Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

There are 3 type of Dettol instant hand sanitizer – original, refresh, and soothe. The original is pretty much the normal one. The alcohol scent is not that strong. Refresh is with aloe vera, but I feel the scent is so much stronger. But once dry, it leaves the hand feeling smooth. Soothe is with chamomile and it has the most pleasant scent. So it’s really nice using this. Still can smell the alcohol, but once dry, this has a very floral powder scent. Personally I don’t mind any. It’s all good for me and I will always pick a few whenever I’m in Indo. Cause it’s slightly cheaper to buy it from there. It’s all made in Thailand anyway. 


Dettol Gold Body Wash

Just look at that gold. It’s sparkly! It’s gold! Ok, the picture don’t do justice to this body wash, but it’s just so tempting in real life. I’m just so drawn to it. It’s like honey. Golden syrup with golden sparkle. When you use it, then you realise it’s just Dettol. It smells like one, it lathers like one and it hydrates like one. At least it’s not drying. But it’s just basically the same as any Dettol soap I’d used. So nothing really special other than the fact that it’s just so pretty in the bathroom. 

Dettol Skincare Balanced Body Wash

I’ve got a sample of the new Dettol shower gel. Even since I went to the gym, I’ve been using those antiseptic shower gel. It’s just a better way to kill off the germs and body odor. But most time, it can be quite drying and too much gel like not enough foam like. So this new formula Dettol is just wow. It leaves my skin feeling so moisturized. It leathers up really nicely. The scent is a nice clean scent too. I really enjoy using it.