Bioderma Nourishing Cream

It’s a rare day when I need extra moisturizing. This is for dry to very dry skin. It’s surprising that it is not that oily on my skin. For some reason my skin has been quite dry. Wait, I know the reason. Cause I’ve been eating  pills for spots control. So ya, I need moisturisation. This helps a lot. It just stops my skin from peeling. It also feels nice on the skin. I have to use powder to matte it out a bit. But at least my face is not dry out.  


Bioderma Sébium H2O – Combination or Oily

I’m not a fan of the Micelle Solution. Now I tried the green one which is for oily skin. And I still do not like it. This break me out. So weird right? It’s worse than the pink one. This one just for cleanse and purify. Doesn’t state that it removes makeup.
The idea of these magic water are great. Especially this green one as it’s for clear matte complexion. Who doesn’t want that? So I don’t know why it breaks me out. Lucky I just got the samples. Plus I really hate the scent. Gives a sour scent when react with my skin. You know, maybe there is something wrong with me skin after all.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Sensitive

Do you know there are 3 version of Bioderma? The blue, green and the red one. I am not sure, but that’s what I know. I am hopeless.
Anyway this is the red one which is for sensitive skin. At first you heard what Bioderma can be use for, but most people just use it to remove their makeup. I don’t think it is a miracle water to be honest, cause it is just act like water to me. It does remove my makeup, but I don’t see what the big wow factor is all about. I guess when you make a mistake using your eyeshadow, it’s good to use Bioderma as using makeup remover may remove the other part of your makeup. That’s the only good thing I can think of for Bioderma. Other than that, I don’t think its worth the money. Unless I’m in French, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Mini shower gels review

lemongrass house
Lemongrass Royal Lotus and Mandarin shower gel. This smells so good. I like the texture of it. The gel itself is just alright. Drying after the rinse. So it’s not a favorite shower gel.
Bioderma Atoderm gentle shower gel. It’s just a normal shower gel to me. Smells alright, smells clean. I like it enough.
Shea bombshell has the worse mini packaging ever. It’s so ever hard to use. The soap just won’t come out despite my tap tap actions. It’s a hard bottle that means I can’t squeeze it out. I have to stick my finger in and pull out hoping enough gel will come out.
The product itself has a really strong scent which is nice. But it can be quite drying after rinsing off. So I don’t like that. The best way to use this is with a loofa, only then it will lather up really nicely.

April Bellabox

I received my April box earlier this month. From the way it was described, I thought I’ll be receiving products with tasty scent. I guess, I was just taken away by the sweets picture. Anyway, I like the green polka dot wrapper with the orange sticker.
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