Slim-auto Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown

I just needed a pencil brow product, so here goes. After staring at the brow product at Daiso, I decided to get this one. I choose one that is made in Korea, cause I think it is better. It isn’t that bad, but I think the Ellefar one I bought was so much better. In fact the eyeliner was better.
The color is ok. I can press harder to make it darker. I like the brush, so I can always smooth out the sharp lines to make it more natural. But this doesn’t last very well. So it is not something you can use for work. I guess you Cebu you will have to reply after lunch and before leaving the office. It is only $2, so I don’t really regret as much. Even though I don’t like it, I still use it daily. So yah.


Ellefar Eyeliner

I wanted an eyebrow pencil. Daiso has a lot. It really is overwhelming to buy just one. If I have an extra $50, I’ll definitely be taking one of each. But since I will have buyer remorse if I do that, I picked just one. Little did I know it was an eyeliner. I just choose this one cause it said Ellefar and I remember I did like the Ellefar pencil I bought last time.
daiso eyelinerThe liner is in color brown. From the swatch, it is quite a light brown. If pressed, the color will be darker. However, the liner kind of just smudge off easily. I do not like it as an eyeliner. It just doesn’t do its job for me. It transfers and doesn’t last long. Since I bought this for my brows, I did use it for that. It did a decent job. The color is good for the brows. Only problem of it is not lasting. So this can be the brow for when you just want to go down buy food. So only around an hour or so, it will be great. Plus there is 2 extra refills which is nice.

Aloe Make-up Remover Tissue

This is not as wet. But it is a good remover sheet. This will remove waterproof mascara, but it is just not as gentle. So I wouldn’t encourage anyone to remove their mascara with this. But I mean for $2, 30 sheets, it’s not bad. This one also doesn’t smell as bad as the other aloe sheet. Plus it is bigger. I wonder how many more cleansing wipes I’ve yet to try from Daiso.

Collagen Cleansing Sheet

This has 50 sheets for $2. I couldn’t ask for more. The wipes are good size. It’s normal size; It’s wet; overall a good makeup remover. Plus 50 sheets, it’s a lot. Strangely I don’t use it as much as the 20s or 30s. I really just use one a day. Then again, most of the time, I will wash my face after so it wasn’t such a big deal.
It said that this unwoven cloth contains enough cleansing liquid to easily remove makeup. Contains collagen to improve skin moisture.
It is a good face makeup remover. However it doesn’t take off waterproof mascara. So I guess that’s why you can get it cheap. But as a face makeup remover, it does it job really well. I guess cause its wet so it just wipe off easily. Quite a happy purchase with this.

Another Daiso makeup remover wipes

Yay to $2 makeup wipes. This has 32 sheets so basically it’s one for everyday. However, cause it’s inexpensive, I find that I use more than one a day. I’m so generous with my wipes now. Last time, if my face still has traces of makeup, I’ll just wash it out. Now I will make sure the makeup is gone before I wash my face.

On to the wipes. This is not as wet as the first one I reviewed here. At first I don’t really like it as I prefer the other one. But after awhile, I am used to it. It’s nice for the face as it is not so wet so it’s not sticky. But it’s quite a pain to remove waterproof mascara. It can be done, but take some effort to.

Products I Regret Buying

Canmake Nudy Glow
I don’t like this. The packaging is just horrible. As in when you remove the brush, there’s isn’t a stopper to get rid most of the product. So there will be just too much gloss on the brush which is really bad and messy and sticky. This is no6, just the worse color possible on me.
The color looks so pretty when swatch though. The formula is sticky at first, then when it sit, it just becomes thick and quite uncomfortable on the lips. Not as sticky anymore, but you can feel that you are wearing gloss.
This looks ok, but this takes me 5 minutes to fix. And even so, the lines of my lips are so obvious. Usually it will be just gooey, that probably isn’t the right word, but it’s just that. Too much products on the lips and colors just can’t work for me.

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

I love Nip+Fab, I love pistachio. But this smells exactly like pandan. Now I get why people use pandan for cooking. It really is that strong and it throw off any scent away and replace it. I like pandan smelling food, but not for my body. And look at the green, it just really remind you of pandan.

