CdP Extra Rich Lipstick – 1

Love tiny stuff. This is a good daily lipstick. The shade is not too bright. It’s a your lips but better shade. Albeit on the darker rosier side. But it’s still nice for day to day. The formula of this is also very solid. So you don’t feel like it can break easily. It’s just a nice lipstick. A nice formula. A nice colour. CdP is not a cheap brand, so the price of this will not be nice. But oh well. A creamy, solid lipstick that doesn’t chapped your lips is hard to come by. 


CdP Eye Color Quad in 208


This is a more wearable quad. It’s actually quite rosy, a nuetral shimmery shadows. The first shade is a pure shimmer. The second is a taupe brown with tiny silver glitter. Third is a darker taupe brown with a gold glitter. At some light, it will appear with a purple undertone. The last shade is pretty soft beige shade. It has tiny specs of glitter too but the I can’t really determine the colour. 

This is a nice quad to have. A bit plain in a sense that most neutral palette will sort of have these kind of shades. So it’s not anything special. Plus the fact it’s so shimmery, it’s not a good daily eyeshadows. 

CDP Eye Color Quad – 201


Was given this and it just remind me of the Marjolica Majorca. It’s just shiny and glittery. This is just the refill. You have to buy the packaging yourself. This is in the shade 201 which a green shade. So the colour is a glittery beige. It’s a base shade. So it’s a lot bigger than the rest. The next shade is a golden green. Next is a forest green. The last shade is like a mauve grey. It is a grey base with a purple hint. I guess it’s duo chrome. It’s a cream shadow as compare to the rest. It is also just shimmery not glittery. 

The shadows are soft and smooth to the touch. So the glitters are really fine. It’s really good. I like the pigmentation of the shadows. I like how it is quite sheer when you swatch it but the colours will show up. I like the pop it brings out to the eyes. But it’s just so shiny that it’s not ideal to use daily. Other than that, it’s good. But there is just so much other brands who are better and cheaper. So I don’t think it really worth the money to invest this. 

CDP UV Protection Cream

It’s really something. CDP is really quite expensive. So it’s really nice to receive sample. But it just doesn’t suit me at all. I feel that CDP is so much more suited to people with dry skin. It’s also more suited to fairer skin girls. For some reason it just doesn’t work as well for me. It’s a bit too rich. So it’s quite oily for me. It is not a good look. Quite a pity. So now I’m using primer with SPF instead. 

Cle de Peau base de tient (fraiche)

cdp fraiche

So I tried the CdP tendre version, and I did not like it. This is the fresh version, and it is alright, but I still don’t like it. I don’t generally like CdP products. I feel they are better catered to dry mature skin. I sure do like some of their products. But just at this moment, I wasn’t such a big fan. This one just makes my skin very white. Like has a little white cast, other than that it wasn’t as bad actually. But yes it will leave my skin oily after sometime. So yah. 

My Daily Home Makeup Bag

Happy new year! Since I started work, I found that I don’t really have time to post as regularly. But I have lots of drafts that need to add in words to make it a proper post. So many of my post will be random and out of place, well worse than before, I can foresee that. So I apologize in advance that this blog is going to be more as what Singaporeans will call it “chapalang”.

So I wanted to share with you my makeup bag since forever. I love trying out new product, but there will some things that I just lazy to change out. In this case, it will be everything inside my makeup bag. This is not the pouch that I bring out with me, this is the one that I keep all my daily makeup in. I don’t use it daily, but I consider it my everyday makeup. So let’s take a look shall we?
I put everything in one small bag cause that is easier to haul over to my bed. I always do my makeup on my bed. I don’t have a proper dresser. Well, I used not to have, but now I do. (Just goes to show how long I have keep this post on draft.)
It is not much. But I do have every category I need. All my Laura Mercier product is in it. The foundation powder, concealer, mini powder, Jill Lowe concealer and Eucerin concealer are my face products. For cheeks I like to use my ELF blush and bronzer duo, so convenient. Until now, I am still using NYX eyebrow powder for my brows, see it lasted so long, and I did hit pan, but I should probably get a new one, right? I also will have a pencil for my brows as sometimes it is easier to use one. It usually be some Daiso product or my favourite ZA pencil.
For eyes, I have a mini eye shadow single as I don’t really use eye shadows daily. Oh, but I put my eye primer in the bag too. If I need to use to eye shadows, I just take out one of my palette or quad. Then mascara, this one it pretty much a staple. I will have at least 2 so I can switch it out. I like to have one natural one and one more dramatic. Then I will a travel size blush brush and an eye lash curler. Mine is getting quite old, but it’s so good. You cannot go wrong with Shu Uemura or Shiseido.

