Biotherm Liquid White Gelee

I thought I try something different. This is an illuminating hydra plumping cream which is more I feel for normal to dry skin. But this a Gelee so it’s more like a cream mix with a gel. So the texture is actually quite nice. I can use at night with no problem. In the morning, as long as I normall set my face with setting powder, I won’t have the problem with oiliness too. 

This is a 50ml jar, which is quite pretty with the ombré pot packaging to be on the dressing table. The cream itself is heavily fragrance. Which is why I think this doesn’t help with my acne. I use this mainly cause my skin starts to get dry from the pimple cream. So naturally, a hydrating moisturiser is something I need. It helps combat the dryness, but some days I feel that this can be the reason my face is turning crazy again. 

Anyway, I use this as a hand arm lotion, and it’s actually very nice. My elbow are no longer dry. It also sinks in very fast. So it doesn’t leave my body sticky. I shall use all moisturiser that doesn’t suit me as lotion in the future. 

Oh, now I remember; the texture reminds me of the Laneige Sleeping Capsule. So ya, it’s nice. But not something I really like. 


Best of ’14: Skincare – Biotherm PureFect Skin Trio

A travel size skincare set for combination to oily skin.
biotherm pure trio
Anti-shine Purifying Cleansing Gel is a light watery gel like texture. It’s super gentle and cleanse well. It smells really nice too.
Micro-exfoliating Purifying Toner is a typical toner. I don’t really finds anything special with toner, as most of them are the same I feel. This evaporates off your face quite quickly. So it is quite nice to use as you don’t have to wait for long do rather next step.
Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel is a light weight gel texture moisturizer. I really like that it is gel and it sinks into the skin fast.

Everything is 5ml except the toner which is 20ml. But for once, I used this up quite quickly. Usually 5ml can last me for 8 uses, these though just 4 times. The toner I can use longer. So overall it is a good combination of skincare that I really enjoy using this year. It does what it claimed to be and I do recommend it for anyone with combi to oily skins.

Honorable mention: Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Kit. The more I use them, the more I enjoy it. I don’t use everything at one go. Sometimes just the serum, sometimes the emulsion and moisturiser. What I like the most is the fact that everything sinks into the skin when I wake up in the morning and doesn’t makes my face oily.
Would have save that for today’s review, but I was too excited back then.