Lock N Hold Lipgloss

This is in shade Body Pop 1, a light pink. It’s a sort of light neon pink, but on me, it’s a pale pink. A bit on the milky side, but very pale on me. I guess cause I have pigmented lips, so it doesn’t appear well. It claimed to last for 6 hours. But it doesn’t. It’s a bit sticky, but comfortable. Wouldn’t repurchase in any other shade, but it’s ok. The wand is also alright. 



Collection Lasting Perfection ultimate wear concealer

Concealer is one of the thing I appreciate most from learning makeup. Its job is to conceal which is pretty awesome. Especially if you have a lot to hide. Redness, under eyes and blemishes, all the impurity from the face. Even though if you have the confidence you won’t bother hiding them. But I am no confident person.

One of the problem with concealers is its lasting power. It’s hard finding one that can last long. I don’t mind so much with non lasting foundations but I need to conceal my zit(s). The other problem is its coverage. I find that some can blend well, but it doesn’t cover.

So after watching lots of UK YouTubers, I bought the Collection Lasting Perfection 16h concealer in London. So far, it is one of the best I’ve used for under the eyes. It does a good job hiding the black circles. It’s creamy and blend really nicely. I don’t really like it for spots as I prefer my Eucerin but the latter cannot last longer than 4 hours. This doesn’t actually last for 16h, after 5-6 hours I can start to see it creasing. So touch up needed. Nonetheless at the end of the day I never really care much bout my dark circles. As a student it’s just expected to have them. So it wasn’t a big deal, but I do still like to conceal them as it makes me look more awake and fresh.

I also like that this cover my pores around my cheek area. When put under my eyes, I will have enough product to bring it down. Thus covering the pores really well. Better than the under eyes.

The other problem with this is that it burst when it reached SG. The packaging kind of fall apart. Some product leaked out, and it made a mess. I managed to push the cracked opening together and it did not budge as much. The product did not dry up, so it’s good. I heard of others who had the same problem. I guessed, it was the pressure in the sky? Idk.

People who like this happen to like the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer too. So maybe I will get that next, but I still have a couple concealers to use up.