Strawberry sorbet smells super super nice. The scent is exactly like strawberry sorbet.

I still love the lip balm. It’s moisturizing, after you break it. The hard dome shape makes it a bit waxy. But once you swipe it off, it becomes so much better.
It’s clear and not minty. Great for a base.
I love the packaging as its just so unique and round. Great for putting on the table.

My 11 years old sister love it. She doesn’t wear make up. Doesn’t like make up. But she likes “the egg” as she calls it. She doesn’t like mint too. So this is perfect for her and she loves the scent too.


EOS Sweet Mint

EOS in sweet mint.


Glide smoothly.

I use this every night before I go to sleep. Except on those days when my lips really crack, then I will use Shills lip balm. I love the minty feeling on your lips. The packaging is cute too. Round like an egg.
The only bad thing bout this is sometime that it just feel waxy when it touches your lip. You have to drag it across your lips for it to work its magic. But once it is rub into your lips, it is smooth again.

I am half way into finishing this product. It is no longer cute (round and pointy) anymore. It is now flat like a blunt jumbo pencil. I am wondering will it get worse. Will i be able to actually finish off this product. Oh well.