Coc Travel Brushes 

Bought this for traveling. Ok I lied, bought this cause it’s a black handle, white bristle with pink tips. It’s tiny, and a set comes with 3 face brushes, 5 eyes brushes and a lip brush. So it’s really good for traveling. But the case has died, after 3 years. Which is a pity, but small brushes is easy to fit into any old case. 

The 3 face brush. The biggest one is a simple fluffy brush. Small and cute, it’s soft and prefect for powder. The angle brush is ok for blush or bronzer. It’s soft and fluffy too. There is smaller dense brush which I think is good for concealer. This might be created for foundation maybe, but I feel that it is a tad too small for that. Concealer is perfect. 

A smaller version of the “concealer” brush is good to pack eyeshadow base. It is quite tampered at the end, so it can be used as crease brush too.
Then, there is smaller one. I use this for packing darker shadows. Can also be use for concealing.
Angle brush is a bit broad for lining, but a bit too soft for brows. Still can work, but the brow powder must be the right one.
A small detailer,to line the lower eyes.
A mini round dome brush for crease, but it’s small. So it will just give a very sharp finish. So a less pigmented shadows will work best.
Lastly, lip brush. This has a cover, so it will not spoil the case when it’s used and stain it with sticky lip stick or something. Plus it’s nice being able to join the handle together creating a longer brush. 

So overall, it’s a decent travel brush set. I like it enough. All the bristle are synthetic but it works great. So cute, inexpensive and useable. 


Travel set COC pink brushes

Pink brushes, really couldn’t get any prettier than that. It was so nice online that I had to buy it. The brushes are alright. Doesn’t shed. Soft enough. It comes in 5 brushes. A blush brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, angle brush and a lip brush. I pretty much use the concealer brush for eyeshadow too. The lip brush comes with a cap that can be use to lengthen the brush.
The blush brush is a bit thin and it fans out, so it picks up little product, good for super pigmented blush. But I find that I have to use it at an angle. So it may be a better powder brush.
Overall a decent set of brushes. For the price, I couldn’t complain, plus they are small so they’re good for traveling and clean up is easy. But if you want good quality brushes, I suggest EcoTools.