The cold accords of ginger, pure freshness of gorgeous wisteria and translucent musk are in harmony with the warm depth of sandalwood, feminine sweetness of flax flowers and softness of vanilla and acacia. This perfume was created in 2000 by Alberto Morillas.

I got this in a set, that’s why packaging is kind of different from normal. I do like the scent, but as EDP, it’s very strong. The worse thing is, I will get a headache after awhile. Especially when I’m in the car. It seems that enclosed places will give me the nausea. When taking the train, it will be fine. The headache isn’t that bad and it will go away eventually. So if I really think about it, I shouldn’t put myself in pain with this. But I just don’t want to waste it.


8 Days to Xmas: Bvlgari

So for the men. There are more guys caring about their appearances nowadays. Those don’t care as much eventually will, when their girlfriends/wives push them to. There are many products for men out there, like SKII, Kiehl’s, and even Neutrogena. There’re just many options to choose from. I mean its an excuse to get guys to start using. If they get it for Christmas or birthday, they have to use it right?

Anyway, I think this is a nice set to have, and it’s not even skin care except for the moisturizer. Its a travel size, so it’s perfect for that and as a starter kit. Plus Bvlgari just screams fancy. Bought this at Far East Plaza for a friend.
This comes with a body lotion, an aftershave moisturizer and cologne. So it’s nothing much really, perfect for a low maintenance guy. What I love is the scent. It just lingers on. The body lotion is also very moisturizing, well I tried. It’s no shame really, stealing a use for yourself after giving it to someone. Haha, but it’s nice.

Bvlgari hand cream

I guess I have this for such a long time, that it became pretty dried up. It doesn’t blend that well and the smell wasn’t really nice.
The last time I used them, it wasn’t as moisturizing that’s why I put it aside. The smell wasn’t as great too.

I got this for my birthday in a set of 3 with the soap and shampoo two in one, and the conditioner. And I like them both but I don’t know where I put them.

But ya the hand lotion is not that good.

Bvlgari eye contour cream


It’s for eyes, you do not need much. So this sample is perfect. Cause you get to try it out for a few days. Well, many days for me. I cannot really see any difference though. I guess eye cream doesn’t give you any visible difference as compare to face cream.