Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – Moonlight

I like this a mini version of dropper. It’s a good size even though it’s only 2.8ml. I don’t really use this that’s why it’s enough for me. Like this will last forever. This is basically a highlighter. You can also mix in with your foundation or moisturiser. A golden, shimmery, glittery sheen. It’s so nice on the skin with a good tan. The shimmer is strong so if you like a good highlight, this is good. 


Cover Fx Mattifying Primer

Bought this at $25 from Sephora. It’s just a travel size primer. I feel that this is good for a short day. It doesn’t last long, so for a short event, this will do pretty well. I got this for the anti acne treatment. I think it’s quite good for that. It’s like very soothing and does help with calming the skin. I don’t love it as a primer, but I wouldn’t mind having this when my skin is a bit crazy. I probably will later I though just to have a longer lasting primer. But $25 a bit steep for 15ml, so I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation 

I wanted to own one Cover Fx thing. And I end up choosing this cause I am not really a big fan of liquid foundation. I bought this on sale for $52.80. I tried searching for the shade that will match MAC nc30/35 and Internet says that N35 is the right shade. But when I open this, my, the colour is quite dark. But when swatched, it actually blend into my skin really well. It’s my exact colour. I’m like so wow by this. 

I usually use the sponge provided to apply this. It’s quite convenient as its just under the powder. So bringing this compact around is possible as the sponge is in it. The sponge is also quite dense and springy kind. 

The powder has a light medium coverage. It blends easy but I just think that the claim of for oily skin is not enforced enough. It doesn’t last long. I will have slight oily face especially around the nose by mid day. So I will not recommend this for super oily skin. 

The compact is also made of plastic and the first time I take it out of the box, I feel that the compact is very cheap. It just gives that plastic light feel. So I wasn’t very impress with this.