EB Ultra Slick Lipstick

This is in the shade Endless Dream which is a hot pink shade but it’s very wearable. It kind of looks purple in different lighting. The formula is creamy and glides on very well. It actually kind of remind me the Ck one, I guess it’s cause of the smell. Well not really the same scent but I don’t know just remind me of that. It’s quite comfortable on the lips and I like the fact that it sort of stain the lips after it long disappear off my lips. I guess cause the color is just a bright pigmented one. The casing is light but super sturdy. The cap will click shut. So it’s very secure inside a bag. Not a fan of the price. I think this is around £20. So quite ex for Singapore me. Anyway the lipstick is brighter than on the picture shown below. But in the tube it’s a muted neutral pink which is what I wanted. But who knows why on my lips it becomes pink. Still gorgeous though.