Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

Got this in the shade Melon 06. It’s a very frosty neutral pink shade. It does has a hint of “melon” shade. I mean when you look at it, it just has that reddish melon color. I never think that I would like a frosty finish, but it actually looks ok on me. The frost is not so obvious in real life. It’s just a pretty neutral lipstick with a hint of color that is perfect for the day time. It sort of covers chapped lips. 

The packaging is pretty. Its gold casing is pretty and has some weight on it. So it just feels really good on my hand. It just feels higher end. So ya, I like this. May not be for everyone. But it’s surprisingly good.   


Elizabeth Arden Intervene Timefighting Radiance Serum

I’ve been trying out samples of serum after serum and I still have a lot more to try out. For now, this is the Elizabeth Arden anti-aging one.
It’s a liquid consistency but it feels thick when apply on the face. Once it blended out, it kind if “sheer” out. It just feels thick when you smooth it over the face. It also takes sometime to dry, so it’s not a good serum if you are in a hurry. This travel size is nice, not only its small, it has a pump, so that’s really convenient.

4 Days to Xmas: Elizabeth Arden Travel

A palette that pretty much contains everything will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel. Especially those who love to travel light. Or just anyone really. It’s good for touching up on the go, a sleepover at a friend’s, a stay over at the chalet, a short trip to Batam, JB or even Sentosa. I think it’s nice to be able to bring as little as possible. With a palette, most of the makeup will be in one place.

Well, it depends on the palette really and usually foundation will not be included. But there are many palettes (or sets, like the Benefit kits) to choose from. Oh, it is also nice as starter kit. I pretty much try wearing eyeshadow when I was a preteen from the Dior travel palette.

So here I have the Elizabeth Arden Travel palette. I don’t actually like having eye shadow and lipstick/gloss together, but it’s alright. It’s nice to have them in palettes, even though a separate section will be nice. This comes with 2 eye shadows (Smoke and Moonbeam), 2 lip glosses (Pink Pout and Shimmery Pink) and a blush (Sunblush). It also comes with a small blush brush, a dual ended sponge and lip applicator and a mirror. It’s as big as an iPhone 5, but much fatter.

So here is the swatch. The blush and the shadows, especially the white one, are smooth.
The blush is pretty. It’s shimmery, and on the pan it is quite light, but when swatch it is actually quite pigmented. The color is also quite subtle. A pity it has shimmer, if not I would have love it more.
The shadows are really easy to work it. Even though its pretty simple, but you can do a simple eye look with that. Both are pigmented and have a satin finish.
The glosses, now that’s something I don’t like. The lighter pink is colorless and it’s really sticky. The other one has color, but you have to pack on for it to be nice on the lips. It is less sticky, but I don’t like the formulation of it.
So removing the glosses in this palette will be better. I really feel like depotting the shadows and blush. Or maybe depot the lipgloss and get rid of it. I should design my own palette. If only.
If you can create your own ideal palette, what will it be like?

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream

EA night cream
My first thought was ugh! I do not like the scent. It’s a bit better than Indio night cream, but still just make me want to gag. At least after putting this on, I can use a hand cream to counter the smell. For Indio, it doesn’t help. This is light, watery but when you blend it gets thicker. Moisturizing but makes my face looks oily. When I wake up, it seems to have absorb into the skin. Only my nose area felt oily. Unfortunately this break me out, around the forehead, so that’s two strikes. Nevertheless it’s still out.

Fav mascara

These are my favorite. But it is the mini version, so it is kind of used up. I just cant bear to throw them away cause I love them so much.

Anna Sui, long.
It is for lengthening. Tiny brush, thin, really nice for lower lashes.

Elizabeth Arden, double density, maximum volume mascara.
This is magic. For such a not many talk about brand, well usually just for skin care, its makeup (mascara) is awesome. It really give the lashes thickness.

I guess the other reason why I like them so much is cause of the small packaging. I used to have the Dior show mascara, but once it dried up, I just throw them away. Even though it is one of the mascara I actually like using. So I guess that is the different between products. Either you love them or you love them that you cant bear to throw it away.