Beautymate Horse Oil Moisturising Mask

Horse oil is still popular. I got this mask from Watsons. I wanted to try something from Taiwan, but not commonly found overseas. I never see this brand before in Singapore. So I decided to try them out. I prefer this to My Beauty Diary or My Scheming masks. It’s somehow better. The price is slightly more expensive. It’s not that much, but this feel better. So I would recommend this brand for anyone going to Taiwan. 

The mask fit well. It’s very moisturising, good for normal day. It’s not sticky. Doesn’t irritate my skin. The next day, my skin can still feel the moisture from the mask. Is like, it’s not visible and not your face. But when you wash your face, it seems that the extra essence get washed off. I don’t know. It just gives me the feel good vibe. I really like it.