Ellis Faas Milky Lips

Ellis Faas product is so cute with them looking like bullet. L205 is a nude pinkish peach-like orange shade. A burnt peach shade I guess. This is more like a gloss I think. It’s too light as a liquid lipstick but it should be under that category. 

The pen has a brush tip and you twist the bottom of the “bullet” to dispense the product. That part is fun. The colour doesn’t suit me as much. It’s not the colour per se, it’s the milky shade. It’s more pastel like, so it doesn’t go smoothly over my lips. Therefore it’s not an easy shade to use. 

I bought this on sale for $28. Not a cheap product, so it’s something that goes into the regret pile. I mean it can be used but I probably will not reach for this as much. So regret.