Cetaphil Cleansing Wipes

The first few layers are quite dry. The sheets are big enough but it’s just good for removing face makeup. One side has a raised dots so it’s nice gentle exfoliation action too. 

So the next maybe about 10, the bottom half, are so much better. The wipes are really damp.  It’s really good at removing mascara. It doesn’t irritate the eyes. Usually one wipe is enough for the whole face. For a normal day makeup that is. 

The price is quite too much I feel. I bought this at $10? I am not really sure, but it’s not cheap. For the price I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s just a wipe, nothing really special about it. 


Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


There was this free sample of Cetaphil cleanser recently. Who doesn’t love free sample? So I got it, even though I already have the retail size one. Anyway, this is one brand that help my panda face disappear. When I was young, I used to have unbalance skin tone. Literally black and white like a panda. Using Cetaphil moisturizer helped my skin back into one color. That was ages ago.

In May, when I was in Hong Kong, this product was in the bathroom. It said for face and body. Since I did not bring my facial cleanser, I used this. I was amazed at how well it made my skin feel. Sadly it’s only for the face and not the body. I do not like the dryness it gave my body. That’s the strange part. My face felt less oily and more smooth.

I told my mom how awesome this product is. My sister who is 10, is suffering from minor acne. So maybe we thought this will help. End up, the whole family uses it. Since it can be used for body and face, it was convenient.

The verdict: my brother hated the dryness it gives his body (same as me). My sister face is less oily now. In fact it lasted the whole day for her. Lucky young skin. She complaint about it as a soap, but still uses it. So I guess she have mix feeling about it.

As for my dad, his skin is super sensitive. For about a year now, his skin is flaky, minor redness and very dry. He went to see a doctor and all, but it wasn’t doing anything to make it better. After using this, his skin became so much better. It helps to moisturize his skin.

See, it is strange, for the rest of us with normal skin, it made us feel dry (during washing). So we just do not like using it. For my dad it was the perfect solution to a better skin. Therefore, we conclude that you can only use this for your body if you have dry sensitive skin.

For a facial wash, it is fabulous.