Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

Two samples, who ever thought I will lean more towards the light shade. Medium is way too dark and mixing them both tends to be slightly darker. The formula is quite nice a medium coverage, covers redness well. Blends quite easily too. I use a beauty blender, my fingers, and a brush and all can easily blend the cream. 

It will fade after a work day use. And surprisingly doesn’t make my face super oily. It has a nice SPF25. Overall not bad at all. 


Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 01

I heard a few years back that this is like one of the best lip gloss in the world. That was before NYX butter gloss exist. Anyway you can’t find this in Singapore. I had to ask my friend to pick this up for me at I can’t remember where. I just wanted to try and know why is this a good gloss. I am also not sure if it is this particular gloss or other kind. They have a few different kind in the same like packaging.
This one is in shade 01 Rose Shimmer. Just a pretty light pink. It’s so sweet when swatch. On my lips, you can barely see a thing. My pigmented lips is too dark for this. It’s still pretty nonetheless.
It’s comfortable on the lips and I like the packaging. I like how when you squeeze the tube, the right amount of gloss will come out. It is a gel like consistency. Well a mix between gel and gloss. The sponge applicator is also very nice. People compare it to a shiny balm, but I guess in this kind of weather you will be able to tell that it is more of a gloss. It is not sticky but you definitely can feel that you are wearing a gloss. The feel is the same as the butter gloss, but cause of the packaging, I like this better.
I think this shade will be the perfect shade for anyone with less pigmented lips. But it is nice to use on its on or with a lipstick.
The price is quite pricey. I got it in a duo, so it’s cheaper. Plus I think it’s from dutyfree. But ya it’s still more than $20 a piece.
I guess go for the NYX butter gloss as the price is better and it’s just more readily available here.

Clarins UV Plus day Screen High Protection


Light. Watery. Easy to apply. Not oily. Best sunscreen ever.
Some of the words that describe this sunblock.

I had to try this as they said it was the best. To me, it was just so-so. I still feel that it leaves an oily feeling on my face. True it is light, but my skin is still too moist. I have to use oil control powder to help with the shine.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is just my feeling. But my face is shine free for the rest of the day. I do not have to reapply the powder. So maybe it does not give off oil residue.

I do like the blend-able part. A little twenty cent coin size and I’m covered for my whole face.

I just still think that there is better sun screen out there for me. In the mean time, I am glad that I just purchased the sample size and I will have no choice but to use this sun protection for the time being.