Dr. Jart Bounce Beauty Balm

Right, the beauty trend to try is the bounce BB cream. I am a few months behind, but here it is.

So this is only 2g with SPF30, but I seriously only used this up by day number 10. I took 10 days to finish it! Just goes to show how small my face is. I usually use a thin layer of this, but there are days when I apply 2.
dr jart bring back bounce
The sample size is kind of cute, but not a good product to travel with. Once you tear it off, it will be expose with no way of closing it back. Even though the cream is quite solidify so it won’t easily “melt” away. I put the sponge (I like the sponge very much, but too small) on top of the net, which is the sieve, and it will be just on top of it and won’t budge. So maybe it can be put into a makeup bag without making a mess. I don’t dare to try the theory though. Anyway ya, for the sample, it is just a small sieve that separate the cream and the sponge. Quite fun to play with. To use, you just dab the sponge onto the net and the product with go through it. Cause of this, very little amount of cream is being dispose each time. So you won’t be wasting on it.

The cream itself is quite thick without the help of the divider. It doesn’t blend easy too. I only find that using the sponge is the only way for it to blend nicely. It is quite a sheer finish, so it is good for day when you don’t want too much product on your face. Gives me a slight dewy finish. Lasted about 5 hours with a setting spray on top. Not that bad for a dewy product.

The only thing I have to say though, I think this break me out. I am not really sure what is the product that broke me out and I kept trying to figure it out. But even with my constants (products that love me), I still broke out. So I think this is the culprit.