Dead sea spa magik mud mask

It is just like what it says – mud. It’s pretty fun putting mud mask on your face. It’s like face painting. It doesn’t smell or anything. It is thick and goes on smoothly. It dries pretty quick.

It doesn’t pull at your face, I don’t know if that’s a bad sign. Maybe it’s not a tightening mask so it is not suppose to?

Removing is hard. You can’t just wash away with water and cloth. Well must do that twice. My skin felt dry and my pores are all open up. Really visible. It’s bad. Or is that good? So you can straight away use nose pore or something to remove pores. Anyway, after 5 minute of dryness, my skin came back to its original self, sort of and it is smooth to the touch. Still kinda dry so I use toner.

Now it’s two hours after use and my nose does not have a slightest bit of oiliness. It has that I just wash my face feel. So it’s pretty good.