Beauty Blender

I regret purchasing this. This cost $29.90 and I only used it once as a trial. I only used it once for half my face just to see how great it is. Oh it is fun to use. I really like how it inflate when you soak it in water. I like that the sponge is really different than makeup sponges I used. The roundness and the pointy tip is just great. It gave a really sheer coverage and can be build up without it looking cakey. So why do I hate it?
This is why. Can you see the black spots all around the sponge? After using, I put it aside. I guess it’s my fault for having such a “moist” room that spores actually grew on it. My beauty blender is covered by moulds! Have I mention I only use it once? Really heartbreaking.

Celebrity’s Choice Cellulite Treatment
Ever since I grow older and stop clubbing, my cellulite is getting worse. I know you will be questioning me, but here is why. When I club, I will wear heels and I will be on my feet to dance for a minimum of 4 hours. I love to dance, even though I don’t know how. Anyway, that helps with cellulite. Clubbing is my exercise as long as I don’t drink too much to add in to the calories intake.
I thought this will help as it is a celebrity choice. But I don’t think cellulite can ever be reduce without the help of exercise. So even though they say result is visible within 4 weeks, this is just simply a waste money.

Daiso cleansing wipes
So this is the second makeup remover wipes from Daiso that I picked up. The scent from the box smells ok. However when you take it out, it’s just so ew. It smelt so sour, and I really can’t stand the scent. I then only use this for removing swatches. Even then the scent kind of linger, so I have to wash my hand for it to disappear.
For the wipe itself, it’s rather small. 3 squares join into a rectangle. It is not too wet, doesn’t remove waterproof mascara quite well. Other than stubborn mascara, it cleans pretty well. So ya, the scent makes me regret purchasing this. Even though it’s 30 sheets for only $2.

My Night Time Routine

Happy new year everyone. I will start this year with a post on my night time skin care regime.
daiso makeup remover
I will start with makeup wipes. I bought this in Daiso. Daiso has so many different type of makeup wipes and I will eventually try them all. For $2 I start with this wipes. It kind of remind me of wet tissues. It is really wet, so if you use this in air con room, it’s really nice and cooling. The wetness is good for removing makeup including waterproof mascara. I really like that, unlike wet tissues. It comes in 30 sheet per box, really nice for a monthly wipes.

Then I will wash my face with Cle De Peau Creme Demaquillante, which is basically a cleansing cream. I really like it. It removes makeup really well. If I forgot to use the wipes, I will just use this and it removes my makeup just as well. This doesn’t hurt my eyes, so it’s really good to get rid of waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin soft without needing to use actual cleanser.
After brushing my teeth and stuff, I will use Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals to tone my skin. This smells amazing. The rose is not that strong, but rather lovely. It feels nice on the face. Very gentle and refreshing.

I will use Nuxe 24h Soothing and Moisturizing Cream next if I am super tired. But most of the time I will use this after eye cream. This moisturizer is indeed very soothing. It has this scent that calm you. At first I don’t really like it, but eventually I fell in love. It is thick but blend really easily. I like that. It’s not overly oily on the face, and it’s great for night time as when I wake up, my face will be really refresh. The moisture is all absorb into the skin.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair was my night serum. The first time I use this, I woke up with a super awesome glowing skin. It lasted only a day as the next day my skin is back to normal. And eventually I started breaking out around the forehead and cheek. After much analysis I figured this was the culprit. True enough. Though it was only a sample, I felt I had to finish it. So I just use it once a week. Except on that first day, I don’t think I see a difference with my skin. So this is a no for me, but I know many people love it. Oh the scent is also quite off putting. Exactly of herbal scent, the unpleasant kind.

eye cream
Estée Lauder Re-nutria Eye Creme is used after serum. This is really rich and only a tiny amount is needed each time. I was frustrated with my black under eye, I used to lather this on. I then found out milia was growing. Upon research I found out that I used too much eye cream. And so I found that this is a really good rich eye cream. This is 15ml and will last forever, but the lifespan of eye cream is 6 months and its in a container so better follow that guideline.

So cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize, the next step is to use mask. Those sheet masks at least.
I had been using Sexy Look Intensive Firming Duo Lifting. As you can see, the hole for the eye is rather tiny. At least the right one is. It is extremely uncomfortable. I don’t have a problem with the blue one. And all the masks in the box is the same. So maybe I got a bad box or it’s like that. This mask is moisturizing even though I only leave it on for awhile, not the full 15 minutes. So that’s about it.

After the mask, I will use acne cream if I have spots and lastly I will apply a lip balm.

