Ck Creme Lipstick in Delightful

I still not a fan of the packaging. It feels really cheap. It’s just a black plastic lipstick. Very light too. So it’s really doesn’t worth the price of $30. 

This shade is a Barbie pink with a blue undertone. It’s one shade before neon. But on my lips, it’s very bright. It’s pigmented, but you have to have a really smooth lips. If not, all the crack and dryness can be seen very obviously. But if your lips are not dry, it’s actually quite good. It will also slightly stain the lips. Not stain, but there will be a light residue left behind. So your lips wil be slightly colored. 

But I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s too expensive and you can get so much better lipstick at a better price. 


Ck Lip Gloss shades of pink ultimate edge

Gloss in a tub? I’m not sure they call this a gloss or it’s just to seperate them from the norm of lipbalm in pots.  


Anyway this is a gloss in a sense that it is glossy. It has glitter in it. Slightly sticky during application. But on the lips, they are nice. It’s not sticky, it’s hydrating, it’s glossy, it’s colored. Well a hint of color but it still shows through which is nice. 

So only the application suck, but otherwise it’s a good gloss. Oh and it smells so sweet and nice, like candy, starburst!

Ck Creme Lipstick in Ethereal

ck lipstickI guess ck is suppose to be a higher end brand, however their packaging is kind of cheap. It is just a plain black plastic. So I am not a big fan of their packaging considering the price.
The lipstick is creamy and has a scent of starburst. I feel like eating them every time I open the cover. It swatched beautifully. It just doesn’t cover the lips nicely. It shows the lines and emphasize on the cracked lips. So I will only recommend this for people who has smooth lips.
The color is a neutral pink. But it is more bright on the lips. Still a light pink, but just not appear brighter on the lips, despite me having pigmented lips. I really like how it swatch, and I really wish the color will appear that way or that the formula will be better. So that is too bad.

CK Velvet Blush

Couldn’t resist a berry blush. This is in the shade Heather Silk. Not the smoothest blush around, but it is pigmented. The picture is with flash, so it appears more fuchsia. I real life it is a light maroon berry, just like the swatch color. Anyway, it can be blended out easily and will appear more sweet. It is alright, but for the price tag, I don’t think is is worth. Plus it smells of crayola. Gonna admit I do love the smell, cause it is quite nostalgic. But unless you put near to your nose, you can’t scent it.
The packing is sleek. Acrylic, which a lot of cheaper brands using, like Vivo. It is sturdy enough, but I wouldn’t bring it around. The clasp just doesn’t seems to be quite secure. If this cost $5 or come in a better packaging than maybe I can recommend it, but for now, it is not that great.
Will repurchase? No.
Other shades? Maybe.

Ck Precocious in Fully Delicious

I didn’t really know that CK has a makeup line. Anyway I got this free from purchasing at It’s a cool website that sell makeup, skincare and perfumes. Really have to look out for deals though, cause the prices are considered cheaper but I still find them a tad ex.
I don’t like the lip glossplumper. It’s not plumping enough for my liking and the packaging is just horrible. As in when you remove the brush, there’s isn’t a stopper to get rid most of the product. So there will be just too much gloss on the brush. I like the brush though.
Ok this is a horrible picture, but there you go. It doesn’t show any color on the lips. So practically just a clear pink gloss. You can use it over lipstick, but you have to remove most of the product in the tube first.