Catrice Eyebrow Set

I wanted a new eyebrow set. Sure I have the Inglot one. But at the moment I forgot I had them. So this is cool as it’s only one type so it’s easy to just grab and pay. No need to wonder if it will match you. The one thing I don’t like is the fact that it’s bulky. Well it is small but still quite fat in my opinion. It comes with two, more greyish brown shades. Not exactly brown not exactly grey. 

The lighter shade is quite patchy. A good amount have to be used for it to cover nicely. Unless you have no brows. If not it’s still a good pigmentation on the brow. A good taupe color. The darker shade is quite pigmented. A really dark brownish grey. The colors can be layered too. It will soften the darker shade. And I feel that which shade you use first matter. Well not much different but it differ slightly. 

The kit also comes with a mini tweezer – so cute, and a double ended brush and spoolie. It’s quite small, so I don’t really use it. Back to the shadows, overall they’re alright. The color is good. It matches well for the average people. It lasted alright. Not the best for a whole daylong kind of day. It won’t disappear completely but touch up will be needed. 

So overall, for $6.90, it’s a not a bad product.  


Allround Concealer

I’ve been looking for this concealer for ages. Guardian is forever sold out on it. Finally I found the last piece at Guardian Plus.
I love it. It’s so creamy. It’s not those concealer where it’s creamy when swatch but eventually dry down. This one is just so buttery. Really good for blending. It’s also quite pigmented when swatch. On the face is average. Covers blemishes alright. The darkest shade fits my skin tone. Then again the medium one is ok too. So I tend to mix them both. Mix with the lighter one too.
Red one is so scary pink. It’s really more reddish on the skin. It’s good to counter under eyes circle. But I feel you can still see the red. So I will use the lightest shade to brighten my under eyes. It instantly wakes you up. Even with just the pink shade, you looks much more awake. So it’s a wonderful concealer.
The green one is just green. Good to counter redness on your face. It’s the one I use less as my face is not so inflamed as it used to be. But I will still try to use it around my nose and whatnot. Just so that I will use up the concealer, like all 5 shades. Don’t you just hate it when you hit pan on 2/3 colors and the rest is still full?

Lasting power not that good. It’s just good for 4-5 hours before it start to fade. But even so, it doesn’t take the product off your face. It just appears that you don’t put as much concealer as you need to. It’s still ok but if you are the type that you have to be flawless and radiant, this might not be a good product for you.
I guess is cause it’s so creamy that’s why it doesn’t stick on your face for the longest time.

Overall I love this concealer. It’s buttery, easy to blend and covers alright. It’s $7.50 if I’m not wrong. So price it’s alright. Recommend for fuss free people.