2 Days to Xmas: Nail Polishes

We talked about about makeup and skincare, so lets focus on the nails. There are manicure and pedicure sets. There are a mix sets of everything. There are nail polish sets at different prices. I so want the Sephora X. When it comes to nails, it’s pretty much random and anything goes. Last year, I received at least a nail polish from everyone. They know how much I love to play with my nails.

As a nail art lover, I own a lot of nail polishes. Not as much as others, but plenty comparing to regular people. I took a poll of my friends, and on average they own 8 polishes. That’s because less than half of them only own 3 each. Nonetheless, compare to them, I own “hundreds”, 204 to be exact. In my defense, some of them are mini bottles.

So I can roughly imagine what will be great to give for someone “starting out” so to speak. For me it will be a DIY basket. Make your own basket to give them. Inside will include mani pedi stuff, cuticle oil, base and top coats, some colors in different finishes, etc. I will put different brands, so the receiver will be able to see what kind of formula and brushes that she likes.

Below are some ideas. You don’t even need to make a basket. It can be a gift on its own or an add-on. I don’t think Singapore do stocking stuffers.
Thefaceshop Face It Check Check nail kit is a cute full size trio for anyone. It is also the only one I have in its box, cause the box is cute. Anyway the polishes is quite sheer, but the idea of this polishes is to create checkered pattern on the nails. It can be done pretty easily, but your nails may be to small for it to work.

I also received this BK Fashion Color 24 mini (7ml) nail polishes set. It is nice to have many different colors to choose from. The colors are primarily basic. It’s simple and not interesting. Only the metallic silver caught my eyes. There are a few finishes; jelly, shimmer, glitter, cream. I find that I don’t really use it on my own nails. Cause it’s not that eye catching. Then again it’s the mini bottle that doesn’t grab my attention. I tend to neglect all my mini polishes. But I am glad to have them, cause they are really helpful for nail art.

As a single nail polish, I think it will be nice to receive something from Butter London, Illamasqua, Chanel, etc. I have Deborah Lippmann Marquee Moon which a cool silver metallic with hex glitter. I like the bottle, I like the brand. It’s quite pricey, so it’s a really good gift, or even better as an add-on.

OPI matte top coat is the best matte top coat I’ve ever used. I know OPI sell the top coat sets which contain their 3 types of top coat. So that could be a good gift. Or just get this, as matte top coat is unique. At least it’s different from the regular. A base coat could be added.

Dotting tools is really a simple tool that can make a difference in your plain nails. You can a,ways make it yourself, but having the actual too, just makes you feel more professional. It’s not expensive and it’s great. It comes in a set of 5 with 10 different sizes of dots.
Nail art stickers are great too. Or anything nail art related, like beads or rhinestone. It’s easy to apply, that’s what matter. I know, Ciate sets will be awesome.

Seche Vite dry fast top coat is probably one of the best top coat. I do like it a lot, but I feel there must be something better out there. But for now, this is one of the best for me. If you are planning to give this to someone, don’t forget to include the Seche Restore. The nail polish thinner really helps to prolong the life of the top coat.

Lastly my favorite. Nail art polishes. These are from Daiso and every time I go there, I will search for them. The brush is real tiny, so it’s great for nail art. It’s the cheapest I found in Singapore. I think I prefer nail art pens, but it’s either too expensive for my liking or not found in Singapore. I never tried them, but they will probably be easier to use. So nail strippers are the next best thing. They say you can use nail art brushes to make the stripes but I find cleaning up really hard. I’ve destroyed enough brushes already. So go to Daiso and find these. I don’t recommend orange and yellow as they are very sheer. But stock up on black and white as they are awesome.

The $20 makeup challenge

Hello, today this blog turn 1. I did managed to get rid a lot of products that are old. Kind of proud about that, however I have subsequently collected more. In the process of blogging things down and throwing them out, I fell in love with makeup. I find that I want more. So even though I have more toys now, it is alright, as I actually use them.
This blog has taught me a whole bunch of things, like skin care, makeup, application, myself, etc. I am more dedicated to my skin care regime and caring more about how I look. It is still a learning process, and I thank you for following through this journey with me.

I thought it will be fun to do something different.

The $20 makeup challenge is one of the most popular tag on YouTube. So I decided to do a post on my version of $20 makeup challenge products. I have to roughly convert it to Sing dollar and since makeup is generally more expensive here, therefore it will be less item for S$25.40.

For the past few days, I’ve used only the items mention in this post. I greatly miss my other lip colors, but for the sake of this post, I sacrifice. I also try to use different brands as its more challenging this way.

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