Ellefar Eyeliner

I wanted an eyebrow pencil. Daiso has a lot. It really is overwhelming to buy just one. If I have an extra $50, I’ll definitely be taking one of each. But since I will have buyer remorse if I do that, I picked just one. Little did I know it was an eyeliner. I just choose this one cause it said Ellefar and I remember I did like the Ellefar pencil I bought last time.
daiso eyelinerThe liner is in color brown. From the swatch, it is quite a light brown. If pressed, the color will be darker. However, the liner kind of just smudge off easily. I do not like it as an eyeliner. It just doesn’t do its job for me. It transfers and doesn’t last long. Since I bought this for my brows, I did use it for that. It did a decent job. The color is good for the brows. Only problem of it is not lasting. So this can be the brow for when you just want to go down buy food. So only around an hour or so, it will be great. Plus there is 2 extra refills which is nice.


The $20 makeup challenge

Hello, today this blog turn 1. I did managed to get rid a lot of products that are old. Kind of proud about that, however I have subsequently collected more. In the process of blogging things down and throwing them out, I fell in love with makeup. I find that I want more. So even though I have more toys now, it is alright, as I actually use them.
This blog has taught me a whole bunch of things, like skin care, makeup, application, myself, etc. I am more dedicated to my skin care regime and caring more about how I look. It is still a learning process, and I thank you for following through this journey with me.

I thought it will be fun to do something different.

The $20 makeup challenge is one of the most popular tag on YouTube. So I decided to do a post on my version of $20 makeup challenge products. I have to roughly convert it to Sing dollar and since makeup is generally more expensive here, therefore it will be less item for S$25.40.

For the past few days, I’ve used only the items mention in this post. I greatly miss my other lip colors, but for the sake of this post, I sacrifice. I also try to use different brands as its more challenging this way.

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