit pink on my lips. I do quite hate the fact my lips is so pigmented.

Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful colour. Easy to wear. Quite pigmented. A bit jelly finish. So it’s really nice. I think this cost me only $6 but it’s a really good lipstick. Sure, the packaging doesn’t make it look premium, but it’s still a good shade to put on. By right the colour is suppose to be slightly brownish red. But oh well. It’s worth the every cent. 


Detangling Brush

It can be used on wet or dry hair. It claims to tackle hair tangles and leaves hair shaft define and frizz free. 

Its a plastic hair brush which is hard and rigid for combing. At least on the scalp. For the rest of the hair length, it’s ok as it doesn’t touch the skin. So it’s not hard and painful. It does glide easily. So it does do its job of tangling hair. Then again, my hais in the first place is not that tangled. But I guess cause of the wide comb bristle, if just makes it easy to comb through the hair. 

My hais is also very thin and fragile. So I feel that it pulls at my hair a tad too much. A lot of hair will be pull out, but it doesn’t really tug at it. Plus I am used to small hair brush, so this is quite too big for me. I think this will be better for those who have beautiful thick hair. It will definitely help them. Lipstick in Elegant Rose

Frosty lipstick – checked. 

Not a fan of frosty lipstick, but for some reason, this does look alright on my lips. The color is not too frosty. It is not frosty, it’s just I don’t know what to call it. It’s just a light pink with a slight silver frost, which can’t really be seen. So the color is good. The pink also not so strong. It is easy to apply and glide onto the lips. The color looks good on me, the lipstick is those that will stick. For $5.50 it is not a bad product.