Lip product is the one thing that I will change out often. I usually will use whatever lip color I feel like on that day. So I don’t put them in here. But I will have lip products here cause you just have to remind yourself to use them.
So I just put one lip liner just for the fun of it. This is the Chantecaille lip definer in Discreet. A beautiful pinkish nude with a hint of glitter. It’s smooth and apply beautifully. A good lip product to be apply on its own. I love it.
I also have Cle de Peau lip gloss in shade 10. It’s a natural shade. Quite sheer actually. Brownish with golden glitter. I like the applicator. It just makes it nicer and easier to apply. Not a fan of the smell, the lipgloss is kind of sticky. See, a strand of hair is stuck to my lip. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
By Terry Or De Rose Baume Precieux is one of the most expensive gloss I own. Nit sure what it means, but it’s a limited edition gloss. Not only that, it claim to have real actual gold flecks in it. I mean it’s a gorgeous bottle. The light reflecting the gloss is just so pretty, like crystals and diamond in the sky, if the sky is light pink. It’s a clear glittery gloss, but the clear also has of a hint of baby pink. The glitters are gold and pink. It’s just pretty. Believe me when I say so.
Then of course it smells like roses. Putting on this gloss is just so luxurious. Applicator is a normal doe foot. The gloss is not sticky. It’s smooth and despite being sheer, do brings out the best of your lips. It can appear patchy when you have dry lips, but just rub them together and it doesn’t look bad. So not bad.
The only thing is that it hurts. I guess it’s the plumping effect. So this not only a gloss, it’s a lip plumper. A painful one. I love the tingling effect, but this one is just too much. So no, it’s not worth your money. Even though it said it has gold, but really I don’t feel it.

CDP Extra Rich Lipstick

I really love this. The formula is so beautiful. It is smooth, pigmented and easy to apply.
This is in the color R6, a rich deep raisin shade. The swatches, the right one is one coat, the left is more than one. It’s surprising that one lipstick can gives a difference finish with the different amount you put on. If just going over once, it is more creamy, more solid. If more than 2 coats, it gives off a more glossy finish. It has slight glitters that help to reflect the light. So it is just pretty on the lips. Plus I think the color is perfect as it is quite a mauve finish.
What I like the most is the fact that it covers dry chapped lips. The packaging is also nice as it closes securely. You have to have a but of force to open it. I don’t know how much this cost as it is a gift, but it quite worth the price.

I’ve tried the red one, while it is gorgeous on the lips, it does wear off pretty badly. It just becomes uneven. So you have to be careful, kept checking and reapply. So it is the color that mattered.

Updated: the more you use this, the grittier the lipsticks get. More glitter in the middle of the lipstick. Doesn’t affect the quality just the application is not that smooth anymore. Still easy to apply though.

Cle de Peau Translucent Corrector for Pores

Even though this is a pore smoother, I use it as a primer.

Super smooth to apply.
Silky, love touching my face after.
Not very good, leaves my skin oily.
Not efficient, it’s not obvious whether the foundation stay longer or not. But I decided after using a few times, it makes the foundation last longer.
Makes skin very smooth, makes application of foundation easier.
Makes pore more obvious, which is the only downside. But again if I use a better moisturizer it wasn’t obvious.

CDP Brilliant Enhancer

Another thing being into makeup will teach you the power of highlighting. As my skin is oily, I don’t really like to highlight. However sometimes it is just needed.

I have here is the Cle de Peau brilliant enhancer which is in a clicky pen form. The product will come out from the brush much like those Stila Glazes.
The highlighter is gorgeous. So sparkly, so shiny. A little goes a long way and as it’s in a pen form, it’s easy to apply. I don’t highlight the bridge of my nose, just the cheekbone. And it gives the most beautiful sparkle when it catches the light.

It can be quite an obvious highlighter but you can sheer it out and it becomes very subtle. it isn’t cheap just like every Cle de Peau product, but it’s justifiable.

Cle de peau anti-age spot serum

This is the Cle De Peau anti-age spot serum. Just another one in their fancy sample packaging which I love.
This is quite nice. It sinks in rather fast and it’s not thick. Doesn’t leave my face oily and when I wake up all traces of product have disappear from my skin. So it really get absorbed by skin, which is nice. It is in liquid form and has the Cle De Peau scent. It leaves my skin smooth until the next day when it is already absorbed then my skin ain’t smooth no more. So that’s the only downside I feel. I really want my skin to be smooth until I wash my face. So if I ever do run out of serum, I will probably consider this.