DHC Water Power Cleansing Cotton Pads

This isn’t bad. In a pack, there is 5 sachets. Each sachet has 3 cotton pads. It’s basically the size of cotton pads, so it’s quite small. But it’s soaked with makeup remover. So it’s nice for traveling. You just need to bring this, and you are good. 

It’s wet, so quite good at removing makeup. Even waterproof mascara is able to be removed. So it’s quite good to have this around. 

I forgot how much this cost. I know it wasn’t crazy expensive, but you can always DIY this. Just take cotton pads and soak it in makeup remover and sealed in zip lock bag. Done. Which is actually better. Cause this, if you only need one cotton pad, the rest will be wasted. I use this in hotel room, is the air con is still running the whole day I assume. So this doesn’t dry out. I only use one pad a night. So yea, this is nice for anyone lazy. 

DHC Lip Cream

 This is quite pricey, $17 if I’m wrong. Anyway I guess it’s no surprise as everything is in Japanese and there seem to be some award or another. But it’s not that good. I like that the balm is thin so it’s easy to control when applying. But for a clear balm it doesn’t matter. It’s average. A good base for lipstick but for a nourishing balm, this is not it. You have to use a lot of it and it smells kind of waxy. 

I guess this wil be nice for those with thin lips as it will suit just nice. But for me, I just not a fan. I mean considering the price I want a really good product not just an average balm. Oh well, chapped lips stay away, but for dry lips, this is ok.