Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I get why people love this. This is the kind of cleanser that once you rinse your face, you will be left with a squeaky clean face. But this doesn’t feel ultra dry. It’s like it’s a good squeaky feel. It makes your face feel really clean and renewed. It’s like very refreshing to have a new face. I mean you know like a super clean face. 

They say to use a few pumps, which is true. Cause you need a few on your hands to actually get it to sort of lather up. And it’s also to me quite troublesome. Cause I have to wash my face then dry it before I can apply this. That’s mean I have to remove my make up then wash my face then dry face before I can use this. That’s wasting time. 

Nevertheless, I still like it. Cause my face feels smooth after. It appears brighter too. So ya, maybe it’s my imagination but I will continue to use it.