ELF Angled Contour Brush

When I bought this, I never expect it to be so small. It’s too big for the eyes. It’s too small for the cheekbone. At least for me that is. I don’t do any contouring and stuff, so I don’t see the purpose of this. I mean I bought it cause I thought it was bigger, so I can use it as a dusting of matte bronzer as a contour. Since it’s so small, it will be quite harsh for me to contour. A light hand is needed, but it will still be quite sharp. So I use this for highlighting instead. Which I don’t really do. So this brush is quite useless to me. 

The brush itself is soft, not overly dense. It’s angled, so it’s actually quite nice for uneven surface. It’s just a little small so it’s more precise for application. At US$3, it cannot go wrong. In the end this brush is not a need,  it is just an extra brush for anyone who want to do contouring. 


ELF Complexion Brush

Good size brush
Slightly dome
Doesn’t shed
Kept it shape

It is a really nice brush for all over the face powder. Good for setting powder. The size is not too big that it has better control on your face. Nothing much to say about it except it’s worth getting.

ELF Mineral Powder Brush 

This is such a nice little brush for touch up. It’s a powder brush, fluffy, soft and small. It will not pick up a lot of product, so it’s just nice for touch up. It’s also good for blush. I like it, but I don’t really grab towards this. But for US$3, it’s really a bargain. 

ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

This is not that expensive US$3. But it break me out. It is good at removing makeup and all, but not good for my skin. It’s a very wet cloths. So it’s really nice without having to tug at your skin. So what I like to use this is when I play with makeup. Like those days when I have good battery life. So I sit down, pull out all the makeup I want to post in the future. And I slowly one by one swatched and stuff. This is good for that. Removing makeup on my hands and lips. But a typical hand wipes do work too. 

ELF Eyebrow Kit

I got one in medium. I think it will be the perfect shade for me and it is. I really like this. Once I opened this, I can’t help but only use this. I really like the colors, I like the texture. The wax part is not so waxy that it became sticky. It’s just a nice texture. It helps to darken the shape of the brows. The powder is lighter and it’s a good shade to fill in the rest of the brows. These also doesn’t fade away, so it’s a good whole day product. You can count this to stay on. Plus if need to have a darker brows, you can thicken the color. For US$3, it’s really one of the best brow product I’ve used.  

ELF High Definition Powder

The dupe of the much rave Makeup Forever HD powder. Personally I’m not a fan of loose powder. So this is just ok for me. I guess it is finely milled and all, and it does highlight your face in a good way. But application is messy. It’s slightly whiter, so it sort of “whiten” your face if you are not fair skin. I sort of like this is if I’m going out for a dinner and not much photo will be taken. They say it will give out white cast, but it doesn’t on me. I guess I didn’t wear enough. But this last forever. So it’s really value for money. A good dupe to try.   

Elf Matte Lip Color – Natural

After a lot of raves, I picked up this shade. Cause I figure natural will be the most natural. It’s a nice lip pencil sort of product. No need to sharpen, just twist it up.  

I love the color as it is natural with a hint of pink. So it doesn’t make you look dead. It’s easy to apply, glide on the lips beautifully. But it sort of wok dry out. So if you have dry lips, this is not for you. A lip balm will help, but what is the point? I rather just like using lip product on its own. 

Best of ’14: Cheeks – ELF Conturing Blush & Bronzing Powder

For cheeks, this year I’ve been using the ELF duo a lot. Ever since I got it, it is the blush that I kept reaching out most of the time. Part of it is that I put this in my daily makeup bag, so that is why. Why it is in my makeup bag is cause it has a bronzer in it too. Plus the mirror really helps. I don’t use my makeup in front of my dressing table. I usually sit on the bed with a hand mirror nearby. My dressing table is beside my bed, so I will pop my head to look in the mirror on occasion. And so I put the makeup I use daily in a makeup bag that I can just haul over onto my bed.

So I really like this cause it is two product in one. Convenient for me and maximize my bag space.
elf blush and broze
People say it’s a dupe for the NARS Orgasms blush, but I really don’t think so. I am no expert as I don’t have the NARS blush but the blush here is much more lighter. There isn’t much pigment which is good and bad. Good in that you don’t have to be careful and use a light hand. You can just basically puff it on, and it won’t show up too much. Bad as it doesn’t show up. I guess people with fair skin will enjoy this one more.

It is a glittery finish blush, a light peachy pink, that is really pretty when swatch. On the cheeks, for me it doesn’t show up. But there’s a bit of glow. So that’s just alright for me. Daily makeup wise, I don’t really need colored cheeks. So I actually like it this way, plus I can always layer it up for the color to show.

The bronzer is also quite shimmery. Not a good contouring bronzer, but that’s ok, I still use it as one anyway with a very light hand. With that, the shimmer doesn’t show up too much; so all is good. It is especially good for warming up my whole face. So I do like it a lot.

This blush and bronzer duo is just very easy to use, really convenient and inexpensive.

Honorable mention: theBalm Frat Boys

Elf Matte Lip Color in Natural

elf matte lip color
From the picture, it looks so mauve and wash out. In reality, it highlights my crack lips but it’s a pretty neutral shade. I like the idea of the ELF lip color that is smaller than a regular lip pen but bigger than the typical lip liner. Its size is just right to color in your lips. But as a matte lip color, it is quite drying. It emphasize on the dryness and cracks. It is also not so mattifying.

The reviews out there is mixed. Some love it, some hate it. I guess it really depend on your lips. If you tend to have dryer lips, you’ll probably hate it as it is not a moisturizing lip product.

Elf Powder Brush

Beauty Broadcast raves about this brush, so I just had to get one since my EcoTools one kind of get out of shape (brush guard is important). I really like this. It is just one of the best powder brush ever.
It is a flat top brush, really soft and fluffy. Quite dense, but still bouncy. For US$3 it really is great. Even though there are a couple if strays which I just pluck it out with tweezers. That’s all, and you have the perfect brush. It doesn’t shed when washing. Plus I don’t need a brush guard for it to keep its shape. Of course I have to hang it upside down though.

But yes, I recommend this brush as it is the cheapest nicest powder brush out there.