Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

I really like this bb cream. It leave quite dewy, that’s the only thing that kept me on the fence. I prefer a more matte finish. But it’s a really easy to blend cream. It appears thin, as in it doesn’t feel heavy, but it’s a quite medium coverage bb cream. Usually bb have light coverage, but this one managed to cover my blemishes. I really like that.
Will repurchase? Probably yes, maybe no. Liked it but I need more mattifying property.


Products I Regret Buying

Canmake Nudy Glow
I don’t like this. The packaging is just horrible. As in when you remove the brush, there’s isn’t a stopper to get rid most of the product. So there will be just too much gloss on the brush which is really bad and messy and sticky. This is no6, just the worse color possible on me.
The color looks so pretty when swatch though. The formula is sticky at first, then when it sit, it just becomes thick and quite uncomfortable on the lips. Not as sticky anymore, but you can feel that you are wearing gloss.
This looks ok, but this takes me 5 minutes to fix. And even so, the lines of my lips are so obvious. Usually it will be just gooey, that probably isn’t the right word, but it’s just that. Too much products on the lips and colors just can’t work for me.

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

I love Nip+Fab, I love pistachio. But this smells exactly like pandan. Now I get why people use pandan for cooking. It really is that strong and it throw off any scent away and replace it. I like pandan smelling food, but not for my body. And look at the green, it just really remind you of pandan.

Beauty Blender

I regret purchasing this. This cost $29.90 and I only used it once as a trial. I only used it once for half my face just to see how great it is. Oh it is fun to use. I really like how it inflate when you soak it in water. I like that the sponge is really different than makeup sponges I used. The roundness and the pointy tip is just great. It gave a really sheer coverage and can be build up without it looking cakey. So why do I hate it?
This is why. Can you see the black spots all around the sponge? After using, I put it aside. I guess it’s my fault for having such a “moist” room that spores actually grew on it. My beauty blender is covered by moulds! Have I mention I only use it once? Really heartbreaking.

Celebrity’s Choice Cellulite Treatment
Ever since I grow older and stop clubbing, my cellulite is getting worse. I know you will be questioning me, but here is why. When I club, I will wear heels and I will be on my feet to dance for a minimum of 4 hours. I love to dance, even though I don’t know how. Anyway, that helps with cellulite. Clubbing is my exercise as long as I don’t drink too much to add in to the calories intake.
I thought this will help as it is a celebrity choice. But I don’t think cellulite can ever be reduce without the help of exercise. So even though they say result is visible within 4 weeks, this is just simply a waste money.

Daiso cleansing wipes
So this is the second makeup remover wipes from Daiso that I picked up. The scent from the box smells ok. However when you take it out, it’s just so ew. It smelt so sour, and I really can’t stand the scent. I then only use this for removing swatches. Even then the scent kind of linger, so I have to wash my hand for it to disappear.
For the wipe itself, it’s rather small. 3 squares join into a rectangle. It is not too wet, doesn’t remove waterproof mascara quite well. Other than stubborn mascara, it cleans pretty well. So ya, the scent makes me regret purchasing this. Even though it’s 30 sheets for only $2.

Canmake cream cheek

My first cream blush. Canmake cream cheek in 08.

This was highly rave by a friend. So I had to try it. The packing is rather cute. Small and compact. The color is pretty too. It’s a soft pink with golden micro glitters. I like touching it. It’s just so smooth and soft and well, creamy.

These are the colors. The one of the right is the true color at how the color will appear. The left one, it true too, but the color just get wash off by the phone.

While I love the color, I think it will be better if it doesn’t have shimmer in it. I rather like a matte blush as I have oily skin. So I guess I choose the wrong color, but it’s ok. Application is rather easy, just use your fingers and apply. But, yes there is a but, I find that it doesn’t blend into my skin well. I don’t see anyone else having a problem with cream blushes, but I do. I haven’t try with a stippling blush which people say its the easiest way to apply cream, but I don’t have one.

The colors doesn’t blend on my check, so there will be this obvious point where the color start. I don’t like that. I have to layer it with powder blush to make it better. Not really problem, but people say cream is more natural. Is just that it is not for me. I feel I get cheated or something. Oh well, I still rather like it and I will continue to use it until I master the art of blending cream blusher.

Canmake gokunobi mascara

So this is another item from the Christmas random bag. I really wish I can read Japanese. But anyway the packaging has English explanation.

Lets talk about the packaging first. It is pretty eye catching. And it’s easy to remove the mascara. You can remove it from the top, just open the flaps or the bottom, just pop out the supporter. The mascara itself is bright pink. Like Barbie pink but more flashy. Plus the silver shiny lid, just scream pick me. But I find that’s a bit too much. It doesn’t look classy. There is a seal at the cap that when you twist it, the sticker will tear. I like that. I can see that my mascara is intact and really new. Moving on.

Lashes steadily become ultra long! Curls spring up! So basically it’s for lengthening and it helps to curl your lashes.

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Canmake eye nuance

I got this from a Canmake Christmas random pack set. There are other colors but I decided to stick to neutral. I always see this brand around, but the price is a bit higher than Maybelline and etc. This cost $17.90 alone.

I don’t think I’ll ever need more eye shadows. Plus it’s a Japanese brand, so everything is in Jap. Made it hard for me to really understand the product. Even though its just a simple eye shadow or blush or something.
Maybe mascara might be a problem, as you don’t really know if its lengthening or volumizing. But ya, usually there’s picture illustrate to help. And some come with English language stickers for clarification. It’s just me though. The feeling I get with non-English product. I just rarely get them.

Anyway, back to topic.

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