Creme De Rose

Years ago, the people declare this as the best lip balm out there. Every time I pass by a Dior counter, I will be looking for this. Singapore, there is only the tube and the apricot pot lip balm. When my bro went to Boston, I asked him to buy this for me. So I finally managed to get my hands on the luxurious plastic pot of rose scented lip balm. 

To say it is the best, I have no comment. It’s not like it’s bad but for the price, US$30, it’s not that wow. It just lack the factor. I guess I was expecting miracles. It’s a good balm, use this for 2 days straight, you’ll have the softest crack-free lips; at least that is how it is on me. A day used helps, but consistent usage helps a lot more. I am talking when I have major dry lip here. 

So yeah, if you can get this easily at a discount, it’s worth a try. With 7.2g, it can last a Long time after all. So it will be quite worth. On the other hand, you have to use your finger applying this and there are just so many cheaper lip balm that is as good. My conclusion, this is a good kind of gift to give to female friends, cousins, colleagues, sisters, aunts, moms, anyone who love roses, etc. 


Dior Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

594 Intense Brown – a deep dark brown will actually look black on my eyes. However it is not as harsh as black will be like. I really like this for tightlining. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it goes smoothly. 

I will also use this as an eyeliner. But I can never get a thin line. Plus it’s not as smooth on my lid. But it works alright. Especially with a primer underneath, this will not transfer. I also don’t like to use the smudger as it is quite painful. 

Dior Prestige La Creme Eclaircissante 

So this is targeted for Asian skin. Not sure Asian is the Chinese or darker skin girls. The thing is it’s actually quite good. Cause this is moisturing probably more suited for normal to dry skin even though it says for all skin type. It’s not overly oily on my skin. Maybe only around my nose when I wake up is a bit oily. When I use this in the morning, I use a setting powder, so I have no problem on it. 

I do like this. It has the Dior scent. Very floral, can be annoying for some. But it has that luxurious feel. The scent doesn’t linger so it’s fine. This is only 5ml but lasted me for a week. Not bad, but it’s just not something I will purchase in the full size. 

Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky in 481 Smoky Khaki

It is basically translate to ready-to-wear smoky eyes palette. It’s a khaki shades, which is a unique shade. It will make a really pretty smokey eyes. Not the typical grey or purple smokey eyes. The packaging is also quite unique as you have to push the cover instead and it will pop up. 

Shadows are smooth, pigmented and shimmery. A Greenish grey, metallic sort of glittery black silver and a shimmery gold. The glittery is a bit rougher than the other colours. But this is first time I’m quite impress with Dior shadows. Usually they fade or blend upon application. At least these ones the color doesn’t really move around. At it lasted better than the ones I tried. So I really do like this. 


Diorblush in Gold Addict

 A very subtle blush. It hardly show on the cheeks. I think this will be better for anyone fair. It is not a matte blush. Meaning it can be use as a highlighter for darker skin. For me it’s just a suspect light blush. It hardly shows on my cheek cause I will pick this up with the brush. It just wasn’t as pigmented as I would like. 

Pick up with the finger is better as it will swipe really good. It’s pigmented alright. The color is really beautiful though. Peachy pink with a golden undertone. Well more of a golden shine. It is beautiful. Overall a good blush for everyday use. Easy to use without much care. Good for people who don’t care much.  

Mascara Combo

I’ve tried out using 2 mascaras. I mean I saw people using them but I always thought what’s the point of getting 2 when you can just use one good mascara. So I tried it out. Just for fun. Plus this combo is ideal as when wearing a color mascara, you should always apply a black one as a base. Or maybe a white one.
I am surprise, not really, but I do like using them both. Individually they are good but together they are better. One gives length. One gives volume. I guess with everything, it is subjective. You either think I can combine my favorite mascaras or you can be damn what a waste of money. Your choice.

Dior eyeshadow

I am happy to announce that I found some Dior product that work for me. Introducing all-in-one artistry palette in Amber Design. I can’t really capture the true colors from the palette do I screenshot it. Anyway, the colors are neutral with 4 powder and 1 cream shadows.
The top right is sheer, very glittery. It’s more of a topper to make any shadow sparkly.
Below that is the cream shadow, a matte dark brown which has a powder finish I feel. It’s great as an eyeliner. Also can be use as an eyebrow color, but I don’t like my brows to be so dark looking.
Next to it is a really beautiful golden beige shadow. Golden cause it has gold specks in it. It’s good as a base color or on its own.
The left top is just a normal pearl dark brown. Its pigmented and easily bendable to give a fading color. A good crease shadow as it just easy to camouflage onto the others.
Lastly, the centre one is a rusty gold color. I usually just use this all over the lid. It kinds of blend with my lid color. But it adds a bit of sparkle.

The shadows are smooth. The colors are beautiful. The price is nice! Can be use for both morning and night. It’s a good on the partly side neutral palette. So it’s a good investment. I can justify the price for the quality. But of course now I want more!

Dior Lipliner Pencil in 223 Sparkling Beige

Why oh why I have such bad experience with Dior. Why? *insert sad face* I was given this lip liner. At first it was great creamy and glide on easily, but despite having the cap, it dried on me.
The color is beautiful but it just doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know why it is like that, but I am utterly disappointed. I only managed to use it twice, and that was for toying around. Oh why?


J’adore is a modern, glamorous fragrance, which has become incredibly popular, and for that reason developed in number of variants of different concentrations. J’adore is a luminous fragrance. Its opulent, golden scent shimmers on skin like sunbeams. The classic and ambitions of this fragrance reflects in the bottle shaped like Greek amphora. J’adore presents a new conception of Dior feminity, a scent so new and so in line with Dior style at the same time – sweet but balmy, slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin in the top; jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart; and amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail. It was created in 1999.

This is one of the most classic perfume I ever used. I guess since it was created so long ago, to me its a classic. Even though I like so many other perfume fragrance. I feel that I cant go wrong with this. It can be use for day or night, but I prefer night use as its a perfume, so its stronger. Sadly doesn’t last that long. 4hours top? Which is just nice for a dinner date.

Dior prestige whitening revilatizing essence

I find that I need a good amount of product to cover my whole face. It is thick but easily blend onto skin. Doesn’t have any distinctive scent. It sets onto face quite fast, but it makes my face oily.

I do not like this product. I find that it did not do anything to my face. After the third day, pimples form on my forehead. So another disappointment from Dior.