Bebe lip gloss

Diamond Dust, a shimmery, clear lip gloss from Bebe. I kind of like the packaging. It has a metallic embellishment, quite cool looking. The lipgloss itself is alright. It’s not that sticky.

I used to love their lipgloss in the normal lipgloss container. It was like the best lipgloss ever. It was pigmented and just great.

This is kind of the same but since the color I got is pretty much clear. I can only comment on its shine. Really like a diamond dust on your lips.


6 Days to Xmas: Bebe Sheer

Know anyone who love perfume more than anything else? This kind of gift set will be perfect. If they already have a favorite perfume, it will great as a backup plus it’s nice to have the additional extra product(s). Usually it comes with a body lotion, a shower gel, a mini perfume, a roll-on perfume or even some trinket. There are many different types in the market. Mini perfumes set that you always see in inflight shop is also a great gift to get. I don’t know about you, but I feel a set is much nicer to look at than just one single perfume.

Anyway, I have here the Bebe Sheer set. I absolutely love the scent. I did bought the Bebe perfume accidentally before, and even though the scent kind of grew on me, I still love the Sheer better. And I really like that it comes in a set with the body lotion and shower gel.

The perfume is a lighter version of the original Bebe perfume.

Sheer is made from a blend of floral notes, fruit and musk, and inspired by the airy fabric textures such as organza, silk and tulle. The scent is associated with the original, yet offers a more romantic and more sensual story.

Perfumers Claudette Belnavis and Jean Jacques from Takasago composed this fruity-floral scent, which in the top notes offers a coctail of citrus, apple and green floral notes, mixed with heart notes of peony, jasmine and freesia, on the basis of sandalwood, musk and amber.

It reminds me of a more floral version of Light Blue. More feminine, and to me it is a tad stronger. The only thing is that this doesn’t last. I feel like after 3 hours, the scent kind of disappear from my skin.

The body lotion is exactly like Victoria’s Secret hand and body cream. It has the same consistency and texture. The thickness and creaminess is the same. It’s quite thick and takes some time to blend. Strangely, it dry pretty fast, and doesn’t make your skin feel sticky. So that is really good.

The shower gel, you need a lot of it in order for it to really foam up. Use a little and it feels like it will slide off your body. So I wouldn’t purchase it, even though the scent is there. Doesn’t linger too. It’s like TBS “non-fruity” series, smells good in the tube, but pretty much non existent after.

Bebe perfume


Created by Francis Kurkdjian for women, a floral oriental. Top notes are juicy mango, sweet pea and tuberose. The heart is composed of black jasmine and night blooming rose while the base consists of sexy sandalwood, musk and golden cedar.

I actually fell in love with Bebe sheer back in Sephora. So I got this thinking it was it. Alas I bought the wrong one. Smart huh?

At first it was just a nice perfume. Not too sweet not too tart. It is pleasant and feminine. Then eventually, it became not bad. I end up actually liking it. It was only a 30ml bottle, so after about 9 months it is almost finishing. Well, I alternate with 2 others, so ya. It smells pretty powdery actually with a hint of flowers. I guess it’s the jasmine and rose.

I will miss this scent. It has been my go to perfume for these few months, that the scent has been link with leaving and conquering the day. Girl power!